Don’t Leave the Kiddos Out! These Are the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

the best valentine's day gifts for
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And, yes, that phrase is enough to create a sense of panic in anyone’s life. Relax, ‘cause we’ve got you covered for everyone on your list, from the best chocolate to the best jewelry, our gift guides are sure to please everyone you love. And now (drumroll), we’ve got the absolute bestest Valentine’s Day gifts for kids.

Kids love Valentine’s Day almost as much as they love Christmas or Halloween. Why? Because of the treats! Duh. Between the candy, chocolate and other tasty treats they can stuff in their faces, Valentine’s Day is a pretty sweet holiday. Welp, we’ve got tasty treats on our list, but the kicker is (and they don’t know it), is our treats are good for them. Ha.

We’ve gathered cool unisex presents that sneakily promote STEM, encourage creativity, social learning and reinforce self-esteem. Our guide on Valentine’s Day gifts for kids encompasses everyone from baby to teen, so if you’ve got a lot of nieces and nephews, your shopping is done with just a few clicks. Thank us later.


1.You Are Loved by Tanya Terry


Kids of all ages have been hit hard by the pandemic. Most of them are stuck at home doing virtual learning. Most extracurricular activities have been canceled, and they’re feeling cut off from the world. First-time author Tanya Terry created a thoughtful book for children of any age that sweetly reinforces that they are loved, that big dreams should be encouraged and that helping others is a very good thing. The book can be read to little ones, and older kids can read it themselves. Reviewers have raved over the gentle, yet important message the book shares.

You-are-loved-by-tanya-terry-hardcover-child-book Courtesy of Amazon

You Are Loved by Tanya Terry Hardcover



2. Educational Insights Plush Mixaroo Stuffed Animal


While it’s traditional to give a stuffed something on Valentine’s Day, try something that they’ll keep using for longer than a day or so. This is a plush stuffed animal that comes with 11 stick-on pieces like dragon wings, fox ears, lion manes and more. Made for children ages two and up, they can create an animal of their dreams over and over again. This gift helps children develop fine motor and problem skills while expanding their creativity.

Educational-Insights-Plush-Mixaroo-Stuffed-Animal-for-Social-Emotional-Learning Courtesy of Amazon

Educational Insights Plush Mixaroo Stuffed Animal

$24.99 $29.99 17% OFF

3. RIND Snacks Dried Fruit Superfood Variety Pack


Ever get chased or terrorized by a toddler on a sugar high? Yeah, it’s scarier than watching sharks on TV. This year, be kind to the parents you know and step away from the overly sweet treats. Instead, give a Valentine’s Gift for kids full of healthy snacks. RIND’s variety pack of treats contains five dried fruit rind snacks created from superfruits like persimmons, apples, organic pineapple, watermelon and Bosc pears.

RIND-Snacks-Dried-Fruit-Superfood-Variety-Pack Courtesy of Amazon

RIND Dried Fruit Superfood Variety Pack


4. Ooly I Heart Art Erasable Crayons Set


Let the little ones draw all the hearts they want with these easy to hold crayons. Let them use these crayons to create Valentines and anything else that takes their fancy. Shaped like hearts, each side is a different shade and they can twist into an oval shape that works best for tiny hands. Best of all, they’re erasable. With a flick of a wrist, the crayon marks are gone.

ooly-iheart-erasable-crayons-set Courtesy of Ooly

Ooly I Heart Art Erasable Crayons Set



5. Planet Buddies Tablet Stand and iPad Holder – Green Turtle

A Valentine’s Day gift for kids that’s fun and practical. Since everyone is super connected to devices these days, why not give a fun Valentine’s Day gift that they’ll keep using all year long? Planet Buddies have won the Dad’s Choice Awards 2020, and the UKMums.TV Mums Choice Awards – Gold 2020 for their designs. The company aims to gently educate kids about the environment through their printed buddies. The pillow tablet-holder works with any size device — iPad, Tablet, Kindle or Samsung Tab up to 12.9 inches. There are side pockets that can hold pencils, a smartphone, a charger or an accessory. It assists in helping children’s posture, can easily be toted with them wherever they go, and the packaging is made from eco-friendly, recycled sources. This Planet Buddy stand comes in green turtle, blue whale, pale blue penguin and pink owl.

Planet-Buddies-Tablet-Stand-and-iPad-Holder Courtesy of Amazon

Planet Buddies Tablet Stand and iPad Holder

$22.49 $24.99 10% OFF


6. Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own-Wooden-Heart-Box Kit


There isn’t a kid who doesn’t love a bit of DIY. They love creating things and using their imagination. Melissa & Doug has been creating clever educational toys for children of all ages for over 25 years. This kit is great for kids ages four through eight. Once the project is completed, they can stow all their tiny treasures in it through the years. The kit comes with a heart-shaped wooden box, glitter glue, white glue, glittery gems, four pots of different colored paints and one paintbrush. The art supplies are non-toxic and child-safe.

Melissa-Doug-Decorate-Your-Own-Wooden-Heart-Box-Kit Courtesy of Amazon

Melissa & Doug Decorate-YourWooden-Heart-Box Kit



7. Peanuts Snoopy All the Love Valentine’s T-Shirt


There’s something about Snoopy that says “love” all year long. Maybe it’s his innate joie de vivre, or perhaps no one can resist a smiling dog. Either way, Snoopy’s All The Love tee is not only a great Valentine’s Day gift for kids, but it’s also great for the entire family. The tee comes in youth, men and women’s sizes. The tee also comes in pink, red, silver-gray, and dark heather.

Peanuts-Snoopy-All-the-Love-Valentines-T-Shirt Courtesy of Amazon

Peanuts Snoopy All the Love Valentine's T Shirt



8. Twee Carrie’s Castle Sidewalk Chalk


This chalk is almost too cool to use, but it’s a great gift for a budding sidewalk artist on Valentine’s Day. The art chalk comes from Twee, a woman-owned maker studio that’s based in Philadelphia. All of Twee’s art chalk has been designed to make it easy for little hands to grip and use. This Valentine’s Day gift for kids helps them work on their fine motor and problem-solving skills while sparking their artistic muscles.

Twee-Carries-Castle-Sidewalk-Chalk Courtesy of Twee

Twee Carrie’s Castle Sidewalk Chalk



9. Keababies Car Seat Canopy and Nursing Cover in Sweetheart


Huge white hearts decorate the soft and stretchy cotton blend cover, which can be used as a car seat canopy, or a nursing cover for mom. This is a great gift for the tiniest member of the family on Valentine’s Day and for mom too, of course. It’s easy to use and can be placed on a baby carriage to give the little one privacy and a sense of safety when napping. If baby isn’t fond of cars, this canopy can also be placed over the car seat, too.

Keababies-Carseat-Canopy-and-nursing-cover Courtesy of Keababies

Keababies Car Seat Canopy and Nursing Cover in Sweetheart



10. Would You Rather? – Valentine’s Day Edition


On Valentine’s Day and any other night that you can, step away from the electronics and have a giggle fest with this interactive book from Crazy Corey. Filled with jokes — many of them the classic “Dad joke” variety — this book is sure to please. There are also cool and clean “would you rather…” type questions geared towards kids ages six and up.

The-Try-Not-to-Laugh-Challenge-Would-You-Rather-Valentines-Day-Edition-An-Interactive-Question-Contest-for-Boys-and-Girls Courtesy of Amazon


11. Bump and Beyond Designs Kids Valentine’s Shark Boy and Girl Long Sleeve


One of the no-brainer “gosh this is so cute” Valentine’s Day gift for kids is to give a Valentine’s Day-themed shirt for a toddler. There’s something so adorable about seeing a tiny tot wobbling around in one. And when you add a shark, it’s an instant win. This long-sleeve baseball style top mines the infamous Baby Shark for inspo, and it works. The Bump and Beyond shirt also comes in black and is sized from 12 months to 5T.

Bump-and-Beyond-Designs-Toddler-and-Kids-Valentines-Shark-Boy-and-Girl-Long-Sleeve-Raglan-Hoodie Courtesy of Amazon

Bump and Beyond Designs Valentine's Shark e Raglan Hoodie



12. Planet Buddies Kids Headphones – Tiger


Planet Buddies has a slew of tech-type items made for kids. Their animal-themed headphones are limited to 85 db to protect children’s hearing, are lightweight, adjustable, padded and can be folded, yet are strong enough to withstand drops. The headphones work with a variety of electronic devices — tablets, phones and even some consoles. The Planet Buddies headphones also allow kids to answer and take part in calls, too. They come in six different animals (tiger, owl, whale, panda, penguin and turtle) and each pair has information on the animal and its environment.

Planet-Buddies-Kids-Headphones Courtesy of Amazon

Planet Buddies Kids Headphones– Tiger



13.Amazon Basics Kids Jumping Dolphin Throw Blanket and Matching Stuffed Animal


If there’s one thing a parent, aunt or uncle knows, it’s that kids adore animals of any type. Also, they all love dinosaurs. Give a child either of them on Valentine’s Day and they’ll be over the moon. Amazon Basics came out with a stuffed animal and matching throw blankie combo that’s a Valentine’s Day gift for kids. Shown here are a plush, stuffed dolphin and its matching throw. There’s also a bear, cat, dinosaur, lion and unicorn set.

Amazon-Basics-Kids-Jumping-Dolphin-Throw-Blanket-and-Matching-Stuffed-Animal Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon Basics Kids Jumping Dolphin Throw Blanket and Matching Stuffed Animal



14. Sticky Be Socks Toddler Two Pack Grip Socks


On Valentine’s Day, and every other day of the year, toddlers want to give hugs to the people they love. Who doesn’t want a hug from a chubby-cheeked cutie? This Valentine’s Day gift for kids is half a gift for the parents and half for the little one. Sticky Be Socks for toddlers (size 2T-4T) have sticky grippers on the bottom of the socks and help toddlers hug the floor as they learn to walk. We picked a unisex color pair, but they also come in blue and pink.

Sticky-Be-Socks-Toddler-Two-Pack-Grip-Socks Courtesy of Sticky Be Socks

Sticky Be Socks Toddler Two Pack Grip Socks



15. Bellzi Triceratops Cute Stuffed Animal Plush Toy


In this list of Valentine’s Day gifts for kids, we’ve mentioned a child’s love of sharks, animals of any stripe and dinosaurs. It seems that they can’t get enough of the big animals from the Jurassic, Devonian and other eras. Bellzi has turned the triceratops (a large herbaceous reptile from the Cretaceous era) into the perfect-sized stuffed animal for a child. Based in Southern California, each stuffed animal that Bellzi creates is child-safe.

Bellzi-Triceratops-Cute-Stuffed-Animal-Plush-Toy Courtesy of Amazon

Bellzi Triceratops Stuffed Animal



16.The Spunky Stork Bumble Bee Mine Onesie


Could a baby be considered a Valentine’s Day card? Well, if you dress them in a cute onesie like this one from The Spunky Stork, they could be considered one. The Spunky Stork uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton for their onesies and tees for older kids. Their materials do not use chemical colorants or toxic dyes on anything they create. The print is also available as a tee for toddlers and kids to size 14/16.

The-Spunky-Stork-Bumble-Bee-Mine-Onsie Courtesy of Amazon

The Spunky Stork Bumble Bee Mine Onesie


The Spunky Stork Bumble Bee Mine Tee


17. Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription Kit


If you know someone who has a child who’s talented in the kitchen and is watching MasterChef Junior and other cooking shows with kid contestants, we have a great gift for you. Help them flex their culinary skills with a subscription to Raddish. You can purchase either one box or a monthly subscription. Recipes are kid-friendly and teach them about different cuisines. The gift not only helps them hone their kitchen skills but also builds confidence, teaches them about math, science and organization. Each box comes with a kitchen tool, as the months go by, they can build an arsenal of cooking instruments that they can reuse for a long time.

Raddish-Kids-Cooking-Subscription-Kit Courtesy of Amazon

Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription Kit

$16.80 per box


18. Rossignol 1/2 Zip Warm Stretch Mid Layer Boys


On Valentine’s Day, kids will love wearing the holiday’s colors red or pink, so why not get them a Valentine’s Day gift that keeps them warm when they’re playing outside? Rossignol has a bright red mid-layer top for boys that can be worn with a parka or vest when it’s freezing out and by itself when it’s warmer. For girls, they have a bright pink fleece mid-layer that’s just as warm and eye-catching, too. Regardless of age, this makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for kids.

Rossignol-1-2-Zip-Warm-Stretch-Mid-Layer-Boys Courtesy of Amazon

Rossignol 1/2 Zip Warm Stretch Mid Layer Boys


Rossignol Girls Fleece Mid Layer


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