Is Weed Now Legal-ish Where You Live? Celebrate With the Best Gifts for Stoners

best gifts for stoners
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Look, as long as marijuana remains illegal according to federal law here in the United States, we’re not going to encourage anyone to smoke it. We also won’t encourage you to consume cannabis in the form of delicious brownies or cookies, which would also be illegal. However, states around the country are eagerly decriminalizing marijuana in 2020, and the U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a bill decriminalizing cannabis at the federal level. You can now walk down the streets of most major American cities and catch the pungent smell of marijuana in the air.

While decriminalization and full legalization is still a work in progress, many people are smoking marijuana more freely, and stoners across the land are rejoicing and being more public about their love for the herb. Today, more and more people are developing a preference for cannabis over alcohol. It’s supposed to be a free country, right?

With the holidays coming up, lots of canna-connoisseurs are looking forward to products that will enhance and elevate their 420 experience. As we said, we’re not going to encourage anyone to break the law or speak to the health effects of marijuana consumption. That being said, we absolutely can and will help you find the best gifts for stoners on your holiday shopping list. From CBD products to subscription snack boxes, we’re far past the days of gifting bongs and brownie mix.

Finding the best gifts for stoners used to be easy due to the lack of options.  Also, they’re a pretty easygoing people, generally speaking. But potheads are complex people with varying interests, and due to legalization, the landscape for upscale cannabis paraphernalia has expanded greatly. Think about the cannabis partakers in your own life, and which gifts might spark their interest. You know what the liquor lovers in your life enjoy, so why should this be any different?

Don’t panic if you’re unsure about the best gifts for stoners. Just browse our stoner gift guide and see what speaks to you. Trust us — they’ll appreciate the thought.


Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed

One of our favorite books about marijuana, this famous cookbook contains a collection of recipes based on the Viceland television series of the same name. These dishes are much classier than your standard pot brownie. They contain 65 recipes that make up sophisticated sweet and savory meals, as well as cocktails. We’re talking decadent options like blackened shrimp cocktail and brown butter gnocchi with a white negroni. This coffee table centerpiece is one of the best books for stoners ever written and a must for the foodie stoner in your life with a serious appreciation for gourmet ganja.

Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed book, best gifts for stoners Image courtesy of Amazon

Candy Club Subscription Box

Just the look of this vibrant box will bring a grin to any stoner’s face. While our other box options offered a mix of flavors, this box is for the candy lovers who have a serious sweet tooth. Every Candy Club subscription comes with about three pounds of chocolates, sour candies, and gummies. All candies come in resealable containers so that they stay fresh – and can hide in your secret emergency stash inconspicuously. The gift receiver can even trade in a box for different options if they don’t like it.

 Candy Club Subscription Box, stoner gifts Image courtesy of

Botanical Cannabis Plant Print

If that black and white wall art was perhaps too minimal for you, this gorgeously green botanical poster shows the ins and outs of the cannabis plant. Plant illustrations always add an understated but bohemian vibe to any room that fits in seamlessly without being too obvious. Shipped out of France, reviewers praise these prints especially for the excellent quality of the paper and vivid colors used. The shop also has similarly vintage-inspired prints of mushrooms, flowers, and plants available for non-stoner gifts.

stoner gifts: Botanical Cannabis Plant Print Image courtesy of Etsy

The Gummy Kit

Let’s assume this kit is being used to create perfectly legal and delicious CBD gummies. Making your own gummy candy at home may feel like a difficult task, especially for those who aren’t experienced in the kitchen. Fortunately, The Gummy Kit from Etsy comes with detailed instructions, letting you cook watermelon, peach, and cherry-flavored treats. Best of all, they’re made with a health-conscious formula that’s vegan and low in sugar.

the gummy kit, best stoner gifts Image courtesy of Etsy

iRainy Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher

No stoner gift guide would be complete without a grinder, but finding a sophisticated grinder isn’t easy. But you can say goodbye to cheesy tie-dye patterns and smiley faces — this matte black version is as sleek and sexy as they come. With a whopping four chambers (usually two or three is the norm) there are multiple kief strainers to get the finest, purest results possible. The five-piece construction also makes it much easier to clean, and a zinc alloy metal material is nearly impossible to break.

iRainy Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher, best gifts for stoners Image courtesy of Amazon

LEVO II Herbal Oil and Butter Infusion Machine

Most of the canna-butter devices for sale on Amazon are complicated to use and make a mess or have an aesthetic that fits in a college frat house. Investing in a high-end infusion machine will ensure better results, a longer-lasting device, and a more seamless addition to any adult’s kitchen counter. First, the LEVO II runs a dry or activate cycle, before moving onto the infusion cycle. Time and temperature are customizable, as well as controlling the device wirelessly with an app.

LEVO II Herbal Oil and Butter Infusion Machine, best gifts for stoners Image courtesy of LEVO

RAW Classic King Size Pre-Rolled Cones Bundle

Every smoker has had a moment of laziness where they don’t want to roll a joint, or are missing an essential tool required to do it. The answer? This convenient 50-pack of Raw cones comes with a packing stick and a cone loader. Cardboard filter tips are pre-attached to the paper, adding to the value and creating a perfect spliff every time.

best gifts for stoners, pre-rolled joints Image courtesy of Amazon

Weed Wall Art Home Decor

When you think of the phrase “cannabis art,” maybe a trippy illustration of a weed leaf comes to mind. But we prefer this tasteful piece of wall art over the tacky dorm room alternatives (and we say that with nothing but love in our hearts for tie-dye and psychedelia decor). With its minimal black and white aesthetic, it elevates any home decor automatically. Reviewers gush over all the compliments they receive on this subtle and simplistic print. You could gift the digital print on its own, or go the extra mile and print it yourself, placing it in a gold or black frame. For under $10, it’s one of the best gifts for stoners we’ve found.

stoner gifts- Weed Wall Art Home Decor Image courtesy of Etsy

Tetonic9 Manual Herb Grinder with Automatic Electric Dispenser

Hand grinders are usually effective, but when it comes to rolling up outdoors or somewhere windy, disaster strikes. An efficient and speedy alternative that many stoners prefer is one that has an electric auto-dispense feature. Just adjust the magnetic spout and press the dispensing button. Herb delivered straight to the paper or pipe. This model also has a viewing window that lets you see how much herb is in the chamber. It’s highly portable, especially for outdoorsy types who don’t have access to a rolling surface.

stoner gifts - Tetonic9 Manual Herb Grinder with Automatic Electric Dispenser Image courtesy of Amazon

Pax Vaporizer

Stoners were into vaporizers before they were cool. Preferred by those worried about the health effects of smoking — we won’t speak to the alleged health benefits of vaping — many vaporizers are actually made with unsafe, low-quality materials. However, the stoners we consulted vouched for Pax, the ultimate dry herb and concentrate vape that’s received tons of accolades for its portable nature, versatile uses, and stylish appearance. The Pax 3 is the top of the line vaporizer, but they also carry the equally impressive Pax 2, and a budget-friendly Era Pro model for extracts only.

pax vaporizer, best stoner gifts Image courtesy of Pax

Dabtray by Official DabTray

What’s dabbing? If you know, you know. This tray set helps dabbers stay organized and comes with glass and silicone materials that stand up to high temperatures. And that’s all we have to say about that.

stoner gifts Image courtesy of Etsy


The New English Dictionary Metal Safe

If the stoner in your life has nosy visitors or children over frequently, they can keep their stash in this clever diversion safe. No guest is going to flip through an English dictionary, and even if they decide to, this faux book is actually a metal safe that comes with a lock and two keys. The exterior is quite convincing and effective, especially for the low price. Give your stoner buds peace of mind with this method that keeps away motivated thieves and overly curious visitors.

dictionary diversion safe, best gifts for stoners Image courtesy of Amazon

Cannabolish Smoke Odor Removal Spray

Smoking outdoors in cold weather sucks all the joy out of lighting up. But if you’re worried about an invasive odor filling your home, or complaints from neighbors, this smoke odor eliminating spray removes weed smell from air and fabrics in your house. It’s formulated with non-toxic plant oils and water, making it safe for kids, pets, and the environment. Reviewers claim that it provides a cleaner, more natural smell than Febreze or other odor-covering products.

best stoner gifts, cannabolish weed spray Image courtesy of Amazon

Urthbox Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Munchies are an inevitable part of every stoner’s life, so why not snack on something that’s both tasty and beneficial for your health? Urthbox is an organic snack and beverage subscription service for the healthy weed lover in your life, so they never have to suffer from a case of the munchies or dry-mouth ever again. You can choose from different sizes and lengths of subscriptions. Urthbox keeps people from overindulging but still lets them enjoy handpicked innovative snacks.

We think snack subscription boxes are one of the best gifts for stoner, and there are plenty more to choose from. If you or your pot-loving friends are more interested in a sugar rush than organic supply chains, check out our favorite snack subscription boxes for more fun gift ideas.

stoner gifts Image courtesy of Urthbox

Relief Bath Salts with CBD & Kava

2020 has everyone stressed out, so what better way to end the year than by melting that tension away with some premium CBD bath products? These luscious bath salts are a step up from the CBD bath bomb fad, and replenish your system from the inside out. CBD sits in an Epsom salt base with organic ginger, arnica, and kava. Bolds notes of cedar and eucalyptus make this a top-notch present for men and women alike. They can be used as both a scrub and a bath salt.

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Cannabis Pun Socks

Socks are always an ideal stocking stuffer, but those classic marijuana leaf socks are getting outdated. Instead, we prefer this alternative. They’re cozy, affordable, and laugh-inducing with hilarious puns on the sole. One reads “Sorry For My Bluntness” with the image of a joint, while the other says “That’s Just How I Roll.” These socks by Jenuine Graphics are wearable and warm, but still enough of a novelty to get laughs out of whoever reads them.

cannabis pun socks, best stoner gifts Image courtesy of Etsy

Munchpak Subscription Box

After a sesh, we often want to indulge in some guilty pleasures, but typical convenience store candies and chips get boring fast. That’s why Munchpak offers all sorts of goodies from around the world. When you can’t travel during COVID, you might as well let your taste buds go on an international trip. They cover all your bases, with spicy, sour, sweet, and savory options inside every box. Munchpak also includes a travel guide, so your loved ones can pretend they’re on vacation instead of glued to the couch.

stoner gifts - Munchpak Snack Subscription Box Image courtesy of Munchpak

The Perfect Stash Kit

This stash kit is one of the best comfort packages you can gift any of your cannabis smoking friends or family members. Most stash boxes look pretty but arrive empty inside. The magic of this kit is on the inside, where you’ll find a generous 12-15 items. Guaranteed items include a range of wraps, rolling papers, and cones, herbal tea, stickers, and even some snacks. The rest is a surprise, but you’re welcome to send a note with preferences and favorite brands.

stoner gifts Image courtesy of Etsy

Tile Key Finder

This gift might not be directly cannabis-related, but every ganja aficionado can definitely relate to it. When marijuana is part of your lifestyle, you might forget things once in a while. Every stoner has been guilty of misplacing their keys or bags will find a use for Tile, a water-resistant, wireless Bluetooth finder. When out of range, the Tile app can help you see its last location or safely enlist the Tile Network.

Tile Key Finder - best stoner gifts Image courtesy of Amazon

Original Apothecarry Case

Some of the stash boxes on mainstream sites have a basic appearance or an obvious aesthetic that requires it to be hidden away. Luxury stoner brand The Apothecarry Case looks like a classic humidor but is specifically designed to keep herbs fresh. A gorgeously stained wood exterior is odor resistant has an attractive leatherette interior with protective foam and straps to reduce movement. The price tag is justified further by eight humidity control packs, four humidity-controlled glass jars with re-writable labels, four dab containers, a grinder and a removable tray.

stoner gifts - Original Apothecarry Case Image courtesy of