These Are For Sure The Most Useless Products You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

Giant chess set
Courtesy Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

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* Useless and strange items that we kind of totally want anyway
* Some of the most confusing products on Amazon
* From Renaissance inventions to ridiculous decor

It’s old news that you can find things on Amazon like beauty products, electronics, books, kitchenware and even groceries and supplements. Everyday useful items. These, however, are not those items. These are, on the contrary, five of the most wonderfully useless products on all of Amazon. Some are head-scratchers, some are oddly specific, and some are just absurd. We want them anyway.

1. Word Clock

This clock tells you what time it is in plain English. No need to decipher some occult-looking instrument with needles pointing in different directions.

word clock sharper image Courtesy Amazon

2. Levitating Bonsai Pot

Do your tiny plants need to be magnetically levitated more often? Do you want to confuse cats? This maglev air bonsai pot lets your ornamental succulents, bonsai or air plants float an inch or so above a light up magnetic base.

floating bonsai Courtesy Amazon

3. Digital Tape Measure

So, we suppose this one is technically a useful tool, but we can think of so many wonderfully redundant uses for it. Mundane home improvement measurements? Put away that physical tape measure and use this futuristic laser tape measure instead. This model gets bonus points for having something called “Pythagorean Mode,” which we imagine is where you can use the digital tape measure to compute the height of something by measuring the distance to its top and bottom.


digital laser tape measure Courtesy Amazon

4. Sextant

Yes, this is billed as a real, working navigational sextant, but if you should find yourself, in this century, needing to rely on it, you are probably seriously lost. Unless you’re sailing a Thor Heyerdall-style voyage in a replica ancient boat, that is.

Nautical sextant courtesy Amazon

5. Model Leonardo da Vinci Catapult

Now you can turn any occasion into a miniature “Renaissance Pleasure Faire,” with this tiny scale model of Leonardo da Vinci’s revolutionary catapult design.

da Vinci catapult desktop kit Courtesy Amazon

6. Van de Graaff Generator

True connoisseurs of useless items will know of the Van de Graaff generator. Now you too can make static electricity sparks like in a vintage sci fi flick.

Van de Graaff Generator Courtesy Amazon

Bonus: Giant Chess

This is great in case you ever need to play a chess game against a mythological Cyclops or the giant Brobdingnagians from Gulliver’s Travels. Otherwise, just set it up in the vast, drafty hall of your ancestral castle to intimidate visitors.

Giant Chess Set Courtesy of Amazon


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