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MyPostcard is a Thoughtful (and Convenient) Way to Say Hey

As the gift-giving season winds down and the glitter and dust settle, there’s a decent chance that you received a gift from someone who wasn’t on your to-gift list. Or maybe you sent them something small and they sent you something more meaningful. Whatever the cause for this gift imbalance, there’s no need to panic or feel guilty. A thoughtful thank you gift will likely suffice, and we found one of the most thoughtful and unique ways to say thank you. MyPostcard is a website that makes it easy to design your own personalized postcards. Best of all, it couldn’t be more convenient to use.

MyPostcard allows you to use your own photos for the front of the postcard, while the back can be personalized with your message in a variety of fonts. You can even use the virtual pen to sign your name. Even better, MyPostcard covers postage and shipping. They’ll mail your postcard for you to the recipient you want it addressed to. MyPostcard offers worldwide shipping as well.

The first step when visiting MyPostcard is selecting the type of card you want to send. You can choose between photo books, framed prints, greeting cards and of course, postcards. The postcards are available with a single photo, but you can choose two, three, four or up to nine photos arranged in a variety of ways.

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Image Courtesy of MyPostcard

Then, you select the border shape and color and simply upload a photo from your computer or import it from a website, such as Dropbox. MyPostcard has a photo editor that allows you to adjust the image, though this is somewhat clunky and you may want to size and crop the image before uploading it. For an even more convenient option, you can use the MyPostcard app.

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Besides a plain card featuring your photo, you can also choose between hundreds of customizable holiday-themed cards that feature a pre-designed template where you can upload your own picture. These templates include holidays and engagements, of course, but they also include cards for nonprofit organizations and even messages in support of movements like feminism and Black Lives Matter.

After uploading the image, you can add your text, where you can choose between eight font colors, four font sizes, and five fonts. Then, you can choose any optional upgrades, and simply pay and send the card. In addition to being very quick, it’s also very economical. Designing and sending a postcard starts at $2.69, while greeting cards start at $3.99. Once you’ve selected the photo you want to send, the whole process takes three, maybe four minutes. So if you’ve got any last-minute thank yous? Consider them covered.

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Image Courtesy of MyPostcard


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