Let’s Get Shopping! The 35+ Must-Buy Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men

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Given how quickly time has gone by since March, Christmas is basically tomorrow. So, you better get a move on your gift-buying ASAP. If you’re shopping for an important man in your life, whether it be your husband, boyfriend, father, son, brother, Uncle Jimbo or you boss’ ex-fiance’s brother’s son, it’s important that you think beyond the bottom of the tree and conjure up some stocking stuffer ideas for men. Because sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most.

To properly jam-pack a stocking to the brim, you don’t necessarily have to go above and beyond a specific price point. Sure, some gifts inside the stocking can be a tad more expensive than others, but keep in mind, it’s a stocking. The majority of the high-priced gifts will likely be sitting under the tree. That doesn’t mean you need to pack your favorite guy’s stocking with crap either. Nobody wants that coal candy you found at the checkout line of the Dollar Tree. Believe it.

Stocking stuffer ideas for men may vary, too, depending on the kind of guy you’re gifting. In particular, stocking stuffer ideas for dad might include one of those geeky “#1 Dad” mugs, but stocking stuffer ideas for boyfriends might not. Well, maybe they would. We don’t know what you call him.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a slew of stocking stuffer ideas for him, no matter who he is, we’ve got you covered. From phone cases to cameras, check out our-must buy options below. And if you want to get all of your holiday shopping done early this year, check out our complete Holiday Shopping Guide for the best gift ideas of 2020.


1. A Gift Card


You can’t go wrong with a gift card. Although some might find gifting a gift card sort of an easy way out, that’s the point, it is easy and always appreciated. Plus, it’s a stocking stuffer. Not everything inside of a stocking needs to be meaningful. A gift card is a great stocking stuffer idea for men because of the possibilities. No matter where you buy it for, whether it be Amazon, Starbucks, Domino’s or even a classic Visa, this is a stocking stuffer he will actually get some use from no matter his age or interests.

stocking stuffer ideas for men - Amazon Gift Card Courtesy of Amazon


2. Shutterfly Printed Photos


Stuff his stocking with a gift he’ll love with a variety of printed memories straight from his camera roll. If you didn’t already know, printing photos with Shutterfly is cheap. And we mean it. Prints start at just 15 cents a photo, making this an option just about anybody can afford. Photos can be taken from just about anywhere, too, like Instagram, Facebook, either of your phone’s camera rolls and more. Slip these memories right into his stocking for an exciting surprise on Christmas morning that he totally wasn’t expecting.

stocking stuffer ideas for men - Shutterfly Printed Photos Courtesy of Shutterfly


3. WOLF PROJECT Sheet Mask


This year, we all need a little bit of R&R to get our minds off things and rid the weight of the world from our shoulders. Although it isn’t a two-week vacation in Bali, this sheet mask from WOLF PROJECT is a low-key, affordable way to help your favorite guy pamper and wind down from stressful days. This charcoal mask is packed with B3 and plant extracts to hydrate the skin using natural, healthy ingredients. It’s smooth to the touch and has a lightweight, residue-free finish that will leave your skin feeling soft and supple time and time again.

WOLF PROJECT Sheet Mask, best stocking stuffer for men Courtesy of Amazon


4. Animal Cable Bites


We know his phone’s always dying, so why not make charging a little bit more fun with these cute as hell animal cable bites? Considering it’s one of the cutest, most useless gifts we can think of, it’s a perfect stocking stuffer idea for guys that he’ll most certainly get a kick out of. This pack features animals like dinosaurs, fish, bumblebees and turtles. You might think these are solely for kids, but that’s where you’re wrong. Any kid or adult alike will love to get one of these in their stocking, there’s no doubt about it.

Animal Cable Bite Courtesy of Amazon


5. Everlane The 100% Human Face Mask 5-Pack


Masks are going nowhere, and that’s something we all know dang well by now. When stuffing your favorite dude’s stocking this year, have him ditch his disposable blue mask for something a bit more colorful, like these tie-dye face masks from Everlane. Each mask is made from double-layered knit cotton for maximum protection but total breathability. They come with ear loops that stretch a bit to help fit most face shapes.

Everlane The 100% Human Face Mask 5-Pack, stocking stuffer ideas for men 2020 Courtesy of Everlane


6. W&P The Moscow Mule Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kit


As we likely head back into quarantine, we’re ditching our W&P carry-on cocktail kits once again for something a little more useable given the circumstances: a virtual happy hour cocktail kit. These tiny cocktail kits have everything your man might possibly need to be the best bartender in your bedroom at his next socially distanced webcam sesh with his buddies. Each kit comes with small-batch ginger syrup, a small jigger, a teensy bar spoon, a recipe card and a linen coaster to get him started. All he’s going to need himself is the liquor, which we know damn well he’s had stocked in the basement since March.

W&P The Moscow Mule Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kit Courtesy of Amazon


7. Create Your Own Reel Viewer


There’s nothing like a personalized gift during the holiday season because happy tears are what we absolutely aim for. This year, gift this personalized reel viewer jam-packed with his favorite photos. Recreate the story of your relationship, the birth of your children or his very own childhood. Because it’s made after one of the greatest childhood gadgets of all time, the nostalgia and cherished moments he’s going to get from this reel viewer will make him the happiest guy alive. Just make sure you grab a box of tissues, too. He’s 100% going to cry.

Create Your Own Reel Viewer Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


8. Bedsure Leather Journal Notebook


Spending your first Christmas ever with your man? Perfect, we have the perfect stocking stuffer idea for your boyfriend. Though it’s traditional primarily for anniversaries, they say that paper is the first gift to get your guy after a year of dating. We’re thinking, why not infuse the tradition into your first Christmas together instead? Spice it up a little! This leather notebook is a great way for your special guy to jot down work notes, thoughts and ideas whenever he needs to. It’s made to look handsomely vintage, so we’re certain he’s going to love the sentiment.

Bedsure Leather Journal Notebook Courtesy of Amazon


9. Casetify Phone Case


Is he always dropping his phone? Don’t even respond. We already know. Protective phone cases are cool and all, but they’re almost always both wildly mundane in appearance and extraordinarily bulky. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with Casetify. Get it? Case? Sorry. Casetify phone cases aren’t only visually pleasant to look at, but also essentially indestructible. You can drop your phone at some pretty high heights and not even get a scratch when picking it up off of the ground. There are so many different collections to choose from, too, depending on your man’s preferences. From flowers to Coca-Cola-themed cases to Pokemon to this awesome “For Duck Sake” case and even some customizable options, check the site out and gift him the best phone case he’ll ever have.

Casetify Phone Case Courtesy of Casetify


10. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses


Let’s be real: he needs this. Like, 100%, no doubt, absolutely needs this. These Himalayan salt glasses are the most innovative way to consume tequila shots that we’ve ever seen. These babies give the term “tequila, salt, lime” a whole new meaning. Simply lick the salty glass, drink the tequila on the inside and bite into the lime. It’s that simple. He’ll never have to make a mess by pouring salt onto his licked hand ever again. These glasses never need to be washed, either. Simply rinse with water and they’re clean as can be. This is because salt is naturally antibacterial, so even the coronavirus won’t stay on it. When he’s not sipping, these will be a handsome decorative addition to his bar cart.

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


11. Seattle Chocolate Company Woodland Holiday Bar Trio


Ditch the Hersheys, Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for something a little fancier to throw in his stocking this year. These delectable chocolates from Seattle Chocolate Company full-throttle hit the nail on the head in terms of delicious Christmas treats and you can’t convince us otherwise. The set comes with three bold flavors, being toffee sea salt, winter orange spice and holiday spiced nuts. All three will truly make you never want to have any other brand of chocolate ever again, so if you’re gifting these to your main man, make sure you buy a backup for yourself. You’re going to want it.

Seattle Chocolate Company Woodland Holiday Bar Trio Courtesy of Seattle Chocolate Company


12. TheraOne Revive CBD Body Balm


Is he obsessed with his Theragun? Good, as he should be — those massage guns are killer. Take his love for the Therabody brand a step further and gift him this topical CBD body balm that’s perfect for tight necks and sore muscles post-workout. This balm is USDA organic and is ready to revive all of your problem areas using CBD to provide consistent results after each application. The balm comes from Therabody’s newest CBD-forward line of products deemed TheraOne that was released earlier this year. Although this balm isn’t the cheapest of pain-relieving substances on the market, it sure as hell might be one of the most effective.

TheraOne Revive CBD Body Balm Courtesy of Therabody


13. Cold Beer Coats


We hate that he’s going to love it, but, this is probably the best stocking stuffer idea for dads we can think of: cold beer coats. Yeah, you read that right. These temperature-holding puffer jackets are everything we’ve ever expected from the worst dad joke your father’s ever given. While we normally wouldn’t want to egg him on, this time, we just have to. Like, look at these. Your pops is going to get a kick out of them. Just expect an onslaught of low-res iPhone photos of coat-clad beer cans for the rest of your life.

Cold Beer Coats Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


14. Bravado Spice Ghost Pepper and Blueberry Hot Sauce


If he can’t stop watching “Hot Ones” on YouTube, reel him in with a hot sauce that will change his life. This blueberry ghost pepper hot sauce from Bravado Spice will step up the heat game tremendously without taking away any flavor. Its totally fruity based, but don’t be fooled, it’s packed with heat. Have him try it on anything from wings to ice cream to get a fruit-packed yet firey taste he wasn’t expecting, but glad he’s tasting. The sauce was even featured in Hot Ones season 3, so there’s a good chance it’s already been on his Amazon wishlist for quite some time.

Bravado Spice Ghost Pepper and Blueberry Hot Sauce Courtesy of Amazon


15. World’s Smallest Uno Card Game


Yeah, we’re damn sure a regularly sized card game can easily fit into your average-sized stocking. But, why do that when instead, you can gift your favorite dude the world’s smallest Uno card game? Uno is a classic, so there’s no doubt he’s going to love it. Plus, the small size of this deck will surely give him a good chuckle.

World’s Smallest Uno Card Game Amazon


16. Golden Ratio Coffee Pouches


Have a coffee lover in your life? Well, give him something that will transform the way he takes his average cup of joe. These coffee pouches from Golden Ratio are the newest coffee trend to hit the world and call their brew “gold brew.” Each cup is a much lighter cup of coffee that sits in a realm somewhere between coffee and tea. We did an entire piece solely about the brand and it’s safe to say we are huge fans. Recently, Golden Ratio released a number of delicious holiday-centric flavors to choose from, such as spiced cookie, chocolate mint, pumpkin spice and a variety pack of the three. Each work as a perfect stocking stuffer!

Golden Ratio Coffee Pouches Courtesy of Golden Ratio


17. Wooden Puzzle Magic Ball


Looking to ditch the Rubix Cube this year? Look no further than this wooden puzzle magic ball straight off of Amazon. Test your favorite guy’s brain capabilities and see how fast he can solve this puzzle by quickly it takes him to put it together. It’s something that’s sure to entertain him for hours or maybe even days.

Wooden Puzzle Magic Ball Courtesy of Amazon


18. 10ft iPhone Charger


It’s kind of a first-world problem, but man, regular iPhone chargers are just too dang short. Therefore, alongside those cute animal cable bite accessories we mentioned before, gift your guy a 10-foot long iPhone charger so he can charge up anywhere he wants in the house. This top-quality option is nylon braided to ensure maximum durability, so even if the dog finds it, it’s likely still going to work after a couple of nibbles.

best stocking stuffer ideas for men - 10ft iPhone Charger Courtesy of Amazon


19. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré


Whether he wants to or not, it’s time that special guy in your life begins using a face moisturizer. The sensitive skin on your face is no match for dry weather, which he absolutely must know by now. So, to combat a dry face, encourage him to use Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré for keeping his face soft and moisturized all winter long. This is our go-to face moisturizer for men. He’ll begin to notice a difference in his skin in no time.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré Courtesy of Amazon


20. Single Vinyl Record


We know what you’re thinking — how in the hell is a vinyl record going to fit inside of a stocking? Great question. Well, it won’t, but, a vinyl record single absolutely will. Urban Outfitters recently released a number of single vinyl records just in time to purchase for the holiday season. Each record comes with either one song in total or one song per A and B side and is tiny enough to fit right in your man’s stocking this year. These are all very limited stock, so we suggest you order your favorite now before they go out. Options range from favorites by Joji, Britney Spears, Billie Eilish, Wallows, Megan Thee Stallion, Katy Perry and more.

Joji - Gimme Love Limited LP Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


21. Self-Watering Sunflower Grow Kit


Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean his green thumb has to disappear until spring. This effortless grow kit is perfect for indoor gardening during the offseason. All you need is the sun, some water and a window sill to watch your indoor sunflower grow as high as the sky. Or, your ceiling. Each kit comes with non-GMO seeds, plant food, a yellow ceramic pot and instructions to ensure nothing goes wrong during the growing. He’ll have a tall sunflower infiltrating his home in no time!

Self-Watering Sunflower Grow Kit Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


22. Disposable Camera


We’re already picturing it: your favorite Gen Zer’s going to pull this right out of his stocking and blurt, “what’s this?” This disposable camera is a great stocking stuffer idea for teen guys in order to bring them back to the basics. No, they won’t be able to see the photo directly after they take it. No, it can’t shoot high-quality images in the dark without flash. No, there’s not a preview screen anywhere in sight. But, we can assure you it’s a gift he will love.

Disposable Camera Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


23. Kootek 5 Pack Mini LED Flashlight


With snowstorm season looming in the distance, nobody wants to get caught in the dark. Grab these mini LED flashlights to throw in a few stockings this holiday season so none of your main men have to waddle around their pitch dark homes when their power goes out. Though the flashlights are tiny in size, they pack a seriously luminous punch — these beams are intense. Whether they keep them 24/7 in their pack pocket or in a safe place inside the house, these gadgets will totally come in handy when they need it most.

Kootek 5 Pack Mini LED Flashlight Courtesy of Amazon


24. Baby Yoda Chia Pet


Ch-ch-ch-Chia! Thought the Baby Yoda trend was over? Guess again. Baby Yoda has been an iconic staple to modern civilization for over a year now and for good reason — he’s absolutely adorable. If your man is a Star Wars fan, bring out his green thumb with this effortlessly cute Baby Yoda Chia Pet. If he’s never owned a Chia, don’t worry, these are pretty easy to take care of. Just water and watch the baby’s bassinet transform into a leafy dream in one to two weeks.

Baby Yoda Chia Pet Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


25. SAXX Underwear


Underwear is always expected. Ever since he was a kid, he’s gotten a couple of pairs each and every year. For some dudes, this is the only time of the year they allow themselves to replenish their underwear drawer and in turn, throw out any that have gotten some holes in the past 12 months. This year, gift him these insanely comfortable Christmas-themed boxer briefs from SAXX. They have a super cozy BallPark Pouch that keeps his jimmies cozy and in place and consistently fit around the waist and legs appropriately without ever bunching up.

SAXX Underwear Courtesy of SAXX


26. Happy Nuts Sweat Defense and Odor Control


Overly musky smells coming from downstairs? No thanks. Combat his stinky nuts with Happy Nuts’ sweat defense and odor control that lathers on like a cream and dries like a powder to absorb any sweat that might accumulate near his balls and booty. He’s going to smell as fresh as he did the last time he showered day in and day out. Speaking of, when was the last time he showered? You better check and make sure he gets back in ASAP.

Happy Nuts Sweat Defense and Odor Control Courtesy of Amazon


27. Upcycled Record Coasters


Remember back in the day when stocking stuffers for music lovers were easier? From iPod Nanos to iTunes gift cards to Skullcandy earbuds. Now, any music-related item that was once affordable enough to throw inside a stocking deserves a spot underneath the tree instead. Well, maybe not all. These upcycled record coasters from Uncommon Goods are a fun classic to throw in any music lover’s stocking this year. Each set comes with six coasters featuring a wide variety of randomized music genres. They’re sure to be a big hit!

Upcycled Record Coasters Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


28. Incense Sticks


We all know that 2020 has been a hell of a year. The amount of stress we have endured collectively as a species has been a ton to handle. If your man is looking for a way to de-stress, try these amazing incense sticks that will help align his chakras. No, it won’t fix everything that’s going on in the world, but it will definitely help — even if it’s only a little.

Incense Sticks Courtesy of Amazon


29. Doc Johnson Good Head Blow Job Stroker


Maybe you’re a guy looking to gift his bud or brother a gag gift this year. If he’s not as lucky as he normally might be, spice up his solo sessions with this blow job stroker. This thing’s essentially just a small, ridged soft plastic that actually feels like a real mouth when lube’s added. Drop it into his stocking before he wakes up Christmas morning for a little bit of a helpful joke. This is also a great gift for partners to give their favorite guy to spice up their time in the bedroom, too.

Doc Johnson Good Head Blow Job Stroker Courtesy of Lovehoney


30. LED Wireless Mouse


How’s that WFH life going for him? Probably not too exciting at this point. If he isn’t headed back into the office any time soon, gift him this LED wireless mouse to help him get work done again the way used to be able to with his old office setup. The mouse is wireless and chargeable, so he won’t consistently have to spend the extra couple of bucks on batteries all the time. Additionally, it’s made with a color-changing LED light source that randomly changes throughout use, which might bring a tad of enjoyment to his otherwise mundane workdays.

LED Wireless Mouse Courtesy of Amazon


31. Telescoping Back Scratcher


Why do we feel like back scratchers are an essential stocking stuffer at least once every five or so years? We’re not sure. But, if you’ve ever had the chance to try out an extendable back scratcher, boy, you’ll know how useful these can be. This back-scratching pack comes in a variety of four different colors so you can gift these to a few guys on your list. They won’t break the bank in the slightest and will totally be something they’ll actually use.

Telescoping Back Scratcher Courtesy of Amazon


32. Boy Smells Candle


While some might think candles are more feminine gifts to give, we say to hell with that. It’s 2020, everyone loves candles no matter their gender. Our one favorite candle brand forever and always is Boy Smells. The scents are so fresh, subtle and unique and create a certain ambiance you can’t get from a Yankee or Bed, Bath and Beyond candle. One of our favorite scents right now is their “Kush” candle, which is a 50-hour burning candle with hints of suede, white musk, tulip, amber, cannabis and scents that are super pleasant to the nose.

Boy Smells Candle Courtesy of Amazon


33. Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set


Don’t get to see your man as often as you’d like to? Stuff his stocking with a long-distance touch bracelet to send love to him whenever you can’t do so physically. These bracelets come in a set of two, one for you, one for him. Whenever you’re thinking about him, touch the bracelet and it will light up and vibrate so he will know you’re there even when you aren’t. His bracelet will have the ability to do the exact same, too. It’s a sweet way to let him know you’ll always be there for him.

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


34. Harry’s 5-Blade Men’s Razor


Don’t tell us he’s still using off-brand razors to shape up his beard. Please, we’re begging. End that ASAP. Gift him one of the most raved about razors of all time, Harry’s 5-blade razor. This durable razor is excellent for shaving just about any part of the body. Whether he mows his face, head, downstairs region or all three, this is most certainly something he will be thankful for.

Harry's 5-Blade Men's Razor Courtesy of Target


35. Metal Whiskey Stones


Does he enjoy his whiskey on ice yet hate his favorite brown drink watered down? Look no further, these whiskey stones are the solution. Chill these six bullet-lookalikes in its revolver casing in the freezer for easy accessibility whenever he’s sipping on the hard stuff. He’ll be the classiest whiskey sipper in the room.

Metal Whiskey Stones Courtesy of Amazon


36. Selfie Ring Light


If he has more selfies than photos of you on his Instagram, well, we respect it. Guys can like taking selfies, too. Support his self-love with this selfie ring light that’s perfect for hitting any angle he desires. The light clips right on top of his phone, tablet or computer to add the perfect amount of light no matter where he’s snapping. With this thing, he’s sure to get at least 100 likes on his next post, guaranteed.

Seflie Ring Light Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


37. Poo-Pourri Before-You-go Toilet Spray


As one of the best stocking stuffers of all time, gift your favorite guy some Poo-Pourri toilet spray to make sure he’ll never stink up the bathroom ever again. Nobody will ever know he’s going number two if he uses this stuff properly. Just remind him how to use it upon gifting, because we’ve had friends who’ve gone their whole lives spraying this around the room before dropping the kids off at the pool. And that is not how you do it, guy.

Poo-Pourri Before-You-go Toilet Spray Courtesy of Amazon