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Snoop On the Stoop Is Giving Elf On a Shelf a Run for Its Money This Christmas

Everyone knows Elf on a Shelf. It’s singlehandedly the only reason why your kids stay on their best behavior during the holiday season.

For those of you living under a rock, Elf on a Shelf acts as Santa’s little helper during the holidays. He’s a little toy doll parents set in different places throughout the home so kids know that he’s always watching, ensuring that kiddos are staying good enough to keep on the nice list. Essentially, it’s just a way to keep your kids from wreaking havoc in the home so they can get the best Christmas gifts each year.

But, there’s a new competitor in town that might be sending Elf on a Shelf into hibernation a little earlier this season and it comes in the form of everyone’s favorite rapper-gone-businessman. That’s right — we’re talking about Snoop Dogg.

Introducing Snoop on the Stoop, the Snoop Dogg-ification of Elf on a Shelf. And it’s damn hilarious.

While it might not be the most age-appropriate Elf on a Shelf replacement, Snoop on the Stoop pictures a green, elf-centric Snoop Dogg complete with braids, sunglasses, a gold chain with a marijuana leaf and, of course, a blunt in his mouth. It really is just so Snoop.

Because social media is social media, TikTok, Twitter and the like are also getting a serious kick out of this holiday toy. For good reason!


Nah they did snoop dirty 😭 @Mother Knows Best (Via:ourlovelychaos_/ig)

♬ original sound – Barstool Sports

But, where exactly can you buy Snoop on the Stoop? Well, lucky for you, just about everywhere is selling this gag gift.

In fact, there are a shocking number of unofficial Snoop on a Stoop figures available right now at Amazon, many of extremely questionable quality.

Amazon search page showing Snoop on a Stoop product listings. Courtesy of Amazon

We’re also seeing Snoop on the Stoop at spots such as Walmart, Etsy and the official Snoop on the Stoop website.

And, before you ask, yes — there’s an option available with a janky version of Martha Stewart as well, completing the look of the most iconic duo the world has ever seen.

Courtesy of Walmart

Like, come on. Is that not the most festive Christmas decor you’ve ever seen? Plus, the double trouble will really have the kids feeling not-so-naughty.

We’re suggesting it’s about time to replace that raggedy old Elf on a Shelf with something a little more… celebratory. Find all the places you can buy Snoop on the Stoop below and celebrate the holidays the correct way in 2022.