The 20 Most Unique Gifts From Uncommon Goods You Didn’t Know Existed

Color Map Mugs
Courtesy of Uncommon Goods
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We know the holidays aren’t quite here, but there’s never a dull time to give a present to someone you care about. Finding the right birthday gift or anniversary gift for that special someone can be tricky though. You never want to purchase something your giftee already has and the surprise can be ruined if you ask too many questions. Thankfully, Uncommon Goods has a vast collection of unordinary gift ideas, promising a one-of-a-kind find every time. From sand art to candles to personalized treasures, finding unique gifts from Uncommon Goods is an outright one-stop-shop for any gifting occasion.

We’ve always been a big fan of Uncommon Goods. Not only do they frequently appear in our lists of unique gift ideas and the best personalized gifts, but they also sell the original Friendship Lamp. Whether it’s your best friend’s birthday, your parents’ anniversary or you just want a little something for yourself, here are the most unique gifts from Uncommon Goods available right now.


1. Deep Sea Sand Art


An ageless gem suitable for anyone on your gift list can be hard to come by. Age, gender, and interest specifications always rule out tons of popular gift ideas depending on who will be receiving it. Though when it comes to something that really can be gifted for all, this sand art display ticks all the boxes. Place it on your work desk, in your baby’s nursery or on grandma’s bookshelf. Wherever it goes, it’s a calming piece of nature you won’t be able to look away from. Watch as sand and water swirl around, creating their own unique natural forms before your eyes. A gift like this will truly be a cool find for whoever receives it.

best gifts from uncommon goods - Deep Sea Sand Art Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Deep Sea Sand Art



2. PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer


As potentially the gift to give somebody in 2020, the PhoneSoap smartphone sanitizer has been making waves online ever since March. Because, well, the pandemic. Duh. This baby, unlike your average sanitizing wipes, sanitizes your phone by giving it a dry UV sanitization treatment. It has a built-in battery for sanitizing on the go and has the ability to fit all smartphones. Additionally, if you’re listening to music wire-free, you can continue listening while your phone is getting its much-needed treatment. When your phone’s all clean, feel free to use it on keys and other small devices too.

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer



3. Intersection of Love Photo Print


If you’re looking for an incredible wedding gift, this adorable print commemorates the moment two paths met by placing both family names together on an intersecting street sign. As they continue to walk down the same street together, this print holds true to the past while looking forward to an awesome future as one. For anniversaries and weddings, it’s the perfect unique gift idea from Uncommon Goods.

best gifts from uncommon goods - Intersection of Love - Photo Print Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Intersection of Love Photo Print

$75.00 - $175.00


4. Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set


Send love even when you’re far apart with these long-distance bracelets made for BFFs and lovers who can’t be together during the holidays. Simply gift one to yourself and to whomever you want to stay in contact with and have one another wear them 24/7. Whenever one party touches the bracelet, the other will light up to let the other know they’re on their mind. Each bracelet is completely waterproof and made from silicone so it won’t feel uncomfortable on or break easily. It’s definitely the best way to bring people together even when they can’t physically be this year.

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set



5. Wine Cork States


If your mother’s anything like mine, a glass of red on the couch after dinner is her favorite pastime. If you’re looking for a little something for mama, get something she’ll actually put to use with this wine cork state keepsake wall decoration. Whether you snag her home state or her favorite place, there’s no doubt she’ll love adding this to her home decor. I’ll drink to that!

best gifts from uncommon goods - Wine Cork States Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Wine Cork States



6. Kabob Grilling Basket


Even though summer is gone, dad can still be found at the grill flipping burgers like the world is ending. If you’re looking to surprise pops with the perfect gift, this kabob grilling basket is the perfect pick. Made with steel wire and a classic rosewood handle, these babies are as pretty as they are useful. Skewers will just be the ghost of summer’s past.

best gifts from uncommon goods - Kabob Grilling Baskets Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Kabob Grilling Baskets



7. Cocktail Inspired Soap


Now more than ever it’s incredibly important to shop and support Black-made products whenever you can. Right now, we are loving these cocktail-inspired soaps created by all-natural soap creator, Danielle Martin. Each all-natural soap is made after the chemistry of some of Martin’s favorite cocktails. Soaps include mint mojito, limoncello, elderflower mimosa and lavender bitters to add right next to your faucet. All soaps are American made right at Martin’s soap “distillery” in the Northwest side of Chicago and smell delicious enough to make you want to drink ’em.

Cocktail Inspired Soap Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Cocktail Inspired Soap



8. My Life Story – So Far


Help a loved one record their life experiences to be treasured forever with this nine-part prompt journal organized to capture important memories to remember forever. While we love this gift for a young child or teen, this is also a great way to help someone in their later years reminisce on their past and remember first dates, best friendships and special days. This gift has 4.8 stars with almost 500 raving reviews on Uncommon Goods, so you should know it’s a well-worth-it gift to buy.

My Life Story - So Far Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

My Life Story - So Far



9. Personalized Family Print


If your parents have an anniversary coming up and you’re toying with what to get them, this personalized family print is the perfect gift idea. Picturing the whole gang (plus the pooch, if you choose) as little cartoons, this print will look adorable hanging up in any kitchen or living room. It will put a smile on mom and pop’s face for years to come. This family print is one of the best gifts from Uncommon Goods, so be sure to order it in advance so that it’s ready in time for the big event.

best gifts from uncommon goods - Personalized Family Print Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Personalized Family Print

$75.00 - $150.00


10. 60 Hour Candle


This 100% beeswax candle will have gramps impressed and granny swooning, believe me. Smartly designed to forego the traditional candle look, this baby burns for up to 60 hours straight, ensuring that grandma and grandpa won’t be buying candles for a while. The charming look really adds to its ingenuity and will be a welcome decorative addition to any home.

most unique gifts from uncommon goods - 60 Hour Candle Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

60 Hour Candle

$18.00 - $30.00


11. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit


Is it just us, or does every friend group have a thing for dining at the local taco spot more than anywhere else? Don’t act like you and your pals don’t do the same. If a good buddy’s birthday is around the corner, bring taco night home and spice it up with this DIY hot sauce kit. It comes jam-packed with all the ingredients your friend will ever need to make it as mild or blazing hot as he wants, no one’s going to stop him.

most unique gifts from uncommon goods - Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit



12. Fire Escape Shelf


No, it’s not too cliche — it’s cute. This fire escape shelf is an excellent gift to purchase any freshly moved city-dweller in your life. These clever shelves feature three different platforms to put plants, trinkets, postcards and more that connect through multiple fire escape staircases. Because it’s technically illegal in some cities to place any obstructions such as potted plants on fire escapes (we’re looking at you, NYC), this is a great way to do it without leaving your apartment in handcuffs.

Fire Escape Shelf Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Fire Escape Shelf



13. Construction Plate & Utensils


If your nephew’s causing a scene every time broccoli hits the plate, then this construction plate and utensil set is the ideal gift for his next birthday. Cleaning the plate will be a no-fuss activity as he bulldozes, forklifts and front-loads his way through mashed potatoes and grilled chicken pieces. Sets also come in dinosaur or garden style, so there’s sure to be one just right for whomever you’re buying for. The most unique gifts from Uncommon Goods are usually geared toward adults, but this plate set ensures kids can get in on the fun, too.

most unique gifts from uncommon goods - Construction Plate & Utensils Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Construction Plate & Utensils

$15.00 - $34.00


14. Wine Dispensing Sphere


Ah, yes. The classic box of wine. Whether you find boxed wine tasteful or tasteless, you have to admit, it’s convenient. This year, gift your favorite wine lover this wine dispensing sphere to take their love for their favorite juice to a whole new level. Simply de-bag your favorite box (whether it be Franzia, Vella, Black Box, etc.) and stick it in the sphere for a more sophisticated way of drinking.

Wine Dispensing Sphere Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Wine Dispensing Sphere



15. Bedside Essentials Pocket


For college students that are actually dorming this year (yes, there shockingly are some), they probably now know how difficult it is to find any space in the average college dorm room. Anyone that’s ever dormed will certainly know that anything that provides just a little extra storage is much-needed, no matter what it might be. This bedside essentials pocket is an easy way to give just a little bit more storage to your favorite dorm-dweller. Here, they can keep their phone, books, iPads, meds and anything else taking up room on their bedside table.

Bedside Essentials Pocket Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Bedside Essentials Pocket



16. Personalized Family Member Signpost


If the nest is empty back at mom and dad’s, remind the ‘rents that family comes first no matter how far away you are. This awesome personalized signpost keeps scattered families together near and wide by keeping tabs on how far everyone is from home base. When everyone can’t be home at the same time, it’ll be a nice reminder to have on the lawn until the next time you’re back. If your mom has ever said that you should call more, we promise she’ll be delighted with this unique gift.

most unique gifts from uncommon goods - Personalized Family Member Signpost Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Personalized Family Member Signpost

$125.00 - $200.00


17. Color Map Mugs


Know someone with the travel bug? Get them a gift that grows as they get out there. This color-it-yourself mug will allow your travel lover to color in a destination each time they knock it off their bucket list. Just pop it in the oven each time a new spot is added and the ink sets in forever. From Milan to Tokyo, they’ll always have this mug at home waiting.

most unique gifts from uncommon goods - Color Map Mugs Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Color Map Mugs

$18.00 - $24.00


18. Bubble Tea Kit


You either love it or you hate it, but for those that love it, there’s no better present to give this year. Give your giftee their bubble tea fix whenever they’d like with the world’s greatest bubble tea kit from Uncommon Goods. The kit includes everything you need to make the perfect cup of boba by including tea packs, large reusable metal straws and of course, tapioca balls. Time to get sipping!

Bubble Tea Kit Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Bubble Tea Kit



19. Periodic Table of States Platter


Where’s your giftee from? New Jersey? Wyoming? Hawaii? No matter where they call home, this Periodic Table of States Platter is a great way they can show off their love of home when serving snacks. Each platter is super specific to a state and depicts a slew of drawn-on staples to your state. Just look at this New York platter below, charmingly featuring “Pz” for pizza, “Ba” for bagels and “Cs” for Catskills.

Periodic Table of States Platter Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Periodic Table of States Platter



20. Personalized LP Record


Made from an upcycled vinyl, this personalized record is a stellar piece of wall art for any music lover. Whether you want to commemorate a special date, stylize their family name, or create a space for their favorite hits, this is the gift that’ll go over well.

Personalized LP Record Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Personalized LP Record