Brand Spotlight: W&P Design Makes Stylish Containers You’ll Actually Want To (Re)Use

w&p design brand spotlight
Courtesy of W&P

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Brand Spotlight is a new conversation series that highlights SPY editors’ favorite up-and-coming brands. We’ll introduce you to unique brands and share some of our favorite products.

Do you ever feel like environmentalism and design are at odds? Sure, those reusable containers and durable water bottles are good for the planet, but they’re not always the sleekest items to carry around. We know this isn’t always the point, but what if you could have the best of both worlds?

W&P Design has done exactly that. They’ve designed eco-friendly dining and home goods that will let you upgrade your home decor while you save the fishes. Their company was founded on the belief that the products we use every day can have a positive impact on the world around us, whether it’s through the materials they’re made of or how we use them.

We got the chance to talk to one of the company’s co-founders, Josh Williams. He told SPY they’re all about “eco-conscious food and beverage containers” that “bring together materials you actually want to eat and drink out of.” They use “the latest trends from the design and fashion industries to create products you want to incorporate into your everyday.”

Their latest design inspiration? Italian Terrazzo, hence the speckled design on the new line of eco-friendly Porter products.

You can find the rest of your interview with Williams below.

How are W&P products different from other brands making reusable containers?

“W&P products combine equal parts form and function to create products that you are excited to use consistently. We are a product-driven brand and before we make any new item we ask ourselves, ‘Can we make something that is fundamentally better than what is on the market?’. If not, we don’t do it.”

How has the intersection between environmentalism and aesthetic design impacted your vision for your products?

“We believe that to make an impact on consumer behavior and therefore the broader environment, you have to provide customers with products they actually want to use every day. We do this through high design attention paid to every detail of a product, from materials to colors and beyond.”

Any favorite products of yours?

“My favorite product by far is our Porter Mug for coffee, which I use a couple times every day (probably too many times!). It combines the experience of drinking your coffee out of a handcrafted ceramic mug with the functionality of a to-go vessel.”

porter mug w&P design Courtesy of W&P

We first came across W&P’s new terrazzo line while searching for the best gifts for mom ahead of Mother’s Day, and we think these stylish containers, mugs and water bottles are great gifts for any occasion. You may also know W&P from their travel cocktail kits, another common apperance on gift guides.

To help our readers ditch single-use containers, we’ve included our staff’s favorite W&P product picks below (and a few others that caught our eye).


Porter Bottle — Terrazzo

Our site director, Jamie Miles, picked this Terrazzo Porter Bottle for her favorite of the collection. Their Terrazzo design takes inspiration from Venice, where concrete is often studded with extra colorful stone to give it an elevated, lively look. They took that inspiration and ran with it, creating products that work well, are good for the environment and have a unique flair to them. This water bottle is made with 100% food-safe silicone and comes in two different colors — cream and pink.

w&p terrazzo bottle Courtesy of W&P


Star Wars Rebel Pilot Apron

This Star Wars apron is the favorite pick of our copy editor, James Schiff. This sci-fi nerd-friendly heavy apron is made from waxed canvas and leather and has futuristic detailing that’s just subtle enough to be on-theme without being cheesy. Who says aprons can’t be masculine? Embrace the force within you and nail that frittata while keeping your clothing clean.

w&p apron star wars Courtesy of W&P Design


Porter Utensil Set

Does single-use plastic from takeout or to-go lunch orders hurt your soul a little? Same here. This utensil set was chosen by SPY’s managing editor Tim Werth. Ditch the single-use stuff and opt for this super sleek utensil set from W&P instead. The utensils are stainless steel and slim making them easy to carry around. (Porter… portability.. got it). The silicone carrying case protects them from germs and bacteria while in transit and the whole set is BPA free and dishwasher safe. Doesn’t that case just look so comfortable? I’d hang out in there too.

Porter Utensil Set Courtesy of W&P


Porter Bowl – Ceramic

This beautiful lunch bowl is the favorite of SPY’s associate editor Taylor Galla (aka, your’s truly). If you need a big, portable container for bringing your lunch to work this ceramic bowl is wrapped in protective silicone, has a lid that snaps into place with a tight silicone strap. Hand it to the folks at your go-to salad place instead of their plastic to-go container or dump your favorite grain bowl into it before heading to work in the morning. You’ll save the extra waste and with its secure design, you don’t need to worry about any accidental spills in your bag. It’s microwave safe for nuking those noodles between meetings and is dishwasher safe so you don’t need to hand scrub the tomato sauce off after a long day.

Porter Ceramic Bowl Courtesy of W&P


The Margarita Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kit

Here’s another one of our favorite’s from W&P. This mini cocktail kit is about to become your new favorite happy hour buddy. It’s got everything you need, tools and ingredients, to make a fantastic margarita anywhere. The case is metallic and super portable and includes margarita syrup, salt for the rum, a 1/2 oz jigger, a tiny bar spoon, a recipe card and even a linen coaster. You’re in charge of the tequila, but otherwise W&P has got you covered. This kit was originally designed to be travel friendly, but, for obvious reasons, it was recently re-branded for Virtual Happy Hours.

Margarita Virtual Happy Hour Kit Courtesy of W&P

Sphere Ice Tray

If there’s one thing you must do with a stiff cocktail, it’s not mess up the ice situation. These molded spheres are designed to slowly dilute your cocktail just enough to make it delicious without overdoing it and watering it down completely. This tray has sloped internal molds that shape the seamless spheres and connecting pins hold the whole thing in place during filling, freezer transfer and freezing. The tray is also freezer safe (thankfully), oven safe and dishwasher safe. It’s also a perfect Father’s Day gift.

Sphere Ice Tray Courtesy of W&P