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This Beef Jerky-Filled Heart Will Win Pretty Much Any Man’s Love This Valentine’s Day

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Deciding what to get your lady for Valentine’s Day can seriously grind your gears. But the answer to the one question may be even harder: What do you want for Valentine’s Day?

Ties are lame. Nobody wears cufflinks anymore. Chocolate? Sure, chocolate’s nice, but men shouldn’t be afraid to tell their sweethearts what they really want for Valentine’s Day. Hold the chocolate and flowers and bring us the Jerky Heart from Man Crates.

Look at the packaging. It’s your standard-issue Valentine’s Day heart-shaped box. To all the world it looks like you’re toting a bunch of boring chocolates with strange fillings, and that silly grin on your face is obviously being faked for her benefit, because there’s no way you’re this psyched to get a box of chocolate.

But then you pop it open, and the message on the inside of the lid says it all. Surprise! It’s Meat. Sorry, Forrest, this isn’t a box of chocolates, and you know exactly what you’re gonna get: ten half-ounce sampler-sized packets of savory, delicious seasoned strips of jerky in a variety of awesome flavors.

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Courtesy of Man Crates Courtesy of Man Crates
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Courtesy of Man Crates

The assortment is a carnivore’s delight. This jerky gift box includes 10 mouth-watering strips of flavored beef jerky. When you break open this box, you’ll find:

  • Garlic Jerky
  • Ghost Pepper Jerky
  • Habanero Jerky
  • Black Pepper Jerky
  • Root Beer Jerky
  • Root Beer Habanero Jerky
  • Whiskey Maple Jerky
  • Honey Bourbon Jerky
  • Sesame Ginger Jerky

Each jerky strip weighs in at 0.5 oz and is spiced and seasoned to perfection… it truly puts the man in romance. 

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Man Crates has knocked this one out of the yard. Their site has thousands upon thousands of verified reviews from deliriously happy customers, many of whom saw the Jerky Heart on the Today Show, NBC, or Fox, or read about it in The Wall Street Journal. It’s love at first sight, which quickly leads to even more love at first bite.

For all the men and women struggling to select the perfect V-Day gift for their man, dump Valentine’s Day gift-giving stress once and for all. And to all the hard-to-please boyfriends of the world, trust us, your better half hates interrogating you about what you want. She hates guessing even more, and most of all she hates that look you give her when you open up the cufflinks or book of fine art. You think it’s a convincing fake-happy look. You’re wrong. But when she hands you that big red heart o’ meat, you won’t be faking anything.