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The Best Sympathy Gifts You Hate To Have To Give

When someone you know loses a loved one, it can be difficult to know how to be there for them. You want to get them something to show your support or make them feel better in some small way, but how do you know what’s appropriate or best to give?

There are, of course, the classic sympathy gifts like flowers and food. Depending on how well you know the person who is grieving or what resources you have access to, you can go the personalized route by incorporating photographs into your gift. There doesn’t need to be much difference in sentiment when it comes to gifts for loss of a mother and gifts for loss of a father — just show that you care and try to make this tragic time the slightest bit easier.

From sympathy gift baskets with treats or spa items that aid in relaxation to lockets and floral arrangements, these are some of the best sympathy gift ideas that you never want to have to consider but may help when the time comes.


1. UrbanStems Flowers


Flowers are likely the first thing that comes to mind when brainstorming sympathy gifts. No matter who has passed or who is grieving, a beautiful bouquet to brighten and bring some life into their home can be greatly appreciated. Rather than finding a florist in their area, use UrbanStems for next-day delivery almost anywhere. They have stunning sympathy arrangements, like The Lola, that come in lovely packaging, and you can even choose to purchase a vase to go along with it.

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Courtesy of UrbanStems

2. Succulent and Candle Gift Box


This little gift box is specifically designed for those who are grieving. It comes with a scented candle, a live succulent in a ceramic planter, a box of matches and a greeting card. You can personalize a message to be printed on one side of the card, and the other says “A beautiful soul is never forgotten.” It’s simple, thoughtfully affordable, and they can make good use of the items inside.

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Courtesy of Etsy

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3. Hand Drawn Charcoal Portrait


Rather than just framing a nice photograph, send one (or multiple) to this Etsy seller who can create a beautiful hand-drawn charcoal portrait of loved ones as a sympathy gift. You can have them recreate one picture, or share a few photos with people you’d like to have included, and they’re able to draw them all together. You get to choose the background and the number of people to create a heartwarming image that those who have suffered a loss can look at and enjoy forever.

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Courtesy of Etsy

4. Edible Arrangements


The only thing better than a bouquet of flowers to comfort someone in tough times is a bouquet of chocolate-dipped fruit. Edible Arrangements are delicious and nice to look at, so no matter how long it takes them to eat the whole thing, they won’t mind having it out on display. This sympathy arrangement comes in multiple sizes and it’s quick and easy to order.

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Courtesy of Edible Arrangements

5. Elegant Orchid for Sympathy


If your grieving loved one is somewhat religious, or if you are, and you want to get them a sympathy gift that has some sort of religious element, this elegant orchid is a great option. The main component is the beautiful flower, but you can choose to have it come with a lovely little stained glass cross. If you’d rather just the orchid, you can opt to send it without the cross as well.

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Courtesy of 1-800-Flowers

6. Bath Bombs Gift Set


While dealing with a death is very sad, it can also be extremely stressful. Help friends or family relax by getting them this sympathy gift set with assorted bath bombs. Hopefully, it’ll motivate them to take some time for themselves with a serene soak using these bath bombs, which offer therapeutic scents while also nourishing their skin. They’re handcrafted with natural ingredients, and a lovely way to show that you care.

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7. Engraved Locket Necklace


If someone very close to you has experienced a loss and you want to get them something they’ll love that they can keep close to their heart, this engraved locked is the way to go. You can have anything you’d like written on the inside, outside, or both, and include a picture to be kept inside. The recipient can wear it around their neck every day to keep whoever they’re grieving nearby at all times.

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Courtesy of Etsy

8. Goldbelly Gift Card


The comfort food phenomenon is real, but everyone has their own opinions about what they want to eat to soothe their soul. A Goldbelly gift card is the perfect sympathy gift idea to get for someone whose favorite food is far away. They ship the best products from all over the country, so your loved ones can enjoy the best New York cheesecake even if they’re grieving at home in Ohio.

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Courtesy of Goldbelly

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