Future Presents: The 6 Best Gifts for Jetsons Fans

the jetsons gifts for fans
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* The Jetsons animated series gave us a glimpse into the future
* These products make great gifts for lovers of The Jetsons
* Options include a movie poster, notebook and art prints

*Meet George Jetson.* That sentence alone should be enough to evoke memories of your youngers years spent in front of the TV enjoying a glimpse into the future. And if the sentence means nothing to you, it’s always a great time to head over to YouTube to learn about one of Hanna-Barbera’s most iconic animated creations.

Even though The Jetsons were last in production in the late 80s, it doesn’t mean they’re any less loved or relevant today. If fact, how many other TV programs can be brought to mind in as little as three words?

We’ve put together a selection of gift ideas for friends or family members who love The Jetsons. Whether they never stop talking about George or named their first son Elroy, give them a gift they’ll cherish or spike a younger viewers interest in the amazing space and robot-filled world.

1. What Would George Jetson Do? Notebook

What would George Jetson do? How many times have you found yourself asking this very question? Well, with this stylish George Jetson Designer Notebook, you’ll have the perfect place to jot down your ideas and feelings on the subject. The cover design sports the featured question along with a speckled, star-like appearance over the page. Inside, you’ll have plenty of space for making notes, writing recipes, creating lists and more on the lined pages.

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2. Funko POP! Animation: Jetsons – Astro

The problem Astro always faced was that when it came to creating lovable cartoon dogs, the animation studio Hanna-Barbera was king. And had it not been for a slightly clumsy, crime-fighting dog (cough, cough…Scooby-Doo), Astro may have been winning the awards for everyone’s favorite animated dog. This Funko POP! Animation collectible is a great way to celebrate everything about the Jetsons’ dog. It’s ideal for desk and shelf display as it sits 3 ¾ inches tall and is sure to get plenty of conversations started.

the jetsons funko pop dog Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Jetsons: The Movie Movie Poster

Depending on how good your memory is, and how young you are, you may or may not remember that the Jetsons featured in their very own self-titled feature film. One way for fans of The Jetsons to celebrate this is to hang a copy of the original movie poster on their walls at home. The poster features all of your favorite characters, including the whole Jetson family along with George’s boss, Cosmo Spacely, and several other key characters from the film.

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4. Drive-in and Dine Art Print

Pop art prints are all the rage at the moment. They give your home decor a splash of color and something visual for your guests to enjoy. This piece is particularly great for home or office display as it will have your guests racking their brains to guess where the smilingly familiar Drive-in and Dine comes from. The print comes in a range of sizes, giving you plenty of options no matter what room of the house it’s featuring in.

the jetsons wall print drive in Image courtesy of Redbubble


5. The Jetsons: Rocket Launch Graphic T-Shirt

Retro t-shirts are always a welcome additional to any wardrobe. This Jetsons offering features all your favorite characters in a classic and hilarious Jetsons family scene along with “The Jetsons” written across the top. As George reads the newspaper, Elroy fires his toy rocket through it as Jane looks on in dismay. The shirt sports a pleasing blue color with black sleeves and collar. This shirt comes in a range of sizes and both female and male styles.

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6. The Jetsons Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Another tee option is this long sleeve shirt featuring the whole Jetson clan. The family scene includes George, Jane, Judy, Elroy, Rosie the robot and, of course, Astro the dog, who is showing George plenty of love with a great big hug! The all-black, long sleeve style makes this tee ideal for casual nights out or regular day-to-day wear. It sports a slim-fitting style and is made from ethically sourced materials.

the jetsons long sleeve tee Image courtesy of Redbubble


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