Sweeten Up Your Special Someone With This Selection of Valentine’s Day Candy

valentine's day candy

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Valentine’s Day brings a flood of love-inspired, material goods into local and online stores across the USA. From teddy bears, which are likely to be lost or chucked under the bed a week later, to mugs, which you’ll be too embarrassed to drink from come March, Valentine’s Day gifts are rarely more than a flash in a pan. Add in the money spent and the one-use-per-year environmental side, and it may have you thinking about a smarter way to show your partner how much you love them without having to add to their ever-growing hoard of unnecessary things. What is our idea? Some of the best Valentine’s Day candy, of course!

Valentine’s Day candy offers the ideal balance of useful, fun and thoughtful. You can also find options with recyclable packaging, so once you’ve done good by your taste buds you can do good by the planet, too. Plus, if candy isn’t your partner’s thing, it’s worth checking out the best Valentine’s chocolate if that would go down better. But if candy is where their sweet tooth lies, here are some of the best tasty treats to consider:

  • Lollipops
  • Gummies
  • Edible Underwear
  • Rings
  • Variety Packs
  • Sprinkles
  • Jelly Beans

Below, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best Valentine’s Day candy options available to order online. If you’re thinking about what to gift your loved one this February 14th, these candies are a surefire hit. And best of all, you won’t find them under the bed or stuffed in the cupboard months (if not years) later.


1. Ring Pop Bulk Variety Candy


If you’re not quite ready for a diamond ring but want to show your loved one how much you appreciate them, why not get down on one knee and indulge in one of these Ring Pop Candy Rings. The rings are available in a range of different pack sizes, allowing you to match your choice to the number of people deserving of this sweet treat. You’ll also find a range of delicious fruity flavors to choose from including watermelon, blue raspberry and cherry. Each wearable ring candy features a giant lolly gem and is individually wrapped, making them great for enjoying one at a time or gifting to multiple people.

valentine's day candy ring pop individually wrapped Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Frankford Candy Sour Patch Kids


Frankford Candy Sour Patch Kids have taken this classic candy and given it a case of the love bug. On first taste, these heart-shaped candies are sour but the more you suck the sweeter they become. Each heart is imprinted with a cute conversation starter such as ‘DM ME’ and ‘UM HI’ which you can pass to whoever catches your eye as a cheeky ice breaker. If you enjoy regular Sour Patch Kids candy, you’re going to love this Valentine’s Day special edition.

valentine's day candy sour patch kids Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Wilton Jumbo Heart Sprinkles


These Wilton Jumbo Heart Sprinkles are a gorgeous finishing touch for any Valentine’s day cookies, cupcakes or muffins which you might already be planning to make. You can also use them to create cute heart-shaped eyes on emoji-inspired treats. And for easier distribution, they come in a tall, 3.25-ounce tube that has see-through walls so you always know how many sprinkles you have left before you need to refill it. Furthermore, if you’re not into cooking or baking yourself, these sprinkles are a great gift idea for a partner or friend who is.

valentine's day candy wilton jumbo heart sprinkles Image courtesy of Amazon


4. PEZCandy Valentine Hearts Twin Pack


The PEZCandy Valentine Hearts Twin Pack includes two Valentine’s Day-inspired dispensers and six cotton candy-flavored pez refills. Each colorful dispenser boasts different shades of red and pink as well as its own cheeky grin on the top of the tilt-back head. In addition, the set is presented in a made-for-purpose Valentine’s Day decorated box, making this candy pack a great gift idea for your loved one (and you).

valentine's day candy pez candy valentine hearts twin pack Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Prextex Large Heart Shape Lollipops Pack


Share some love with your favorite people by gifting them one of these Prextex Large Heart Shape Lollipops. Each pack includes three lollipops, all of which are shaped like a giant red heart and have ‘I Love You’ in white lettering. Each pop is nine inches tall when both the lolly and the stick are added together. They are also individually bubble wrapped during transit to provide protection and ensure the lollipops arrive fully intact at your door.

valentine's day candy pretex i love you lollipop Image courtesy of Amazon


6. By The Cup Small Conversation Hearts


By The Cup Small Conversation Hearts can be used for all sorts of creative gift ideas this Valentine’s Day. Each bag is made up of 2.5 pounds of small heart candies which have a range of conversation-starting phrases on, such as “text me,” “dream big” and “love you.” These tasty treats are great for putting inside cards, sprinkling over a table setting or simply putting into a jar on the side to act as a love-inspired sweet treat whenever you’re feeling a little peckish.

valentine's day candy by the cup small conversation hearts Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Oh! Nuts Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Lollipops


Oh! Nuts Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Lollipops make it easy to share the love with all your friends and family. This multipack of heart-shaped lollipops is great for handing out to those around you whether that be at school, home or in the office. Plus, these lollipops are vegan-friendly and free from peanuts and gluten-free, making them a solid choice for people with stricter dietary requirements. You also get to choose between a cherry and a strawberry and creme flavor.

valentine's day candy oh nuts heart lollipop Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Haribo Heart Throbs


Approximately 300 Haribo Heart Throbs are supplied inside this 870-gram tub, meaning you’ve got plenty of Valentine’s ammunition to share around with your friends, family and that special person in your life. Although these heart-shaped gummies are usually found in Haribo’s more famous Star Mix, this bulk buy option makes it possible to focus on these candies which are so well suited to Valentine’s Day enjoyment. Alternatively, you can keep them all for yourself and have one of these sweet little treats on almost every day throughout the year.

valentine's day candy harribo heart throbs Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Pink Panda Sour Gummies


Buying candy for a vegan can often be a tricky task, but not on Valentine’s Day thanks to these Pink Panda Sour Gummies. At only 90 calories per bag, you and your partner can tuck into the natural flavors and colors of these plant-based gummies without feeling guilty in any way. To top it off, each bag includes six packs, giving you plenty of treats to enjoy. Additionally, if you find yourself craving more of this popular candy, why not try the alternate shapes and flavors, in the form of astro blasters and treasure chews.

valentine's day candy pink panda sour gummies vegan candy Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans Hearts


If jelly beans are your candy vice, then these Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans Hearts are the Valentine’s Day candy for you. Filled with a variety of cherry, strawberry and watermelon flavors, these mouthwatering treats are sure to make you a firm favorite with anyone you decide to share them with. Plus, they’re so delicious you’ll be glad you invested in this rather large, four-pound bag which is significantly larger than the bags you would usually find in your local store.

jolly rancher jelly beans hearts Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Spencer & Fleetwood Candy Posing Pouch


If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day candy that is a little bit spicier than the average jelly bean or gummy, this Spencer & Fleetwood Candy Posing Pouch might be your answer. By slipping into this edible piece of underwear, your partner gets to enjoy the candy and everything that comes with it. The design is made up of small candies which are held on by string — until they are eaten away. If you’re looking for a playful Valentine’s Day candy idea this year, this is undoubtedly the choice for you. In addition, if you’d like it to be a his-and-hers activity, candy bras are also available.

spencer fleetwood candy underwear edible Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Mochidoki Signature Collection


For something a little fancier than your average pack of jelly beans or lollipops, consider this Mochidoki Signature Collection. While not technically candy per se, having 24 pieces of this beautifully presented mochi ice cream delivered to your loved one will feel like a true step up in luxuriousness. They arrive at your home inside a specially designed package which keeps them frozen until they reach your front door. Each box is made up of 12 of Mochidoki’s best-selling flavors (two of each), which include vanilla chip, matcha, chocolate, passionfruit, lychee and salted caramel. For a little bit of extra class in your Valentine’s Day gift this year, you can’t go wrong with this ready-to-go box of delicious frozen treats.

valentine's day candy mochidoki signature collection box Image courtesy of Mochidoki


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