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Flash Sale Alert: The Award-Winning Shashibo Puzzle Box Is $20 for Holiday Shoppers Today

One of the coolest all-ages puzzle boxes we’ve ever seen is currently at its lowest-ever price thanks to a new lighting deal at Amazon. We’re talking about the trippy Shashibo Shape Shifting Box, a puzzle game that’s always popular around the holidays. This highly giftable toy is currently discounted by 20%, which brings the price down to just $20 for a limited time.

While the $5 discount isn’t huge, it’s a great discount for holiday shoppers looking to save money where they can. Not only have Amazon shoppers become obsessed with this cube, but SPY editors have also named this one of SPY’s favorite toys.

In the video below, you can see how this unassuming box twists and morphs into 70 different 3D shapes. Part fidget toy, part puzzle box, this 3D toy also comes in dozens of fun patterns. Plus, by combining multiple boxes together, you can create limitless combinations of shapes.

(Hint, hint: if you’re doing your Christmas shopping, this 3D puzzle toy makes for an amazing stocking stuffer!)


Last year, this puzzle box earned a spot on our lists of the Best Christmas Gifts of the year and the Top Toys of 2021. It also sold out as we moved closer to Christmas. So if you’ve been curious about this puzzle box, then this is a great chance to order the patented, award-winning puzzle box.

Available in dozens of colors and configurations, the crowd-pleasing Shashibo Shape Shifting Box is a great toy for kids and adults who like fidget toys.

About the Shashibo Shape Shifting Box

It may appear like an ordinary box from the outside, but each Shashibo unlocks the mystery to four geometric designs—the exterior design plus three interior designs. Contrary to other puzzle box toys, this version connects 36 rare earth magnets. One cube even transforms into more than 70 different dimensional shapes. And once it’s in your hands, you won’t want to put it down. Believe us when we say it’s that addictive. The shape-shifting box was created to build skill coordination, challenge the senses, and bring people together for endless fun. 

With over 40,000 reviews from Amazon customers, this cube comes with stress-busting colors, sounds and shapes. If you wish to get more creative, you can purchase additional magnetic cubes to form larger-scale structures. It makes for great sensory stimulation puzzle gifts and toy gifts for everyone. Inventor, Andreas Hoenigschmid, designed the magnetic puzzle toy to be accessible for a certain audience: people of all ages and walks of life, including those who are visually-impaired.

If you’re in the midst of organizing your Christmas shopping, here’s an excellent stocking stuffer idea. Whether it’s for a friend who needs a moment of relief or could use a desk toy to cure boredom at work, anyone would be happy to unwrap the Shashibo. The 4.6-star rated toy is on sale for a limited time, and there’s no telling when this Amazon lighting deal will end.

Courtesy of Amazon

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