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14 Unique Wedding Gifts for These Very Unique Times

Weddings are looking a little different lately. Big events have been scaled back to intimate affairs with just a handful of friends and family so that social distancing can be observed in light of COVID-19. Some couples are deciding to delay their special day until it’s safer to gather with friends and family, while others are opting to celebrate with a video link that makes it possible for their nearest and dearest to virtually join them at their ceremony. One thing that hasn’t changed is wanting to find the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple in your life. In these unique times, you may need to find unique wedding gifts to mark the special occasion.

Wedding registries are a huge help when it comes to getting newlyweds exactly what they want. Even celebrities are getting in on the registry front, with actors like Jennifer Lawrence and Priyanka Chopra sharing their top must-haves with Amazon. Some couples ask for cash in lieu of gifts, while others request that guests donate to a charity of their choice. For those who prefer to have a physical item to give a couple or would still like to gift them with something in addition to a charitable donation, there are lots of great options available. If you want to find unique wedding gifts for a friend or family member, we’ve got tons of gift ideas for your consideration.

Whether you want a gift that will help limit squabbles and help couples reach their second anniversary, or give them something to look forward to once the post-wedding blues have set in, we’ve compiled a list that has something for all newlyweds. You may want to even say ‘I do’ to one of these gifts for yourself and add them to your own wedding registry.

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1. Tushy Bidet


Thanks to an unexpected toilet paper shortage in March 2020, Americans were finally introduced to the bidet, a toilet accessory that’s long been embraced in places like Europe and Japan. Bidets use a jet of water to gently clean your behind, and you can clean your bottom at the push of a button. While there are some great luxury bidets for sale, these devices can cost $400 or more. However, Tushy is a cheeky brand offering affordable bidets that are super easy to install, and they cost under $100. As far as unique wedding gifts go, a new bidet is certainly an unconventional choice, but one that’s sure to delight the happy couple.

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Courtesy of Amazon

2. Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame


Whether you are buying a gift for a couple who had 10 people at their wedding or 300, there’s a good chance they spent a lot of money on professional photos. Help them enjoy those pictures every day with the Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame. The smart frame uses WiFi to automatically upload new pictures and videos when users send content to the private sharing folder. Couples will be able to easily upload their wedding photos, as well as photos of their first meal as a married couple, their first vacation as a married couple, and fun, daily pics from around the home with a few easy clicks. The couple can also share their folder with family and friends who can send photos they took from the wedding and future events straight to the digital frame.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Paint Your Life Custom Portrait


We’re big fans of Paint Your Life, which turns your artwork, pet photographs and family portraits into beautiful custom artwork. With a few photos to use as inspiration, Paint Your Life’s team of professional artists will paint a unique-to-you work of art. These gifts do take time to prepare, so you’ll want to order your portrait well before the wedding date. Head to Paint Your Life to see how it works for yourself. This is one of the best unique wedding gift ideas you’ll find, and you can either commission a portrait of the couple or buy them a gift card.

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Courtesy of Paint Your Life

4. Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine


The most common thing that couples fight about is money, so a great way to help out newlyweds is to gift them an item that helps preserve their fresh fruit, vegetables and meat, which is an easy way to save money and decrease waste. The Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine is a food vacuum sealer that reduces spoilage and can easily help to extend the lifespan of fresh food. The Geryon can even help reseal snack bags, because no one wants to have their first fight as a married couple over stale potato chips.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Ninja Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker


Another great way to help couples save money is to give them a kitchen appliance that makes cooking easy and helps them stay on budget by eating at home. There are tons of great options for air fryers and pressure cookers available that make meal prep faster and easier and one of the best items available is the multipurpose Ninja Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker. The deluxe pressure cooker is also an air fryer, a steamer, a slow cooker, and it can sear, sauté, broil, bake and roast food. It can even make yogurt. Seriously, yogurt!

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Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum Cleaner


After finances, one of the biggest issues couples fight about is cleaning. Robot vacuums can come with some major sticker shock but they work out to be much less expensive than couples therapy. SPY received the Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum Cleaner and can attest that its smart mapping technologies, easy to set no-go zones and ability to both vacuum and mop has left our house cleaner and our relationship happier. The vacuum has an impressive dust bin that doesn’t need to be emptied frequently and is easy to use thanks to the companion app. The vacuum even has an impressive built-in camera that lets users see what’s going on in their home when they’re not there, so new couples can check whether their partner did actually take out the garbage or just hide it in the garage and hope no one noticed.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

7. A Gift Card to 57 Hour Adventures


From backcountry skiing in Lake Tahoe to hiking the Grand Canyon to surfing in Long Beach, if you are looking for a wedding gift for a couple who loves adventure, a gift card to 57 Hours Adventure will make for a wedding present they won’t soon forget. The company offers tours in a wide range of activities and price points. Recipients can choose from adventures in the US, Canada and beyond, including several options in Iceland. Whether the couple is only looking for a one-day event or a week-long trip, they can easily find a mini-honeymoon that will please both parties in 57 Hour Adventures’ offerings.

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Image courtesy of 57 Hour Adventures

8. SentrySafe Fireproof Waterproof Safe


Admittedly, a safe does not sound like a very exciting wedding gift. We know it’s not nearly as fun to use as a pair of Champagne glasses but hear us out. Marriage comes with a lot of paperwork and important files. There is the marriage license, which you have to use more often than you would think (name change is a nightmare, people). There are CDs and USBs from photographers and videographers with engagement and wedding footage that you want to keep safe. Couples may have purchased new jewelry for their wedding or have received family heirlooms as wedding presents. Monetary gifts from weddings can help to buy an apartment or house, which can lead to trusts. Then there’s copies of wills, health insurance forms, etc. A fireproof, waterproof safe provides a place to keep important physical items protected and is a great item that couples often don’t think about investing in until it’s too late.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

9. First Dance Song Lyric Print


We’ve included a lot of practical wedding gifts on our list, but gifts that are focused solely on celebrating the couple are also a great option for weddings. Etsy has thousands of artisans who can craft beautiful personalized presents for newlyweds and one of our favorites is this custom print from Sole Studio. In the center of the print is a star map based on the exact date and location where the wedding took place. Around the map are the lyrics to the first song that the couple danced to at their wedding. The personal print is finished with song information, the wedding date and the couple’s names at the bottom of the poster, completing a beautiful work of art that any couple will love to display in their home.

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Image courtesy of Etsy

10. A Wine Subscription From Winc


We’re not saying that newlyweds need wine to survive the first year of marriage, but for those who drink responsibly, a glass or two every now and then isn’t the worst idea. After weeks, months and sometimes years of planning a wedding, there can be a feeling of sadness when couples no longer have a big event to look forward to. That’s why we like the gift of a subscription service, like a wine subscription from Winc, which gives couples a monthly treat to get excited about and gives them a chance to try new wines together and enjoy with friends and family.

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Image courtesy of Winc

11. The Anniversary Journal by Uncommon Goods


Looking for the best unique gifts? Then you’ll find tons of great wedding gift ideas at one of our favorite online stores, Uncommon Goods. Couples typically think they will remember everything from their wedding day and every anniversary that will follow. They won’t. That’s why in years to come they will love having the gift of the Anniversary Journal by Uncommon Goods. The Journal acts as a guide to help couples archive the most important, sentimental details from their wedding day as well as their following anniversaries, with room for up to 60 years of moments to cherish. Each year has a section for photos and small keepsakes that can be added to the treasured journal. The beautiful black journal has a stunning foil-stamped cover and a matching box that makes it a thoughtful gift any couple will be delighted to receive.

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Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

12. The Happy Couple Tumbled Stone Coasters


You can never have too many options when it comes to personalized wedding gifts. Not only do they show that you, the gift giver, put extra thought and planning into your present, but they will also be appreciated by the gift receiver who may not be great with dates. It’s much more difficult to forget your anniversary when the date is stamped on the beautiful stone coaster you use every day.

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Image courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond


13. Happy Couple Wood Recipe Box


Another great personalized gift is this wood recipe box. For a personal touch, start the couple off with recipes already included in the box, including family favorites and dishes that you think they’ll enjoy making. If you’re gifting a couple that isn’t known for their cooking, you can also include gift cards to some of their most loved restaurants as well for nights when dinner doesn’t turn out quite like it’s supposed to.

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Image courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond


14. AmazonBasics 18-Piece White Kitchen Dinnerware Set


Buying couples a place setting of their chosen china set was the go-to wedding gift in decades past. But as couples move away from using fine dishes when entertaining guests and instead opt for their everyday plates and bowls, gifting a couple with a dish set that is both durable for daily use and looks great makes an excellent wedding gift. The AmazonBasics 18-Piece White Kitchen Dinnerware Set comes with place settings for six and is made with BPA-free, AB-grade porcelain. The dishes are microwave, freezer, oven and dishwasher safe, making them great everyday dishes. Their white finish means they will go with just about any tablecloth or placemat, which makes them versatile enough to use for any entertaining event.

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Image courtesy of Amazon