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Why Waste Paper When You Can Send a Virtual Christmas Card, Instead?

Christmas cards are a lovely tradition to spread holiday cheer and reconnect with old friends and loved ones. They can also give you an excuse to take a new family photo every year and update the people in your life on what’s new. But these days, you don’t have to do that via the dated and expensive paper method. Your tradition can evolve via virtual Christmas cards.

What is a Virtual Christmas Card?

Like most other invitations and forms of correspondence, you can now send Christmas cards online. Virtual Christmas cards can look exactly the same as the paper Christmas cards you know and love, they’re just delivered by email instead of snail mail. They can also be more fun and interactive, involving personalized videos or your favorite Christmas songs. With virtual Christmas cards, you have more freedom to get creative, plus you save lots of paper, money and time spent stuffing and addressing.


1. Paperless Post Christmas Classic


You’ve probably heard of Paperless Post and either sent or received some sort of invitation through it. It was one of the first platforms that allowed people to create and send virtual cards, and they offer tons of classic options, including many virtual Christmas cards that closely resemble what you might be used to sending in the mail. You can customize the text, upload photos and email them out to as many people as you’d like. Different cards are available for different amounts of coins, so you can purchase as many as you need to make the holiday card of your dreams.

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Courtesy of Paperless Post

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2. American Greetings Prairie Dog Christmas Singing Video E-Card


Since American Greetings happens to be the largest producer of actual physical greeting cards, it makes sense that they have adapted to offer a very wide variety of virtual cards. This particular option is a fun singing prairie dog that allows you to personalize the lyrics for your particular friends and family. The best part is that they have affordable membership options that give you monthly unlimited access to e-cards.

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Courtesy of American Greetings

3. Punchbowl Tough Cookie Christmas Card


If you want to send a classic card but also include some customization, a gift or even a special video message with it, Punchbowl will let you do all of that. They have very cute offerings like this Tough Cookie Christmas Card, which still allows you to style and edit a message inside the card. You can even customize your envelope so that every element of this virtual Christmas card is exactly to your liking. Similar to American Greetings, they offer various membership options to choose from depending on how frequently you send out cards or invitations and how many people you want to send them to.

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Courtesy of Punchbowl

4. Green Envelope ‘Oh What Fun’ Christmas Card


When it comes to online endeavors, not all platforms are particularly user-friendly. It takes the fun and excitement out of creating something virtually when the process is difficult to navigate and not at all intuitive. From someone who is far from tech-savvy, I can tell you that Green Envelope’s virtual card creation is as simple and straightforward as it gets. Even with this multi-photo Christmas card, you can easily pop in the images of your choice, add text, attach videos and revert back to previous versions if you change your mind.

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Courtesy of Green Envelope

Free Virtual Christmas Cards


5. JibJab Elf Dance eCard


JibJab video eCards were a staple of holiday seasons of my youth. The personalized Elf Dance in particular was circulated amongst my friends and family constantly and never failed to make everyone laugh. JibJab allows you to insert faces onto some adorable animated Christmas elves and watch them break it down to hip-hop versions of Christmas songs. There are now also tons of other video options to cast yourself or your loved ones in and email around to give the gift of a giggle — and it’s free!

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Courtesy of JibJab

6. Kisseo Silent Night


For some people, Christmas is primarily about the religious experience. They want to acknowledge and celebrate the roots of the holiday in their traditions, including their virtual Christmas cards. Kisseo offers tons of image and video options, many of which are focused on religion. It’s also free to circulate as many as you wish.

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Courtesy of Kisseo

7. 123Greetings Bright ‘N Joyful Christmas


123 Greetings gets great reviews for their virtual Christmas cards. They may not offer all of the same bells and whistles as some of the other sites on this list, but they do offer a simple way to select a card or video, customize it and email it out to your loved ones, all for free. This video wishes everyone a bright and joyful Christmas, because what more could you want?

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Courtesy of 123Greetings

8. Blue Mountain Christmas In The Air Card


The animated eCards and videos crafted by Blue Mountain are all surprisingly beautiful and elegant, even those that are more silly and cute. The rich colors, classic songs and tasteful animation really embody the Christmas spirit. This ‘Christmas in the air’ card plays a lovely little video with Christmas music in the background, telling your friends and family that you hope the joyful sounds of Christmas fill their heart all year long.

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Courtesy of Blue Mountain

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