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9 (Kind of) Grown-Up Ways to Try The Unicorn Trend

* A range of unicorn-inspired items for grown-ups
* Earbuds, home decor, and even a unicorn hunting trophy
* Get caught up in the unicorn trend without having to go to the kid’s aisle

Whether you truly believe they exist or not, one thing that can’t be denied is the current popularity of unicorns. In much of a similar fashion to the creature itself, no one is really sure where this magical trend came from. It could easily be the wondrous, prismatic colors associated with the one-horned gem, or simply a far-out extension of people’s love for the unknown. Either way, the unicorn trend has grown into a major obsession that’s almost impossible to ignore.

Below you’ll find a range of our favorite unicorn-inspired items, including everything from their bottled tears and a pen that tells you how unicorns think to a unicorn hunting trophy that might just prove you once bested the mythical beasts. Take a scroll through to find the rainbow-tastic, adult-friendly item that best speaks to you.

1. LGT Unicorn Earbuds

Why not adorn your ears with unicorns using these stylish LGT Earbuds? Each cute earbud features a fun, cartoon unicorn in rainbow colors, which is sure to catch the attention of any passersby. The headphones boast superior comfort as they have soft, in-ear cushions, and they deliver high quality and crystal clear sound. The in-wire control can also be used to change the volume, pause or play your music, too.

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2. Nestling Ammiy Unicorn Makeup Brushes Set

With a design inspired by a unicorn’s horn, these Nestling Ammiy brushes are a must have for any makeup wearers who truly love unicorns. Each one of the 10 brushes looks exactly like the mythical beast’s iconic, twisted headwear, which also makes them comfortable to hold. The set is presented in a colorful case with elastic holders for each of the brushes, so you’ll always know if any are missing.  


3. Get Bullish What Would a Unicorn Do Predict-a-Pen

If you have ever found yourself wondering exactly what a unicorn would do in your situation, you need wonder no more. The Get Bullish Predict-a-Pen provides you with a direct line into a unicorn’s brain and a way to solve any decisions you need to make during the day. Simply press the button for a range of fun insights, including “Believe in Miracles,” “Chase a Rainbow” and “Frolic Majestically.”

[caption id="attachment_109217" align="aligncenter" width="737"]magic unicorn grown-up ways to try the trend predict-a-pen Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


4. Jovivi Titanium Coated Crystal Quartz Cluster

An important part of your unicorn array is, of course, a genuine, magic crystal. This clear crystal quartz cluster has been treated with titanium to produce a fine layer on the surface of the quartz. This results in a beautifully mixed color display. Furthermore, the attractive piece is like something from a mythical land and can be used to cleanse Chakras and heal Reiki.  


5. Two’s Company Be a Unicorn Mug

Wake up with a unicorn using this

. Not only does it feature an attractive and colorful, unicorn design, including a golden horn and rainbow handle, it also comes with a star-adorned stirrer for mixing your drinks in the most magical way possible. There’s no better way to start your unicorn-filled day than with this beautiful mug.


6. Farsali Unicorn Essence Mini

The Farsali Unicorn Essence gives you an easy way to use unicorn magic to prevent your skin from appearing dull, dry and uneven. The essence is great for all skin types and works to help prepare your skin for makeup application. It also prevents any damage from unwanted free-radicals. Inside this mythical serum, you’ll find a range of super fruits that are good for your skin, including acai berries, elderberries and goji berries, as well as a mix of vitamins A, B, C and E.

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Image courtesy of Sephora[/caption]


7. Elodie Unicorn Ramen Bowl

Enjoy your meal times a little bit more with this unicorn-inspired ramen bowl. You can invite one of your other unicorn-obsessed friends around for ramen too, because the lid on this clever bowl can be used as a second bowl. It’s microwave safe, which is great for heating up your food faster. When you aren’t using the set for eating, it makes a cute display piece to have on your kitchen counter.

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Image courtesy of ThinkGeek[/caption]


8. Urban Outfitters Velvet Unicorn Throw Pillow

You may have forever dreamed of sleeping alongside your very own unicorn, and now you can… kind of. This Urban Outfitters Unicorn Pillow is ideal for anyone who loves the idea of laying their head down next to one of these mythical beasts. While the rest of the body may be absent, just the thought of waking up next to a unicorn should be enough to get even the least enthusiastic fans excited.

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Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters[/caption]


9. ThinkGeek Unicorn Attack Plaque

If your friends are forever telling you that unicorns don’t exist, maybe hanging this ThinkGeek Attack Plaque from your walls will convince them otherwise. This resin-made head is sure to draw plenty of attention from visitors to your home. So, just make sure you have your back story straight about exactly how you tamed the impossible-to-find creature. We’re sure there are going to be questions.

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Image courtesy of ThinkGeek[/caption]