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Yass Yarrr: The 8 Best Gifts for Pirate Lovers, Matey

* Fun pirate-themed pieces that would tempt even Jack Sparrow himself
* A range of items including telescopes, map-adorned tablecloths and a necklace
* Ideal for pirate-themed parties, Halloween or as gifts for people who just love pirates

Whether you’re about to set sail on the Seven Seas or simply love adding to your pirate-themed space, this collection of pirate-inspired pieces are sure to have you saying “Arrrgh” in excitement.

We scoured the internet to find 8 fine pieces  to complete the look at your pirate-themed party or as gifts for your pirate-loving friends. Now walk the plank and discover each one of these fun-filled items for yourself.

1. Beistle Treasure Map Tablecloth

For the true treasure hunter comes this “X Marks The Spot” tablecloth. At 54 by 108 inches, the plastic decoration will cover most rectangular tables. If your little one is having a pirate-themed party or you just love all things treasure related, grab this cheap table cloth to add some intrigue to your dinner spread.


2. Pirate Lollipop Suckers

What could be better than a sweet treat? A sweet treat that’s pirate-themed, of course. These pirate lollipop suckers make the ship swindlers as cute as they can be. Each skull and bones candy is wearing a brightly colored bandanna, making these suckers great as cake decorations or pirate party favors.


3. Nautical Writing Journal

Draw your own treasure map or keep the ship’s log in this nautical writing journal. With 170 unlined pages, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to express your pirate thoughts inside this leather-bound book. The soft cover holds together coffee-colored paper along with a bookmark cord and dangling charms. In addition, the front is embossed with a compass to rival Captain Jack Sparrow’s.

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4. SUCK UK Pirate Bottle Opener

No pirate collection would be complete without some kind of peg-legged crew member. This pirate bottle opener doesn’t just provide the ability to open your booty (wine bottles) with its corkscrew peg leg, it also features a standard beer bottle opener, foil cutter and easy-open lever, all topped with a pirate hat to complete the look.


5. Yestore Pirate Shower Curtain

Drinking rum in the tub might not be a good look, but you can still bring your love of pirates to bath time with the Yestore Pirate Shower Curtain. Made of soft, waterproof polyester, it measures 60 x 72 inches.


6. Handmade Spanish Coin Replica Pirate Necklace

Delicate pirates will love this Spanish coin replica necklace. The pendant is produced using a mold of a real Spanish coin found on a Floridian beach. The original coin likely came from a nearby shipwreck. The resulting product is a beautiful pewter coin hung on a plated brass silver chain that resembles one of the Pieces of Eight. This “piece” is sure to be appreciated by fans of pirates movies and musicals everywhere.


7. Brass Pirate Navigation Telescope With Wooden Box

With its brass finish and ability to see into the big blue yonder, this beautifully-crafted navigation telescope is ideal for budding pirates young and old. Supplied with its very own wooden box and available in both a 6 and 17-inch model, the unique pirate piece would look great as decor around the home on the days when you aren’t using it to guide your pirate ship towards new found riches.


8. Skeleton Pirate Wine or Rum Bottle Holder

The final addition to your motley crew is this striking rum or wine bottle-holding bust. Sporting a pirate skeleton design, the visually stimulating piece is the ideal way to complete your pirate-themed or Caribbean-inspired get together. It would even be great as a gift for that pirate-loving family member who loves a splash of rum. The sizeable piece can easily hold a bottle of your favorite spirit such as Sailor Jerry’s, Kraken or any other pirate-worthy tipples.

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