15 Really Silly Items We Probably Shouldn’t Buy During Prime Day But Definitely Will

weird prime day deals
Courtesy of Amazon

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Amazon’s Prime Day comes around once a year and promises deals and discounts on everything from OLED TV’s to headphones, air fryers and pressure cookers, men’s fashion essentials and fitness gear. We’ve highlighted a variety of deals on SPY for practical, everyday items you’ll definitely use in your home, in the office or on-the-go. However, Amazon doesn’t just offer discounts on the things most people need during Prime Day, they offer discounts on weird, bizarre and hilarious things too. Prime Day is also a great excuse to splurge on a gag gift, buy an eclectic lawn ornament your mother-in-law will grow to love, or spice up your home with a cute kitchen gadget.

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As we were spanning Amazon’s site for the best Prime Day deals of the year, we came upon some unconventional items on sale and figured we’d round them all up so you, the reader, can save money on somewhat impractical purchases this e-commerce holiday. Here are the 16 weirdest, silliest Amazon Prime Day deals we found for 2022, in order based on how much they made our editorial staff chuckle.

1. Dinosaur Eating Gnome Massacre

Yes, we’re still on this trend. You might remember we wrote an entire piece about the lawn gnome massacre trend a few months back, and we’re still obsessed. This lawn ornament depicts a T-rex devouring and attacking helpless tiny garden gnomes, and when we see it we can’t help but smile. The hand-painted vivid colors are designed to last and withstand the elements, and it’s small enough to use inside as well if you prefer.

dinosaur eating gnomes statue, weird prime day deals Courtesy of Amazon


2. Bread-Shaped Lumbar Pillow

We’re big fans of carbs over here at SPY, and this pillow takes it to the next level, with a delicious and comfortable French bread design. It’s made of plush fabric and the pillowcase has a zipper for easy cleaning. It’s a large lumbar support pillow that works perfectly on the couch, floor or as an accent pillow on the your bed. You can purchase it in three sizes: 24 inches, 32 inches and 40 inches, all of which are discounted 37% for Prime Day.

bread lumbar pillow, weird amazon Prime Day deals Courtesy of Amazon


3. OTOTO Gracula Garlic Crusher, Mincer and Grinder

We love a kitschy kitchen gadget, and this Gracula garlic grinder does the trick with a cutesy and useful design. It’s a manual garlic press that makes dinner and meal prep that much easier, with an ergonomic design that’s easy to grip and hold onto. It’s very simple to use and clean, and is designed to mince multiple cloves at once with ease.

Gracula garlic crusher, weird prime day deals Courtesy of Amazon


4. Pop It Fidget Toys 4-Pack

Pop fidget toys are the perfect satisfying distraction if you can’t keep your hands still and need an extra activity while you’re waiting in line, taking a break during work or decompressing after a long day. This 4-pack is discounted for Prime Day 70%, taking the price down from $20 to just $5.99 for all four fidget poppers. For a dollar a piece, we’ll gladly pop our troubles away.

fidget poppers 4-pack, weird prime day deals Courtesy of Amazon


5. OTOTO Baby Nessie Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

You could brew your tea with a regular ol’ tea infuser, or you could use this adorable Nessie baby Loch Ness monster one. The silicone infuser is made with a steeping spoon built inside, and his long neck makes it easy to lift and lower your tea into your mug or glass. His design is compatible with any type of tea and is dishwasher-safe as well. Plus, during Prime Day you can gift him or grab one for yourself at a 20% discount.

baby nessie tea infuser, weird prime day deals Courtesy of Amazon


6. Double Sided Giant Tortilla Burrito Blanket

Have you ever ordered takeout and it was so warm and delicious you wanted to wrap yourself inside of it? Well, now you can do that with this burrito blanket. It’s made of soft, warm fleece and has a double sided tortilla pattern so you, quite literally, can become a burrito at bedtime or during your daytime nap. It’s machine washable and has a realistic design that’s hilarious, quirky and a tad gross all at once.

burrito blanket, weird prime day deals Courtesy of Amazon


7. Luster Dust Edible Glitter 8-Pack

You never know when you’re going to need to deck yourself out in glitter, and if you do you should make it edible glitter. It’s great for cooking and cocktail making, and this pack comes with eight different colors so you have a bunch of options. It’s also available for less than $20 for Prime Day.

luster dust edible glitter 8-pack, weird prime day deals Courtesy of Amazon


8. Franklin Sports Disc Golf Basket Set

Disc golf is an entertaining, simple yard game you can play almost anywhere you’ve got space, and Prime Day has brought a 40% discount to this set. Right now you can save $32 on a basket and three discs, everything you need for a complete game in your backyard, school field, beach, etc. The basket folds up easily for simple transport and storage, and it has its own carrying case.

disc golf set, weird Prime Day deals Courtesy of Amazon


9. Yesito Chicken Harness and Leash

Prime Day is a great time to buy all sorts of pet supplies for your more conventional domesticated animals — dogs, cats, fish, etc. But how about your chicken? Taking a chicken on a walk is a great afternoon activity so long as you have the right harness and leash to keep tabs on them. This one is built easy to adjust for a customized, comfortable fit. The fabric is also durable and resilient, and made with reinforced mesh that’s breathable and made to not wear and tear easily. Right now you can save 25% on this very necessary and not at all ridiculous purchase, and it’s got a bow tie too.

Yesito chicken leash, weird prime day deals Courtesy of Amazon


10. Banana Loca Kitchen Gadget

Your kitchen isn’t complete without a Banana Loca, a super inventive kitchen gadget that straightens and cores a banana as it cranks through it. It can also fill your banana as it cores it with Nutella, peanut butter, honey, etc. It’s perfect for making healthy snacks or adding extra flavor to a dessert, and it’s discounted 21% for Prime Day.

banana loca kitchen gadget, weird prime day deals Courtesy of Amazon


11. Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer

In the same vein as the banana corer above, a watermelon slicer is another weird Prime day deal that also feels like a necessary purchase, what with how overwhelming cutting a watermelon can be. This one is made of tough stainless steel and designed to cube watermelon into precise, bite sized pieces. You push it through the watermelon and it cranks out the pieces one by one, and it comes with a melon baller as well so there’s no fruit left on the rind when you’re done.

stainless steel watermelon slicer, weird prime day deals Courtesy of Amazon


12. 40-Piece Mochi Squishy Toys Bulk Set

We could all use some cuteness right now, and this set of 40 mochi squishy toys is 20% off for Prime Day bringing the price to less than $12. Each one can act as your own personal stress ball, fidget toy or desk mate, and the set comes with a wide variety of animals so you can pick your favorite and share the rest. These would make excellent party favors for a child’s birthday party, decorations for a bedroom or prizes for an Easter egg hunt.

40-piece mochi squishy toy set, weird prime day deals Courtesy of Amazon


13. 3D Pin Art Board Game Toy

Who else remembers these from childhood? At least a few SPY Editors stuck their face into one of these as a child to see the contours of their cheekbones outlined with tiny metal pins, and we’d do it again and again because it’s just so darn entertaining. The best part? After every use you tilt it to one side and it’s a clean slate yet again. Hours of fun, and it’s discounted 20% for Prime Day.

3D pin art board game, weird prime day deals Courtesy of Amazon


14. Original 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

This brain teaser puzzle is perfect for tactile problem solvers, and people who like to work with their hands. This 3D puzzle is made of wood and designed to help you develop spatial imagination, think creatively and give your brain and eyes a break from screens. Keep it on your desk for a mid-day work break or kitchen table to challenge the whole family. You can also save 50% off this puzzle over Prime Day, bringing the price down to just over $12.

wooden brain teaser puzzle, weird prime day deals Courtesy of Amazon


15. Novelty Cartoon Sleeping Eye Mask

A fun eye mask is actually a practical purchase, since blocking out light does help you sleep and can make sleeping on the go easier. Why not make a practical purchase a little fun with a cartoon eye mask, that’s also 20% off for Prime Day. This one has a set of groggy cartoon frog eyes, but you can also buy a cat, bunny, reindeer and more.

novelty animal sleeping eye mask, weird prime day deals Courtesy of Amazon