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These Hilarious Star Wars T-Shirts Are Perfect for Dads Who Love Dad Jokes

Star Wars is without question the most epic sci-fi saga of all time, and by far the most popular. But don’t forget, it’s also 45 years old now, and legions of old-school fans are now dads… Boomer and Gen-X dads who love nothing more than a truly awful dad joke.

What’s even better than telling the same groan-inducing joke over and over again just to be sure everyone’s heard it? Splashing it across your chest on a t-shirt. Add smirk and “womp-womp” sound effect, and the deed is done.

Admit it, it’s fun to encourage dads and their awful jokes. Now you can indulge their love for Star Wars, cringy jokes, and new t-shirts in one fell swoop by hitting the Star Wars store on Amazon for these joke shirts from that galaxy far, far away. (Wait, was that a dad joke? Mea culpa.) Load up on these great shirts now and brace yourself for endless eye-rolling.

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Number one dad? Apparently chopping off your son’s hand with a lightsaber isn’t such a big deal. This Vader shirt is in the style of the famous Shepherd Fairey “Obey” shirts with the intimidating visage of André the Giant. André vs. Vader? We’d pay to see that.

Are you ana-kidding?

Same sentiment, definitely a softer and dare we say cuter version of the self-proclaimed great dad. Come to think of it, he looks a little like Dark Helmet from Spaceballs. But that’s Vader, and this is a great dad gift from smaller kids.

Which Stormtrooper, Dad? Exactly! And he probably blew up on the Death Star anyway! Stormtroopers may be known as generic cannon fodder and notoriously terrible shots, but one of them had to be Employee of the Month, right?

Look, I’ll turn this Landspeeder around right this second if you don’t settle down back there! The Child, aka Grogu, aka Baby Yoda, had to get his own Star Wars joke shirt. Or, more likely, several. Dad will enjoy making this jokey threat over and over again in the cutest way possible. Just go with it.


Yup, there’s The Child again. But how cute is this? Dad can call himself The Dadalorian all day long while rocking this cute shirt from The Mandalorian and you’ll be more than happy to laugh along with him.


Before The Child, before BB-8, even before the Ewoks, R2-D2 was the standard for Star Wars adorableness. Everybody loved Artoo. But don’t push his buttons! (He’s a droid. He’s covered in buttons. Don’t push them. Get it? Yes, Dad, we get it. Need another beer?)

You know if you get Dad this shirt of a heartwarming scene of a warm fire, stockings hung with care, a festive tree, and a murderous semi-robotic space tyrant playing a Christmas carol, he will 100% try to fill in the other 11 days of the song. Bet on it.


An arm and a leg….hoo boy. But honestly, give Vader credit for coming up with a pretty great one-liner about his cataclysmic fight with Obi-Wan Kenobi on Mustafar. (Do you think Boba Fett got it? Bounty hunters aren’t known for their mirth.) Just don’t expect the “take my wife, please!” joke — the whole Padmé thing still stings.


What better way to close out a roundup of Star Wars joke shirts than with this simple sentiment delivered (sternly, with a weapon) by Yoda. This one should come with a warning sticker, though: Your Dad Will Talk Like Yoda Non-Stop Every Time He Puts On This Shirt. But buy it you must! (We’ll see ourselves out…)