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This Best-Selling $330 Indoor Spin Bike Is One of the Year’s Best Christmas Presents

We all know this is the year of the Peloton — the pandemic and rise in demand for home exercise gear has made that very clear. Indoor exercise bikes combined with a spin class app are the perfect home-workout. The bike doesn’t take up too much space and the workout itself is quick, intense and sometimes enjoyable.

However, a Peleton will set you back $2,000, and even some of the best Peleton alternatives cost $1,000-$1,500. So if you’re not down to spend that much on a spin bike and need an affordable alternative for yourself or a loved one this holiday season — look no further. This PYHIGH indoor cycling bike from Amazon is a favorite of ours for many reasons, and is worth the investment. This product has been one of the most popular products of 2020 among SPY readers and has more than 1,100 positive reviews from Amazon customers.

And did we mention it only costs $330?

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This type of stationary bike is a great alternative to more expensive cycling options because you get all the functionality of one of those bikes without a huge screen, so you can stream classes through an app on your phone and get the same experience.

This exercise bike has a 35-pound bidirectional flywheel with a triangular steel frame to keep you steady while you climb, sprint and build lower body strength. The belt drive system is pretty quiet for the most part and works with magnetic resistance that’s controlled by a knob on the bike that you control.

The extra-wide seat cushion makes it more comfortable to ride than your standard cycling bike and the bike is built with an extended seat adjustment so even tall riders can find a comfortable position. The non-slip handlebars are also two-way adjustable for riders and there’s a tension rod built into the resistance knob that can act as an emergency break in your time of need.

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The LCD monitor up top measures your time, distance and other simple metrics. Note: many reviewers noted that this screen is fairly rudimentary compared to other bikes they’ve seen — you’ll get the basics you need to understand your ride but not much else. However, if you’re pairing this bike with your fitness tracker watch and streaming in a class you should be able to get exactly what you need to follow along.

Speaking of streaming, this bike also comes with an iPad/smartphone holder that makes it easy to stream in your favorite Peloton instructors’ classes or be guided through a cycling experience abroad on NordicTrack. If your wife, husband or partner has been itching for an indoor bike and you don’t want to drop a ton of cash this is a great affordable option.