Marvel-ous Mugs: The 7 Best Gifts for Marvel Fans Who Drink Things

Deadpool Marvel Mug

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* Marvel Mugs to hold your fantastic beverages
* Drink your grog from Mjolnir
* Enjoy some coffee with the soaring banner of Captain Marvel

The cup truly runneth over when it comes to zany drinking accessories for Marvel fans. Here are 7 of the coolest Marvel-themed mugs in the universe right now. They make great gifts for any Black Panther, Avengers, Deadpool or any of the other Marvel superhero fans.

1. Captain Marvel Embossed Mugs

These Captain Marvel themed coffee mugs not only have a sweet modernist design and a shout out to Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel outfit, but they’ll also help you drink the coffee that lets you soar from your bed like a phoenix.

Captain Marvel Mug Image Courtesy ThinkGeek



2. Captain America Mug

This Captain America 3D mug lets you drink to freedom with a cup designed after the original comics version of Cap. After all, if you had been frozen in the north sea for a generation, you’d probably appreciate being filled with hot coffee, too.

captain america mug Image Courtesy Amzon


3. Heat Changing Lady Deadpool Mug

What starts out as a rather unassuming black coffee cup turns into a bold portrait of Lady Deadpool with this heat changing ceramic marvel mug. Naturally, the full picture doesn’t emerge until things heat up.

Heat Changing Lady Deadpool Mug Image Courtesy ThinkGeek


4. Deadpool Mug

This mug comes styled with a highly detailed rendition of Deadpool’s mug. Thankfully for everyone’s appetite, this means the character’s signature black and red mask.

deadpool mug Image Courtesy Amazon


5. Thor Mjolnir Mug

This Thor mug featuring the design of Thor’s famous hammer Mjolnir, all but demands a worthy beverage. Fill it with coffee strong enough to wake a Thunder God, or  maybe even with some Ragnarok porter.

Thor Mug Image Courtesy ThinkGeek


6. Doctor Strange Mug

This classic Marvel coffee mug makes a great gift for Doctor Strange Fans. It features vintage-inspired artwork from the Sorcerer Supreme’s original comics run.

doctor strange mug Image Courtesy Amazon


7. Baby Groot Mug

This ultra-cute baby Groot mug is the perfect sidekick for those mornings where you feel like you need the Guardians of the Galaxy to help you escape the gravity of your bed.

Guardians Of The Galaxy-Groot Mug Image Courtesy Amazon