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Dating Horror Stories Are Going TikTok Viral, Read These Books To Avoid Becoming One Of Them

Dating horror stories are all over TikTok at the moment. With the tag currently sitting at 75 million views and countless videos, it turns out a lot of us really enjoy watching cringe-inducing stories. Of course, it’s all fun and games watching them, but if you want to make sure you avoid becoming one, we reckon these books will help.

It’s easy to blame others for bad dates, but it takes two to tango (if you’re dancing on your date), and it’s always worth doing some introspection if you’ve been on a roll of bad luck. Sometimes you just need to take a break, but if knowledge is power, then reading some of the best dating books is an excellent way to spend your time no matter what.

If you’re just here to enjoy reading in general and you’re already all settled in as a couple, then have a read of our choices for the best sex games. After all, just because you’ve been together for a while doesn’t mean you should stop trying to keep things fresh.

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First up, we’ve got a book that’s an impressive collection of essays on love and dating from the New York Times column of the same name. It’s a great place to start when reading about dating in general, and could be the inspiration or warning you need to avoid catastrophe.

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This book is all about understanding yourself better in order to understand others better. It’ll also help you improve not just relationships of a more intimate nature, but those with family and friends too.

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Gents, you’ve gotta make sure you’re comfortable in bed to leave a good impression, if your date ends up going that well. This book has plenty of advice in it to make sure you’ll always be a memorable date, but for good reasons.

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Finally, sometimes you just need to work on yourself. If dating is something that just seems a little scary at the moment, then it’s a good chance to have a look at who you are and build on the person you want to be. That’s what this book will help you to do.