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This Is Awesome: LEGO Is Releasing a New Mindstorms Robot Inventor Kit on October 15

It’s an exciting time in the LEGO world, as they’ve announced an addition to the beloved LEGO MINDSTORMS line for the first time in seven years. The LEGO MINDSTORMS 51515 Robot Inventor is set to release on October 15, and you can now view the official product listing on the LEGO website.

In anticipation of its release, SPY has already named the new MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor as one of the best toys of 2020. We almost wish we were kids so we could put this on our Christmas wish list for Santa.

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Courtesy of LEGO


This newest evolution of this collection aims at continuing the brand’s mission of helping children develop STEM skills at home and nourishing a love of inventing, creativity, tinkering and working in robotics.

The new LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor 5-in-1 model allows the builder aged 10+ to build and bring one of these designs to life or take the reigns and create their own robot that they can program to walk, talk, think and do more electronically than ever before.

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Courtesy of LEGO

Kids can also create, program and control their own features with these robots, and connect them to a Bluetooth app on their smartphone that includes even more possibilities.

The pack will contain 949 pieces and the building and digital coding instructions needed to build five different robots. Blast, Charlie, Tricky, Gelo and M.V.P are their names and each of them has a different personality, build, skills and capabilities. You can read more about the individual robots and their designs on the LEGO website.

This collection of LEGO STEM toys was launched 20 years ago, and has since inspired a whole community of builders of all ages to create and invent with these sets. We’re excited to see what’s going to be possible with this new collection, when it does come out on October 15th.

We can’t wait for this new collection to launch and open up new doors when it comes to the building, tinkering and creative potential that comes from a great set of LEGOs.