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Society6 Is Offering up to 40% off Sitewide for Valentine’s Day — Here Are the Best Unique Gifts

Love is in the air, and the best gifts for Valentine’s Day are the ones that feel the most unique and unexpected. It’s great to create something for your significant other, but if your artistic ability extends to stick figures and every poem you try to write starts with a man from Nantucket, Society6 is the next best thing. Society6 has an incredible selection of unique home goods, decor, clothes, and gifts that go well beyond what you’ll find under the harsh fluorescents of your local pharmacy’s card aisle. In honor of smooching season, Society6 is offering up to 40% off sitewide on Valentine’s cards, prints, apparel, bags, and much more. The deal is site-wide, too. That means that whether you’re flying solo or you’re just not interested in Valentine’s day, you can still take 30% to 40% off Society6’s wares from anywhere on the site, with no code needed.

Society6 makes selling and buying unique art easy for both artists and buyers. Unlike shops where artists handle designing, manufacturing, and shipping, Society6 allows artists to upload their designs, and the company handles putting those prints on products like rugs, wall tapestries, and bags. The pieces are then custom-made by Society6’s manufacturing team. That means you can easily find a design you love, manufactured to consistent standards.

With a deal this good across so many categories, it’s a good idea to poke around the site to find what speaks to you. But to make things easier, we’ve picked out a few gifts for Valentine’s Day.

$13.30 $19.00 30% off

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Don’t think stocking stuffers are just for Christmas. A small gift like a set of coasters can be great when combined with a bigger gift. Hint: whip up a cocktail for your partner and serve them on these coasters.

$14.00 $20.00 30% off

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This moody skeleton print is great for anyone who’s not into pink hearts and stuffed animals but is still secretly a softie on the inside. It’s available in four different sizes.

$58.10 $83.00 30% off

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This print combines coffee and flowers in a charming, romantic way that you can display year-round, not just on Valentine’s Day.

$31.50 $45.00 30% off

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Is your partner a puzzler? They might just appreciate a jigsaw puzzle of candy hearts more than actual candy hearts. You can start small with 200 pieces or go up to 500 and 1000.

$42.60 $71.00 40% off

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Cozy pants are still essential, especially if your pandemic-era sweats look a little worse for wear. These are the perfect gift for a Valentine’s spent in.