Digitize Video Tapes and Preserve Family Memories Easily With Legacybox

Courtesy of Legacybox

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If you’re lucky enough to have hours of family videos stored on old-school tapes you know how much fun they are to watch, and what a pain they are to play. Nowadays, finding a machine that’ll hook up to a modern television that can play bulky camera tapes is hard enough, let alone a rewind machine to return them back to square one once you’re done. Plus, the video itself is super prone to damage. Any accidental spill, exposure to too much heat or sun or a particularly aggressive chewing dog and your memories are gone. Full stop. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the trouble of spending hours digitizing anymore, you can just send em’ all away to Legacybox.

Legacybox Courtesy of Legacybox

Legacybox is a digitizing service that preserves memories that currently live on old school tapes by converting them into DVDs and digital files accessible via the cloud or on a USB drive. They do all the grunt work for you, and you get to enjoy your memories without concern that one day they could get damaged in a flood, fire or rage-filled incident where the tape just “won’t play for some reason?!?” Thankfully tech has progressed beyond those finicky tapes and now we’ve got the digital world — it’s time to update your memories to fit the bill.

Legacybox can digitize any and all types of video tapes from VHS to MicroMV, as well as old school film, photos and even audio from cassette tapes. The photos can come in the form of prints, negatives or slides. (Slides! What!) After you send in all your precious memorabilia, you have a choice of what they send you back. You can get everything uploaded onto a secure thumb drive, a digital download and/or a set of watchable DVDs.

Legacybox Courtesy of Legacybox

My dad did this a few years back and he got everything on all three formats just in case. We use the DVDs every time we get together as a family, and they work super well. Each one has a few hours of footage on it and the videos play one after the other. One thing to note is none of the DVDs are labeled with the dates of the footage on them, so every time we watch them we make a note of it ourselves for future reference.

They’ve got four different Legacybox sizes you can order and fill up with memories. The smallest size option is two items for $59.98, and it goes up from there — to 10 items, 20 items, and 40 items for $1,099.98. Each kit comes with barcode sheets for each item you’re digitizing so you can track the progress online. You order the kit, they send you a box that you fill up and mail back to them, and then they return everything to you in digital form.

Also, throughout the process they update their industry-leading online tracking system so you can get real-time updates of where your memories are and how far along they are in the digitizing process. It’s an excellent product, and if you’ve got stacks of photos, videos or audio tapes you never touch, I highly recommend investing in this service.