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8 Products That Are Selling Out Fast This Week: New Air Jordans, Giant Pool Floats, Balenciaga Crocs

Alright. We’ll admit it. We’ve got some serious FOMO right now.

As SPY editors, we spend the entire day perusing the internet for stellar deals and new releases across a multitude of sites. That said, it’s borderline impossible for us to not buy at least one item a week. The best slippers from L.L.Bean, OLED TVs from Amazon, comfortable jeans from Levi’s — the list goes on and on and on.

But, with that said, there’s one thing about this job that can seriously interrupt our day. And it’s finding a product that’s about to sell out, and fast.

Like, really fast.

It happens to us all of the time and we’re sure that it’s happened to you, too. You’re eyeing pants from Urban Outfitters for a couple of days and once you’re ready to click that buy button, they’re out in your size. It’s a serious bummer every time. And it’s not only the case with clothing, either.

For the past few years due to COVID-19, we’ve seen shortages in a number of products ranging from clothing to cookware to kitchen appliances to even COVID-19 tests.

And, you know what? We’re sick of FOMO. Sick. Of. It.

If you find yourself missing out more than normal, this is your chance to pick up your next personal must-have before it’s gone for good. Check out the items below and grab them before they sell out.


1. Air Jordan 13 Del Sol

Sneakerheads know that when a new Air Jordan drops, you sometimes have just seconds to place your order. These colorful new Air Jordans are perfect for summer, and the official drop goes down on Saturday morning. If you want to get them before they hit the reseller market (and the price goes way, way up), then head to Nike and get ready to checkout as fast as possible.

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We also love the Nike Velvet Brown slip-ons that were released today, but they’re already sold out.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Nike

2. YETI Hopper M20 Cooler Backpack

The world’s coolest cooler backpack is here and we’re already obsessed.

The YETI Hopper M20 is YETI’s newest release that’s making waves just in time for warmer weather. This bag has the ability to fit 18 cans total using a 2:1 can to ice ratio. In hot temperatures, you’ll have the ability to keep drinks chill throughout days on the beach or hikes with your buds.

The only issue? It’s selling out quickly. There are three colors available in total, including pink, navy and charcoal, but navy is already sold out. Make sure you get your hands on this before the other two colors are!

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of YETI


3. Balenciaga Men’s Pool Crocs

We want those Balenciagas! The ones that look like Crocs!

Balenciaga and Crocs are back at it with another collab we never knew we needed. Meet, the Pool Crocs.

These somewhat regular-looking shoes (as far as collabs between these two go) are your ideal platform sandal for strutting around the pool this summer. Colors are currently available in black and green in every size, but if this collab is anything like we’ve seen before, that won’t last for long.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Balenciaga


4. CLINITEST Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Self-Test

While it might not be the most glamorous purchase, it is the most realistic.

The CLINITEST Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Self-Test was only recently added to Amazon, and it’s one of the most affordable rapid self-tests you can purchase, so we would stock up soon just in case. Get yours now even if nobody in your household is feeling ill, that way you’ll be prepared for the next inevitable surge. At this point, we know that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Plus, thanks to a new discount, the 5-pack of these tests is priced at $37.50, which means each of these tests are just $7.50 per item. CLINITEST Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Self-Test


5. Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven

We were absolutely floored with the release of the Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven on Pi Day of this year. No one saw it coming, but man, we’re glad it did.

This pizza oven opens a new realm of product for Solo Stove by allowing folks to create delicious pizzas in just under two minutes. Units won’t deliver until mid-May and we have a weird inkling that these will go out of stock soon. Why? Because so many damn people are ordering them

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Solo Stove


6. STAHL Crochet Bucket Hat

Crochet bucket hats have been increasing tremendously in popularity lately. Just take a step out on the streets of any hip neighborhood for a few blocks and tell us you don’t see one. You literally won’t be able to.

Our favorite right now is from Philadelphia-based knitwear designer Jessica Stahl of STAHL, the knitwear brand that needs to be on everyone’s radar. It’s kooky and eclectic and likely won’t be on the shelves soon due to high demand.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Nordstrom


7. Dr. Squatch x The Batman Collection

With the latest release of The Batman movie comes a collaboration nobody was really expecting: the Dr. Squatch x The Batman Collection.

This is the perfect collector’s item for nerds that really thought they owned it all. Plus, it actually smells really good.

Because collectors are swiping these up, they won’t last long on the shelves.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Dr. Squatch


8. Le Club MB Tower 4 Swim Trunks

We were stopped in our tracks upon recently seeing Le Club’s wild new assortment of four new swim trunk options. Each is a visual play on a lifeguard tower as seen below. But, they start to get more and more trippy. The number 4 option you see is the least of the eclectic, so see below for more and let your mind be blown.

These are so cool that we can’t see them on the shelves for too long. Get yours before you can’t.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Le Club


9. FUNBOY Pool Floats

This week, internet-sensation FUNBOY announced that it was restocking its most popular products ahead of the summer season. FUNBOY makes delightfully colorful pool floats and accessories for adults, and you may have seen their huge cabana pool floats on Instagram or TikTok. (Seriously, these floats are big enough for you and four of your friends to throw a party on the water.

Last summer, the brand’s popular cabanas and Barbie Dreamhouse collection were regularly out of stock, so we recommend ordering now so you have these products in time for the summer.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Funboy