These Gorgeous Piecework Puzzles Are Better Than Every Other Puzzle

piecework puzzles
Courtesy of Piecework

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Along with COVID-19 social distancing comes a whole bunch of stir-crazy people desperate for fun things to do at home. Despite parks, restaurants, beaches and hiking trails being open — we’re still spending more than our usual amount of time indoors and that means we need to find ways to spice things up.

One of the best indoor activities that works your brain and patience? Puzzles! Puzzles are a great collaborative time burner that is as calming as it is satisfying. I mean, come on, when you get that last piece in and the whole image is complete? There are few feelings better than that.

Piecework Puzzles are some of the most beautifully designed puzzles on the market right now. They’re definitely worth investing in during your time trapped indoors and beyond.

Just check out the beautiful, vaguely erotic design of Piecework’s Forbidden Fruit puzzle:

Piecework Puzzles Forbidden Fruit Courtesy of Piecework Puzzles
Meta Puzzle Piecework Puzzles

The founders, Jena and Rachel, used the name “Piecework” out of a desire for people to slow down and be present in the moment. Much like a puzzle, they want to encourage their customers to savor time with loved ones and enjoy the process of solving, rather than charging toward, the end result.

They’ve got a bunch of different designs available in their online store including a colorful still-life portrait of fruit, a poker game, a smushed piece of cake and a meta puzzle of someone doing a puzzle. Woah.

Rather than putting together a painting or cartoon design, these photograph puzzles look stunning when you’re finished. They range from 500 to 1,000 pieces in difficulty.

Gather your social isolation buddies, enjoy a relaxing bonding session and take in a beautiful portrait image as your reward. Here are a few more of our favorite puzzles of theirs.

Feeling Flushed

Show us your hand! So we can continue solving this poker-themed puzzle that is. This image is dripping in elegance and luxury with a flush card hand and all sorts of remnants of a great night of poker playing. The fanciful colors, textures and details will be a joy to piece together and you’ll surely be feeling flushed by the end — either from excitement, exhilaration or a bit of both.

Feeling Flushed piecework puzzle Courtesy of Piecework Puzzles


Tchotchke Puzzle

Who does love a good Tchotchke collection? Trinkets, baubles and delights — oh my! This puzzle is all about those random objects you keep around because of the sentimental value, set against a bright blue background that elevates this collection. Don’t worry — the beauty is truly in the details with this one and you’ll love what the finished product looks like.

tchotchke piecework puzzle Courtesy of Piecework Puzzles


Rise & Shine

Don’t forget the shmear! This breakfast platter has all the delectable goodies you want in your first meal of the day, decked out with a little extra sparkle. We’ve got bagels, strawberries, black and white cookies and more — so don’t skip out on the most important and most beautiful meal of the day with this stunning puzzle. Oh, and brings snacks — it’s sure to make you hungry.

breakfast piecework puzzle Courtesy of Piecework Puzzles