The 10 Best Backyard Swing Sets to Bring the Jungle Gym Home

backyard swing sets
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While social activities remain restricted to your COVID-19 social bubble, keeping kids entertained is a real challenge. For both hygiene and safety reasons, you may want to avoid sending your kids to the local jungle gym. Rather than allowing them to totally miss out, why not bring the playground home with one of the best backyard swing sets?

The best backyard swing sets feature a range of play activities, such as monkey bars, slides, cargo nets and rock walls as well as the swings themselves. There are also multiple types of swings to choose from, including a classic belt seat, a toddler-friendly, molded design, a two-person glider and large-surfaced platform seats, too.

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, traditional outdoor play remains important. Here are some of the health benefits a backyard swing set can offer, making them a worthy investment: 

Strength – The excitement of reaching new heights often disguises the effort required to get there. Climbing up rock walls, hanging from monkey bars and sliding down a fireman’s pole are just three of the numerous swing set activities which build both arm and overall body strength.

CoordinationOutdoor play is great for improving dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Swing sets are full of opportunities for coordination training, such as gripping onto swing chains, creating a steady swaying motion through leg movement and trusting in one hand then the other on monkey bars. 

Confidence – Swing sets encourage learning new swinging, climbing and sliding skills. Greater knowledge of how to explore a swing set leads to greater confidence when playing with other kids. 

Having a swing set in your backyard keeps kids close to home while enabling you to control the friends they play with. Most swing sets are designed for at least two children but some cater to groups of up to nine. When assessing the space you have for a swing set, make sure it’s flat and firm to provide a solid foundation. 

Cedarwood is often used for frame construction due to its tight knot structure. It’s highly durable and naturally resistant to decay, mold and rot. Although considered a great material for backyard swing sets, you may find some brands opt for alternative materials, such as pine, plastic or metal. The material your chosen swing set is made from will impact the maintenance required. We recommend reading the full product description when selecting your swing set to prevent unwanted accidents or surprises. 

Below we’ve rounded up the 10 best swing sets available to order online. They’re in high demand at the moment, so a sooner-rather-than-later approach will help to avoid disappointment.


1. Backyard Discovery Skyfort Swing Set


With a raised clubhouse at the center of its construction, the Backyard Discovery Skyfort Swing Set has an impressive number of play fixtures. A side balcony and front porch offer multiple look-out areas from the top level, while the lower deck houses an integrated picnic bench. The majority of this Skyfort is made of 100% cedarwood as well as green plastic attachments, such as corner joint supports, climbing rocks and a 10-foot wave slide. Up to four kids can be swinging at once on this swing set, as there are two belt swings and one glider which sits two at a time.

backyard swing sets backyard discovery skyfort Image courtesy of Amazon

Backyard Discovery Skyfort Swing Set



2. Sportspower Toddler Swing


The foldable frame of the Sportspower Toddler Swing makes it easy to assemble for use and to pack away when finished. In this way, it doesn’t need to stay up all the time. For a comfortable swinging experience, the seat is made from molded plastic, which is highly durable, and the swing also features an integrated safety harness. When assembled, this swing set measures 52 by 55 by 47 inches and is great for both indoor and outdoor use. The bright blues and greens which highlight the white A-frame are designed to grab your little one’s attention and make them want to play.

backyard swing sets sportspower indoor outdoor my first todler swing Image courtesy of Walmart

Sportspower Toddler Swing



3. Sportspower My First Metal Swing Set


Entertain up to four kids at once on the Sportspower My First Metal Swing Set. The brightly colored frame and fixtures make this swing set an exciting addition to any backyard. The two custom swings on either side of the central trapeze are hung by two chains that are covered in strong vinyl to protect hands. On the left side of the swings, located on the outside of the main A-frame, is a wavy plastic slide that has a double-wall design for extra durability. With a recommended age range of three to eight years, this swing set offers a long window of use for your kids.

backyard swing sets sportspower my first metal swing set Image courtesy of Amazon

Sportspower My First Metal Swing Set



4. Trekassy Swing Set


You can choose whether to join the round swing seat to the frame of the Tekassy Swing Set by either one attachment or two. Using two limits the movement of the swing to back and forth whereas using only the central attachment opens up 360 degrees of motion. However, the solo attachment does have a lower weight capacity of up to 350 pounds, compared to the 440-pound capacity when both attachments are used. The large, 40-inch round surface of the swing gives space for two to three kids to sit comfortably side by side. Additionally, the versatile A-frame can be used for other attachments, such as a belt swing or trapeze hoops which can be bought separately.

backyard swing sets trekassy saucer tree swing Image courtesy of Amazon

Trekassy Swing Set



5. Swing-N-Slide Swing Set


Two belt swings and a central trapeze bar are structured symmetrically on the wooden Swing-N-Slide Swing Set frame. When assembled, this swing set measures 105 by 82 by 82 inches, and each swing supports up to 115 pounds. The height of the swings is easily adjusted at the top of the chain by feeding through more hoops. Swing-N-Slide is an American company committed to delivering quality products that meet ASTM safety standards. Illustrated assembly instructions are included with the delivery to ensure quick and easy construction.

backyard swing sets swing n slide wooden swing Image courtesy of Amazon

Swing-N-Slide Swing Set



6. Backyard Discovery Swing Set


The green canopy roof on the Backyard Discovery Swing Set makes playtime possible, come rain or shine. With an eight-foot green and yellow wave slide, two clubhouses and a snack bench, this play frame is a lot more than just a swing set. Two of the three swings are belt seats, whereas the central fixture is a trapeze bar with hoops. By downloading Backyard Discovery’s free BILT app, you can gain access to 3D, interactive assembly instructions, which explain how to build this 100% cedar wood swing set with ease.

backyard discovery oakmont playset Image courtesy of Amazon

Backyard Discovery Swing Set



7. Lifetime Deluxe Swing Set


Nature-inspired tones of green and tan are used in the symmetrical design of the Lifetime Deluxe Swing Set to ensure it blends in seamlessly with your yard. Three swing fixtures are aligned side by side, two of which are belt swings while the third is a central trapeze bar with gym rings. Each swing can hold a maximum weight of 400 pounds. It’s also recommended to have two people complete the assembly. Once set up, this swing set measures 13 by 11 by nine feet.

lifetime metal deluxe swing Image courtesy of Walmart

Lifetime Deluxe Swing Set



8. Creative Playthings Classic Series Clayton Swing Set


The Creative Playthings Classic Series Clayton Swing Set combines all the best features of a modern swing set to deliver an exciting play zone for endless hours of fun. Creative Playthings opted for southern yellow pine lumber as their material of choice for the wood’s longevity and durability properties. They also include a 10-year warranty on the wood, as they’re confident its quality is superior to cedarwood. Designed and engineered for residential use, this swing set features multiple swings, a rock climbing wall, a ladder, a slide and a top-deck clubhouse, too. Furthermore, the space underneath the frame on the lower deck contains a picnic table for relaxing or enjoying lunch.

creative playthings classic series clayton Image courtesy of Amazon

Creative Playthings Classic Series Clayton Swing Set



9. Lifetime Adventure Tower Swing Set


Those who climb up into the clubhouse of the Lifetime Adventure Tower Swing Set will find a car map on the floor of the top deck. Once there, users can glide down to ground level on the nine-foot, wavy slide. All three pairs of swing chains are wrapped in a rubber material for safety. With both a ladder and a rock wall attached to the sides of the tower, this swing set offers plenty of climbing practice to curious children. Plus, the freestanding, steel frame and durable plastic features are built for all-weather types and are available in either blue or green.

lifetime adventure tower swing set Image courtesy of Amazon

Lifetime Adventure Tower Swing Set



10. Lifetime Double Slide Deluxe Swing Set


The Lifetime Double Slide Deluxe Swing Set is an outstanding piece of playground equipment. With two nine-foot, wavy slides, three belt swings, monkey bars and a fireman’s pole, this swing set has plenty of activities to keep the kids occupied for hours. At the top of the set is a covered clubhouse. Access from the ground is provided by a durable rock wall. Alternatively, kids can choose to climb the cargo net for access to the clubhouse. The chains which hold the swings and the trapeze bar in place are covered with rubber, and all the corners on the swing set are rounded and covered with plastic for safety purposes.

lifetime double slide deluxe swing set Image courtesy of The Home Depot

Lifetime Double Slide Deluxe Swing Set



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