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Here Are 6 Crayola Back-To-School Shopping Deals Parents Won’t Want To Miss

Summer’s sadly coming to an end and the kids are headed back to school. That means it’s time to shop for new clothing and supplies to get your kids on track for the upcoming school year. While that may seem like a bittersweet shopping experience for some, you can take solace in the fact that Crayola is offering some amazing back-to-school deals on some of its most coveted items such as construction paper, gel pens, and more. The top back-to-school Crayola deals include discounts up to 64%.

While shopping in-store is great, the best Crayola deals can be found online, and they make back-to-school shopping easier than ever. Simply, scroll through, add to cart, checkout, and await the arrival of your back-to-school supplies.

To make your shopping experience a bit easier, we’ve created a list of the top Crayola deals at retailers like Amazon and Target. From markers to crayons and paint, you’re sure to find great back-to-school Crayola deals at unbeatable prices.

And if you’re looking for the best back-to-school deals, we’ve been hunting them down all week:


1. Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers

Enjoy all the colors of the rainbow with this pack of 40 Crayola markers. Great for arts, crafts, and projects, they are fully washable off hands, clothing, and most walls, making them perfect for younger artists who want to explore arts and crafts.

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34% OFF
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Courtesy of Amazon


2. Save on Crayola Markers, Colored Pencils & Crayons

Right now Target has some great back-to-school shopping deals on some of Crayola’s most popular products, and this is the perfect excuse to stock up on your arts and crafts essentials. You can buy fine-tip markers for just $0.99, a 59% discount; you can buy Crayola crayons for $0.50, a 64% discount; you can buy colored pencils for $0.99, a 48% discount; and you can buy Crayola washable markers for $2.49, a 34% discount. Best of all, if you spend at least $35, you can unlock free shipping on your Target order.

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Courtesy of Target

3. Crayola Construction Paper

Who doesn’t love a new pack of construction paper? It creates the most amazing projects and just makes everything happier. This 96-count pack of construction paper from Crayola is priced for affordable back-to-school shopping. Heck, at less than $4, they’re practically giving it away. Each piece comes in standard paper size, offered in an array of rainbow-hued colors including red, yellow, green, blue, black, and pink. Use it all school year long to add color to everything you do.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. Crayola Crayons, 6 Pack 

No guide to the best Crayola deals would be complete without a multi-pack of crayons. This bulk crayon offering can supply a classroom of young artists for quite some time. There are six cartons with 24 crayons in each order, allowing access to an array of beautiful colors to create art projects and fill in coloring books. With 144 crayons in all, there are hues of apricot, black, blue-green, blue-violet, brown, carnation pink, cerulean, and more.

32% OFF
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Courtesy of Amazon

5. Crayola Colored Gel Pens

Take notes, doodle, and write papers with this 14 pack of Crayola medium point washable gel pens. Each features a comfortable grip for easy handling and comes with a retractable pint for clean and simple storage. They are non-toxic pens safe and convenient for use by children and young students.

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Courtesy of Amazon


6. Crayola Washable Kids Paint

Projects just got a bit more colorful with this set of washable kids’ paint. These six blendable colors are safe and non-toxic for home and classroom use. Designed for use by children, they don’t readily drip and are great for use by young ones exploring their artistic abilities

44% OFF
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