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Pop of Pantone: 8 Best Gifts For Colorists

* Great gifts for art and pop culture lovers
* All feature crisp, bold colors from Pantone
* Iconic Pantone logo and minimalist design

If you’re trying to find a gift for someone who loves bold colors, look no further than Pantone. They’re the leading experts on artistic color, and many brands are utilizing their palettes to make chic, eye-catching decor, kitchenware and accessories. We rounded up eight of the best products that feature Pantone’s vivid colors – all of which make great gifts for the art lovers in your life.

1. Pantone Universe Stapler

Staplers don’t have to be ugly and clunky. This one is minimally-designed, and features the Pantone logo in a brilliant yellow.


2. MANTONE Coffee Mug

This coffee mug from Society6 features a wraparound Mantone color palette (yes, we said man-tone) with subtle jokes under each color square. With color names like “Wage Gap,” It’s ideal for the colorist who’s also a feminist.

Lazy loaded image
Image courtesy of Society6[/caption]


3. PANTONE Fashion Sketchpad

Help budding fashion designers figure out the craft, or help veteran designers figure out their newest creation with this Pantone fashion sketchpad. The Pantone palettes offer color guidance, and figure templates that disappear when photocopied eliminate the need for light boxes and tracing paper.


4. Pantone Coffee Percolator

Add a pop of perfect Pantone color to your kitchen with this coffee percolator. It makes three cups of tasty espresso, and looks great in almost any kitchen.

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[caption id="attachment_98497" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Coffee Maker pantone Pink Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


5. MANTONE Art Print

This Mantone wall art is great because it’s a modern, versatile piece of art, but also features some humor if you look closely. Plus it’s available in five sizes, so you can get one that fits in any room.

Lazy loaded image
Image courtesy of Society6[/caption]


6. Pantone Metal Storage Box

Upgrade your storage boxes with these brilliant Pantone metal boxes. They’re 12 x 9 inches – ideal for art supplies or pencils.


7. Pantone X Redland Backpack

We love this backpack because it has the reliability of Redland products and a deep, unique color from Pantone. It’s made of a durable polyester, and features a laptop sleeve, a protected base, and a smartphone pocket.

[caption id="attachment_98500" align="aligncenter" width="232"]Backpack Blue Redlands Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


8. Kakkoii Pantone Speaker

There are a ton of high-quality Bluetooth speakers currently on the market, but many don’t give much consideration to design. This one by Kakkoii has the same premium sound, but changes thing up with bold Pantone color options.

[caption id="attachment_98501" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Bluetooth Speaker Yellow Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

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