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Tiny Tent Is the Best Tent You Will Never Set Foot In

There’s a tent that is selling like absolute crazy — so much so that even outdoor giant REI could not keep it in stock. It has everything you need in a tent: zippered mesh windows to keep the bugs out, a full-coverage polyester rainfly, and heavy-duty tarpaulin floor.

Oh, one thing: It stands one foot tall.


Meet the Tiny Tent. It has all the features of a fully-functional human-sized tent. It’s made amazingly well and looks great from the outside. Probably from the inside too, but we can’t fit in there to check it out. It’s one foot tall and rocks a whopping 2.25 square feet of area inside. You will never set foot in this tent. Or, perhaps, one foot. But that’s all.

So what has made this amusing yet seemingly useless object so crazy popular? As with most internet-popular things, cute furry animals. This hilarious hedgehog, for starters. And cats — so many cats. You know the cat rule: If it fits, it sits. And it fits in a Tiny Tent. Suddenly, this strange object gains function. Cats love them. Hedgehogs too. It’s an ideal little shelter for a little furry pal.

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Courtesy of Tiny Tents
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Courtesy of Tiny Tents

Tiny Tents are also great toy accessories for the little ones. Perfect for whatever doll or action figure your young one wants to take on a great outdoors adventure. A well-built, rugged Tiny Tent runs $19.99. This Barbie tent which doesn’t even have a freaking bottom runs four times that. And your cat and hedgehog would undoubtedly turn up their nose at something so chintzy.

Not so with a Tiny Tent. This is, as we said, an actual functioning tent. It just doesn’t have enough inches for human use. It has a mesh stargazer roof, interior stash pockets for stowing (very) small items, two side doors for easy access, and the zippered windows have tiebacks so you can keep them open. The floor is the same heavy tarpaulin you would expect in a high-quality human-sized tent, which is good for your furry pals and their claws. Packed up it measures 19 x 2 x 2 inches; expanded it’s 19 x 19 x 14.

Instagram photo ideas abound — cats, hedgehogs, very tiny dogs, dolls, whatever you can think of. Keep it on your desk or in your house as a conversation piece. Bring it camping with you and tell the kids it’s for the fairies and trolls of the woodlands. Or, just buy one for the cat. The Tiny Tent is only twenty bucks, and it’ll be the best tent you never set foot in.


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