Venture to The Far Reaches of the Galaxy With the SEGA Star Projector Home Planetarium

SEGA Home Planetarium
Courtesy of Amazon

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Anyone else feeling a little claustrophobic in their homes right now? With the COVID-19 quarantine well underway it’s to be expected that some of us are going a little stir crazy cooped up at home all the time. Sure you can go on walks around the neighborhood, maybe stake out a spot at the park for a few hours (socially distanced from others, of course), or maybe take a thrilling trip to the grocery store but after a while you’re going to exhaust all of those options.

Another possibility? Make your apartment ceiling your own planetarium at home with the SEGA Star Projector.

SEGA Star Projector Courtesy of Amazon

SEGA Star Projector Courtesy of Amazon

This Homestar Original Planetarium from SEGA Toys projects an incredible array of over 60,000 stars on your ceiling. It also has a “shooting star” function for keeping things exciting for kids during a sleepover or a romantic indoor star-gazing date night.

It’s made with industry-leading 3-watt white LED technology and the angle can be adjusted to your liking. You can also set a timer for your star sessions to save energy.

The kit comes with two realistic discs you can play as well as a poster. There are 30+ additional discs you can purchase to swap in and out and expand your experience well beyond planet earth.

Comprehend our existence within the vast expanses of our universe from the comfort and socially-distanced safety of your home with this high-quality planetarium projector, available on Amazon.