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13 Last-Minute Gifts That Offer 1-Day Delivery (Or Less!)

We tried to warn procrastinating shoppers about holiday delivery deadlines. We even suggested last-minute gifts. But if you saved your holiday shopping for the very last minute, then time is nearly out. The Christmas clock is ticking away, and if you procrastinate any longer, you’ll find yourself apologizing on Christmas morning.

Sure, you can always blame Amazon or USPS for the belated Christmas presents, but there’s a better option. Instead of disappointing your loved ones, try these one-day delivery products (and subscriptions and digital gifts that don’t need to be delivered at all). Amazon Prime members can still find a few next-day and overnight products for sale.

This time, we mean it. This is your final warning: place your orders now or start coming up with your Christmas morning excuses.


1. Amazon Prime

Thanks to Amazon Prime, you can still order items available for one-day delivery as late as Monday, December 23 — in theory. However, because so much holiday shopping is taking place online this year, there’s a not at all insignificant chance that shipping delays will cause your Prime shipments to arrive after Christmas day.

In that case, why not give the gift of Amazon Prime itself? In addition to the company’s trademark two-day delivery, the recipient can also enjoy all of the movies and TV shows available on Amazon Prime. You can gift a year-long subscription for $119 or a three-month subscription for $39.

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For college students, we also recommend giving the gift of Amazon Prime Student, which includes some sweet extra perks for college students.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Disney+ Gift Subscription

Disney’s new streaming service is the ultimate last-minute Christmas gift, especially if you’re looking for gifts that can be delivered in one day or less. Since no delivery is required, you don’t have to worry about Santa’s elves misplacing the present. For just $7 a month, your loved one can enjoy all the Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Pixar movies they want, as well as the massive back catalog of Disney TV shows and movies. You can also bundle in ESPN+ and Hulu for just a few dollars more.

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Courtesy of Disney


3. Mondoro from Drizly

Have you ordered from Drizly yet? No? Well, now’s the time. Drizly offers delicious wines, beers and liquors in 60 minutes or less by delivery from your local liquor store. We all know at this point that a nice bottle of prosecco makes a stellar gift, so try out Mondoro this year for the last-minute Italian bubbly gift that will get to you in no time?

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Courtesy of Drizly


4. HBO Max

Similar to Disney+, HBO Max is a perfect Christmas gift because you don’t have to go anywhere or get up off of the couch to buy it. Simply purchase it on any smart TV you want to add it to, and bam, it’s there. To give an HBO Max subscription as a gift, just head to the website and sign up your gift recipient. For just $15 a month, your giftee will have access to thousands of movies and TV shows they’re bound to love. Best of all? You can cancel at any time. Merry Christmas.

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Courtesy of HBO Max


5. Gift Card in a Holiday Pop-Up Box

This Amazon gift card is available for one-day shipping (depending on your location), which makes it the perfect last last-minute gift idea. In addition to a gift card in an amount of your choosing (minimum order of $50), this gift card comes in a fun holiday-themed box. Select one-day shipping at checkout to make sure this gift comes on time.

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Courtesy of Amazon


6. Cratejoy

Okay, hear us out, it technically won’t arrive on time at this point, but the anticipation is worth the wait. Here’s the gift: Christmas Day, you print out a little card explaining to your giftee that on a certain date, they will be getting a package from Cratejoy. Here’s where it gets fun — you don’t tell them what it is, but you give them little hints to up the ante ever-so-slightly and make the wait more exciting. Gifts from Cratejoy range tremendously which is the best part, because even if your giftee is too eager and tries finding which gift you might have gotten them on Cratejoy’s site, there’s a good chance they’ll have no luck finding it.

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Courtesy of Cratejoy


7. Flaviar

Similar to Cratejoy, you sadly won’t get anything physical in time for Christmas Day, but you will give your giftee the gift of anticipation. For any and all liquor lovers out there, Flaviar is the perfect gift to give during the holiday season. It’s the best way to discover fine spirits in our modern world that otherwise, your liquor lover might not have access to or ever even heard of. Each package comes with personalized samples and complimentary bottles tricky to snag elsewhere to help your giftee stay intrigued and educated.

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Courtesy of Flaviar


8. 1800Flowers

You can’t water old flowers, so get them delivered fresh in as little as four hours*. Yes, we said it and we mean it. Four hours. There are so many different bouquets to choose from, and no matter your giftee, there’s a slim chance you can ever go wrong with such a gorgeous arrangement. Pick from a number of holiday-themed bouquets this year and watch the smile appear on your giftee’s face like clockwork.

*If you’re looking for gifts that can be delivered on Christmas day specifically, you might be out of luck. However, for the days immediately preceding Christmas, as well as birthdays and anniversaries that fall on a business day, 1800Flowers is generally a safe last-minute gift with 1-day delivery or less.

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Courtesy of 1800Flowers


9. Nice Laundry Quarterly Sock Box

With this gift box, your recipient will receive six pairs of sharp-looking socks and a bonus special edition pair four times per year. Because the first box won’t be sent right away, no delivery is required for Christmas morning. Simply buy a card, print out a picture of these awesome socks, and place it under the tree or in their inbox.

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Courtesy of Nice Laundry


10. Mancrates

We love Mancrates and that’s that on that. If you have any dude you need to gift in your life, Mancrates is the perfect gift box to get them — even if it’s a little late. Similar to what we suggested you do with Cratejoy, print out a piece of paper stating you bought your favorite dude a Mancrate and that it should be arriving any day now. There are tons to choose from, too, so there’s no doubt he’s going to love it.

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Courtesy of Mancrates


11. Ring Video Doorbell 3

Depending on where you are in the world, Target offers same-day delivery for a number of their products (again, this service isn’t available in all locations). While it’s mainly for a number of Target’s grocery-based items and modern-day essentials, there are some gadgets and gizmos to be offered if your local store has them in stock.

With that being said, one electronic we’re seeing that is currently available with Target’s same-day delivery service is the Ring Video Doorbell 3. There’s no way you haven’t heard of the Ring Doorbell at this point, so just click that buy button and hope for the best that your giftee doesn’t have one yet.

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Courtesy of Target


12. Goodfellow & Co Face Masks

While we’re chatting about Target, it’s good to note that they offer face masks for same-day delivery as well. This is great if you’re expecting any last-minute guests in 2020, because, well, it’s 2020. You don’t want to be around people you haven’t seen in a while maskless. Target has a number of facial coverings available for same-day delivery, but we are quite impressed with this 2-pack specifically for their handsome designs.

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Courtesy of Target


13. 101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes (Kindle Edition)

This illustrated joke book is perfect for dads — and anyone that loves dad jokes. And, really, who doesn’t love a good dad joke? Written by Elias Hill and illustrated by Katherine Hogan, buy the Kindle version of this joke book for just $1.99 and have it digitally delivered to your recipient. No shipping required. The same goes for all Kindle books, so head to the Kindle store and get shopping.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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