The Best Personalized Christmas Stockings You Can Fully Customize For You or Even Your Pet

personalized christmas stockings
Image courtesy of Pottery Barn
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While it may sit there relatively unused and unloved for most of the year, come Christmas, things really start to heat up for your mantel. Not only does it become the production site of much of your winter warmth, it’s also one of the major focal points of a successful Christmas display. Whether you choose to hang a wreath above it, wrap the whole thing in garland or simply display all of your favorite Christmas ornaments along the shelf, Christmas is your mantel’s time to shine.

Another major job which is usually handed to your mantel (if you have one in your home) is hanging your Christmas stockings. This spot, prearranged with Old Saint Nick, is the place where your stockings will be filled with all the wondrous gifts (or gold if you believe the legend) that he’s bringing for you. All of that is dependent on you having been good this year, of course. 

For those who don’t have a fireplace, there are still plenty of places you can hang your stockings for Santa to find them. Whether it’s a bookcase, coat rack, stairwell or anywhere else in the house, we’re pretty confident Santa’s gonna find them. 

We’ve put together 10 of our favorite stocking designs which can be personalized. From plain elegant styles to classic color-filled options, there’s a stocking for every member of the family, including the dog. Take a look through our list, and find the right stocking for you and yours this festive season.


1. Pottery Barn Personalized Crewel Stocking

With designs including a penguin, a gnome, a Christmas tree, snowflakes and dogs, there’s something for every preference in these Pottery Barn Personalized Holiday Icons Crewel Stockings. Each design takes center stage on the stocking and includes a number of Christmassy colors to complete the elegant and high-quality feel. Plus, you can have your name added to the stocking cuff in a range of colors and text styles for a small additional fee.

personalized christmas stockings pottery barn crewel Image courtesy of Pottery Barn


2. Pottery Barn Personalized Maisie Quilt Stocking

The Pottery Barn Personalized Maisie Quilt Stocking features a beautiful red-and-white quilted material made from 100 percent cotton for a high-quality and soft-to-touch feel. It includes a hanging loop and an attractive red cuff, which can be personalized with your name should you wish. The materials used in the stocking are sustainably sourced.

personalized christmas stockings quilted design Image courtesy of Pottery Barn


3. BrooklynVStone Personalized Stocking

The BrooklynVStone Personalized Stocking is the ideal choice for families, couples or roommates looking for classy stockings to hang up over the fireplace this Christmas. The simple yet elegant knitwear design includes a built-in loop for easy hanging as well as a fold-down cuff sporting the owner’s name. For maximum personalization, you can choose from three different colors, namely red, white and green, as well as eight different font styles, ensuring each family member can put their own individual spin on things.

personalized christmas stockings knitted Image courtesy of Etsy


4. SmilingService Personalized Pet Stocking

Santa Claus doesn’t just have humans on his list, which is why it’s just as important your pets hang their stockings this year. Luckily, this SmilingService Personalized Pet Stocking caters for all members of the family, human or otherwise. It comes in a range of attractive styles, including a snowflake, Christmas tree and paw-shaped designs for your pets. The plaid pattern is available in both blue and red, and the stocking includes a space around the cuff for the owner’s name in a choice of fonts.

personalized christmas stockings pets etsy Image courtesy of Etsy


5. MindysNeedleArt Custom Christmas Stocking

The MindysNeedleArt Custom Christmas Stocking keeps things traditional and simple. These budget-friendly stockings are available in a choice of red or green and offer three different font styles for your name on the faux-fur cuff. These are a great choice for large families looking to decorate their mantle or even a fun addition to offices this festive season.

personalized christmas stockings budget etsy Image courtesy of Etsy


6. Pottery Barn Personalized Quilted Velvet Stocking

With their one-color plush design, the Pottery Barn Personalized Channel Quilted Velvet Stocking is an easy way to add a touch of class to your living space this Christmas. These stockings come in either ruby or ivory and sport the owner’s name on the cuff in the alternate color. The stocking is made from 100 percent plush velvet and includes quilting, a deep cuff and a hanging hook to complete the luxurious feel.

personalized christmas stockings quilted velvet Image courtesy of Pottery Barn


7. Manual WW Personalized Shark Christmas Stocking

Give your visitors a laugh this Christmas by hanging this Manual WW Personalized Shark Christmas stocking above the fire. It includes space for your name at the toe end, while the cuff area of the stocking is taken up by the hilarious design featuring a shark and an accompanying “Dreaming of a great white Christmas”. In addition, the design is surrounded by a festive border and includes a loop for easy hanging.

personalized christmas stockings shark Image courtesy of Zazzle


8. GiftsForYouNow Velvet Lined Christmas Stocking

If having your name on a stocking feels a bit like going half way, why not go the whole hog with this GiftsForYouNow Velvet Lined Christmas Stocking and add a picture of your face? Not only will it look great, it’ll also help prevent any potential confusion for Santa on his busy night. Alternatively, if a face stocking doesn’t appeal, you can also choose your colors, text and any image of your choice for a truly customizable stocking. This decor piece also includes a hanging loop and is made from 100 percent polyester.

personalized christmas stockings photo zazzle Image courtesy of Zazzle


9. DIBSIES Personalization Station Jester Stocking

If you’re searching for a stocking to catch attention, then the DIBSIES Personalization Station Jester Stocking could be right up your alley. You’ll have the choice of three different striking designs, which include green dots and red stripes. The eye-catching styles also boast furry pom poms and toe and heel patches to complete the jester-like appearance. Your name or choice of personalization will appear on the cuff of the stocking.

personalized christmas stockings elf socks Image courtesy of Amazon


10. WEWILL Personalized Linen Christmas Stockings

Featuring high-quality fabrics and exquisite embroidery, the WEWILL Personalized Linen Christmas Stockings are a great option for families looking to adorn their chimney breast with stockings this Christmas. The designs include a range of friendly and cute characters, such as Father Christmas, Rudolph, penguins and a snowman all surrounded by snowflakes. You can also add names to the cuff to ensure everyone knows whose stocking is theirs, while the built-in loop makes hanging your stockings simple.

personalized christmas stockings linen family Image courtesy of Amazon


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