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These Mini Beer Coats Are Adorable. That’s Pretty Much It.

Who doesn’t love a super-necessary, excessively-adorable accessory? The ones that fall into the “I might never use this but if I do it’ll be awesome and either way it was a necessary purchase” category. We certainly do. We’ve found the latest ridiculous purchase we’d like to add to the list. The mini beer coat.

Why does your beer need a coat? Why does it have to be so accurately human? Does your beer know that it’s rocking a classic down look for winter? We don’t know the answers to these questions, but we do know these are awesome. They’d make a great gift for a beer lover or addition to your Father’s Day package to pops. They’re useful and downright clever if you ask us.

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Courtesy of Made In Oregon

Mini puffer jackets for your beer exist, and they’re pretty glorious. They’re made to keep your beer cold, your hands warm and attach easily to your backpack and belt loop with a carabiner for whenever the brew mood strikes.

They’re made of a mix of nylon, cotton and aluminized paper and are only to be worn by the trendiest of craft beers, probably ones who go to school in the north east and ski all winter long. The notch on them can also be used to open beers, a useful additional feature alongside the clever presentation.

They’re available in four different colors, sold separately.