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Brondell Can Upgrade Your Bathroom With the Thinnest Luxury Bidet Seat on the Market

At SPY, we’ve covered many products in the wellness space that enhance your quality of life without wreaking havoc on the environment. Brondell is one of the leading pioneers in taking a conscious approach to sustainable health and personal care. From the air you breathe and the water you drink down to how you cleanse, their product lineup covers all the essentials utilized in your daily life. And now, they’re turning the dial forward for bathroom hygiene by introducing The Swash Thinline, the thinnest luxury bidet toilet seat on the market.

With a slender profile, arriving at less than 4 inches in height, the newest bidet attachment is a stylish upgrade to your home aesthetics. Packed with hi-tech features—such as a carbon deodorizer, a heated toilet seat and a warm air dryer—the Swash Thinline promotes comfort and well-being while reducing or eliminating toilet paper waste. Anything to conserve our planet’s resources, right?

Brondell’s latest innovation combines smart design and minimalism, unlike anything that’s emerged before. With its instant ceramic water heater and adjustable wash modes, you can wash as many times as your own preference. The two functionalities enable adjustable temperatures and water pressures. Also, if you take frequent midnight trips to the bathroom, you’ll be happy to know this bidet attachment has an external multi-colored nightlight.

The cutting-edge electronic design includes other key elements such as a stainless steel nozzle, programmable user memory, nozzle oscillation, and a slow-close seat and lid.

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there. Available with either a side-arm control panel or a wireless remote, consumers can choose between two different models: the Swash Thinline T22 and the Swash Thinline T44. Brondell is a proud member of 1% for the Planet — a global network tackling the planet’s most pressing environmental issues.

The Swash Thinline T22 is available for $649.00, while the T44 is priced at $699.00 on