The Best New Made-In-The-USA Products To Shop Right Now

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* 10 hot products produced right here in the USA
* Put your money in high-quality U.S. companies
* Includes everything from nail polish and bread wraps to wine and cheese kits

With America’s economy currently seeing an upward turn and a general move towards bringing manufacturing back to the country, it seems like a good time to celebrate all the great things that are made right here in the States. Buying American-made products ensures your money goes to companies based in the country in order to help local communities and create more job opportunities. It also means you can be assured you’re buying high-quality products. We’ve taken a look through some of the best made-in-the-USA products and chosen our favorite 10. Scroll through our picks and see which products stand out to you.

1. 365 Lacquer Vegan Nail Polish

Available in over 20 eye-catching colors, 365 Lacquer nail polish is suitable for vegans and those who are passionate about cruelty-free products. This nail color is also free from five of the most commonly used toxins in other nail polishes on the market. On the practical side of things, the polish dries super fast and can be easily touched up and filled thanks to the self-leveling formula.

Grommet vegan nail polish 265 lacquer Image courtesy of The Grommet


2. Bee’s Wrap Bread Wrap

Keep your bread fresh and your environmental conscience clear with this Bee’s Wrap Bread Wrap. Simply buy (or bake) your bread fresh and then, using the warmth of your hands, gently wrap the product around your bread. The natural antibacterial properties of the jojoba and beeswax ensure your food remains fresh and eatable for plenty of time. This is a great plastic-free replacement for Saran Wrap.

Grommet bread wrap bee's Image courtesy of The Grommet


3. Urban Cheesecraft Goat Cheese

Cheese lovers take note. This Urban Cheesecraft Goat Cheese Kit will be right up your alley. It includes almost everything you need to create your very own batch of goat cheese. Inside the kit, you’ll find an instruction booklet, cheese molds, cheesecloth, citric acid, cheese salt and a thermometer. Every kit includes enough to make 8 batches of 1.5 pounds of cheese.

Grommet goat's cheese urban cheesecraft Image courtesy of The Grommet


4. BellaCopper Heat Diffusers

If you’ve ever used a gas cooker, you may have experienced the rather annoying ‘hotspot’ that inevitably leads to unevenly cooked food. These smart heat diffusers from BellaCooper help to solve this problem by evenly distributing heat. They can be used on a range of stoves, including ceramic, glass, electric and gas, and also come in two different sizes depending on the saucepan you prefer to use.

Grommet heat diffuser bellacopper Image courtesy of The Grommet


5. Modern Moose Pendulum Clocks

Add an adorable item to your home decor with a Modern Moose clock. Featuring the choice of either a fox or a shark, these predrilled clocks are easy to hang and have a pendulum element to make you and your visitors smile every time you pass by. They are also ideal as fun gifts for friends and family.

Grommet pendulum clock modern moose Image courtesy of The Grommet


6. Craft a Brew Wine Making Kit

This Craft a Brew Wine Making Kit allows you to create your very own wine without the hassle of cultivating your very own grapes. Instead, simply follow the steps included in the box. These will help you use the included items to create the wine of your dreams. It makes a fun gift for wine-loving friends or just a great treat for yourself.

Grommet make your own wine kit craft a brew Image courtesy of The Grommet


7. Mixologie Blendable Perfume Kit

If you are one of those people who knows what they like when it comes to perfume, why not try mixing up your own perfume at home? This Mixologie perfume kit comes with everything you need to create your defining fragrance. Choose from the eight included scents, then mix and layer them with each other to create a nose-pleasing product. And if you don’t want to be stuck with just one smell for months, you’ll be able to produce a different result every day thanks to the versatile fragrances included in the set. Whether you love citrusy, floral, earthy or something else entirely, your smell is yours to choose with this Mixologie product.

Grommet mixologie perfume blendable kit Image courtesy of The Grommet


8. Todder Men’s Leather Belt

With its clean cut and high-quality finish, this Todder leather belt would be a great addition to any wardrobe. The American-made belt is produced from carefully sourced leather and has been hand stitched to ensure quality. It’s also available in four colors, so you can pick the ideal match for your outfit. In addition, the belt comes in a canvas Todder bag for safe keeping.

Grommet leather belt men's todder Image courtesy of The Grommet


9. ErgoErgo Adult Active Sitting Stool

The ErgoErgo sitting stool is like no other stool around. The concertina-shaped design is both appealing to the eye and helps strengthen your core, relieve backaches and promote improved posture all in one. Its smart design also makes it easy to store underneath your desk. Plus, it’s available in two different sizes and in a range of colors, including red, black and white.  

Grommet ergo adult active sitting stool Image courtesy of The Grommet


10. Stadium Views 3D Stadium Wall Art

Calling all sports fans! Show your pride and support for your team with one of these 3D stadium wall pieces. You can choose from a wide collection of stadiums in all four major American sports leagues as well as a range of college stadiums. The wall piece comes framed and features the stadium’s name, the team name and some additional facts to boot. It’s the ideal gift for any sports fan.

Grommet 3d stadium wall art Image courtesy of The Grommet


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