Get This Money Spraying Toy To Really Make It Rain

Money Gun Make it Rain: Low-Priced
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Make it rain with this money gun
* Just load your stack and pull the trigger
* Budget-friendly alternative to the Supreme Cash Cannon

Making it rain just got a lot easier, thanks to this money gun.

Making it rain was always easier said than done. Once you get the necessary “stacks” in hand you have to get the perfect tempo for a consistent money shower, and the perfect touch for sending single bills floating into the air. Plus, you (probably) only get one shot at making it rain, and practicing in the mirror is just embarrassing.

This is where the money gun comes in. All you have to do is load your stack into the top, pull the trigger, and watch your money fly.

[caption id="attachment_106705" align="aligncenter" width="417"]Red Money Gun Super Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

The bright red gun holds up to 100 bills and launches them at 15 bills per second, which equates to approximately 6.5 seconds of blissful money-raining. Fortunately, if you can’t spend $100 in 6.5 seconds, the gun also comes with fake money for tight-fisted nights at the club or practicing. It’s a budget-friendly alternative to the sold-out (except for eBay) Cash Cannon from streetwear-fave, Supreme.

If strip clubs aren’t really your thing, the money gun also has some practical uses, such as making it rain business cards or flyers, so it’s really a smart buy for anybody. Plus it makes a great gift for any frivolous friend or (wannabe) cash connoisseur too.

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