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Intimacy Just Became a Little More Fun With This Romantic Massage Candle

* Massage candle with 32 hours of burn time
* Made with cosmetic-grade wax featuring low melting point for safe use
* Ideal for giving body massages to your special someone

Candles are known for their innate ability to enhance a romantic mood. But the Jimmyjane Afterglow Candle goes one step further, providing you and your partner with a new and safe way to enhance intimacy, offering a safe way to introduce candle wax play into your repertoire.

To begin, light the Afterglow Candle and watch the wax pool on the surface. When you’re ready to blow out the candle, pour the wax into your hand or dip the included body brush into the wax. The cosmetic-grade wax transforms into a warm, body oil, safe for application on the skin and great for massages without burning.

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If you or your partner are concerned about safety, rest assured that the candle wax becomes a high-slip oil with a low melting point after the candle is blown out. This means, it won’t burn your skin like melted petroleum candle wax would. Plus, the wax hydrates and softens skin with ease.

The Jimmyjane massage toy comes in two scents – a masculine “Bourbon” and sweeter option, “Dark Vanilla.” The aromatic scents tend to rub into the skin, staying with you until your next shower. As each candle burns up to 32 hours, you’re sure to get plenty of play time.

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