The Best Baby Halloween Costumes That You Can Nab For Under $50

best baby halloween costumes

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Just because you have a baby who might be too young for trick or treating doesn’t mean that you can’t get kids into the Halloween spirit from a very young age. In fact, some of the best costumes around are designed for the newborn-to-toddler set. Whether you plan on bringing your baby out for a candy-filled night in the neighborhood with older friends or siblings, taking them to a family-friendly party, or just snapping some cute photos to commemorate the occasion, there’s a Halloween costume for every single baby on your list.

From superheroes to food items to the cutest animals around, here are some of our top picks for the best baby Halloween costumes this year. The best part? They’re all under fifty bucks.


1. Dopey Costume

Invoke your love of Disney with this super adorable and unisex costume inspired by the big-hearted dwarf with the large ears. This colorful and cozy baby costume comes with the top, booties and hat, and is designed for babies six months and up. Add a pair of pants for a frustration-free experience, since parents know that not all one-piece costumes have been constructed with diaper changes in mind. Plus the soft and padded fabric is perfect for babes and their sensitive skin, making this costume a magical win.

Baby in a Dopey costume, best baby halloween costumes Image courtesy of Disney

2. Elvis Baby

Not only is your baby the king in your life, but he can be The King any time of year in this Elvis Aloha Onesie Costume. This is an officially licensed onesie that is printed to look as authentic as Elvis’s iconic Aloha jumpsuit with liberty birds, and comes complete with pants, hat and booties.

Baby in an Elvis costume, best baby halloween costumes Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Sriracha Baby

Great for showing off your love of this sweet and spicy sauce, the Sriracha Baby costume is the ultimate in cuteness. The super-soft, 100%-cotton onesie and hat are made to mirror a Sriracha Sauce bottle and to keep your baby looking as cute as possible.

Baby in a hot sauce costume, best baby halloween costumes Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods


4. Baby Burrito

The Tortilla Baby swaddle looks as good as it feels. Made from a cotton-polyester blend, this soft, stretchy material will envelop your baby, keeping them cuddled and secure. Meanwhile, the breathable fabric ensures they will stay at a comfortable temperature all day long. Cut and hand-sewn in New York, this set also comes with a matching hat to ensure the cuteness extends from head to toe.

Baby in a burrito costume, best baby halloween costumes Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods


5. Baby Yoda Costume

Whether you’re plotting out a family costume or a standalone one for that cute baby in your life, all Star Wars lovers can get behind the idea of a real-life Baby Yoda, right? This sweet set includes a hooded robe, headpiece, and booties, with a pull-on closure that should stay (mostly) in place, even if you have an active babe.

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Baby Yoda Courtesy of Amazon

6. Noubeau Fox Coat Fur Bodysuit

What does the fox say? Honestly, it doesn’t even matter when your kid is this cute. As far as hooded jumpsuits go, this one is positively snuggly. That’s in large part thanks to the irritant-free cotton design that’s made with babies’ soft skin specifically in mind. Add in the matching tail and buttons to help keep that hood up, and your baby in this costume is guaranteed to get all the Instagram likes.

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Baby in a fox costume Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Subway Sandwich Blanket Costume

If you’re looking for a cute and unique costume for a fresh baby, put a spin on Subway’s slogan and dress fresh. This newborn blanket and accompanying sandwich hat is great for sleeping babes come Halloween, setting that costume mood with very little work required. It also makes for a killer photo op, especially if you cut out some cardboard lettuce and tomatoes to add to that carrier.

Baby in a subway costume Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Baby Jack-Jack Deluxe Infant Costume

Looking for an “Incredible” costume for your baby this Halloween? Look no further than this Incredibles-themed Baby Jack-Jack jumpsuit, which comes with a matching headpiece. It’s a great addition to a family costume set or as a standalone piece, plus it makes for some awesome photo ops. Some users report the baby costume fits small, so you may want to consider ordering up a size. And be warned that after a while you may have a hard time keeping the headpiece on active babies’ heads.

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Baby in a Baby Jack Jack costume Image courtesy of Amazon

9. Hershey’s Kiss Infant Costume

A baby wrapped up in a Hershey’s Kiss? There’s everything to love about that. Chocoholics and cute baby lovers alike have to agree that this unique baby Halloween costume is super adorable and practically guaranteed to get you some of that extra parental candy while trick-or-treating. It comes with a plush tunic and adjustable hat, which should hopefully stay in place even if your baby is on the move. Pair it with some black pants and a long-sleeved shirt for extra warmth and you’re good to go.

Baby in a Hershey's kiss costume Image courtesy of Amazon

10. Aablexema Unisex Infant Cow Costume

Seeing infants in animal costumes will really never get old — this endearing onesie is a true moo-sterpiece. It can be recognized instantly but is essentially just an animal printed onesie, so your child is as comfortable as possible. Even though it makes a stellar baby Halloween costume, it’s comfy enough to wear as nightly pajamas, if your child wants to. If you live in a colder region and are spending Halloween out of the house, this will help you avoid carrying a blanket around.

Aablexema Unisex Infant Cow Costume, best baby halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon

11. Hyde & EEK! Boutique Baby Pullover Pumpkin Halloween Costume with Hat

Is there anything more classic than dressing your baby up as a pumpkin on Halloween? DIY alternatives are cute too, but the hat on this get-up really goes above and beyond. This hat and jumpsuit combo comes complete with an orange body and green stem, to make for a jack-o-lantern that’ll induce more awws than screams. The look is lightweight but still snuggly and has an easy pullover style that’ll work on even the crankiest of tots.

Hyde & EEK! Boutique Baby Pullover Pumpkin Halloween Costume with Hat Courtesy of Target

12. Rasta Imposta Heinz Ketchup Bunting Halloween Costume for Babies 3-9 Months

Condiment costumes have been worn for years by adults and kids alike, but this hilarious miniaturized version is just precious. It’s a ketchup packet rather than the whole bottle and would pair well with any adult condiment costumes, or even a burger. It’s a bunting costume, otherwise known as a blanket-like garment that swaddles your child if they’re not ready to walk around in boots yet. This baby Halloween costume fits on children approximately three to nine months old, and can only be hand-washed inside out.

Rasta Imposta Heinz Ketchup Bunting Halloween Costume for Babies 3-9 Months Courtesy of Walmart

13. The Incredibles Edna Infant Costume

Anyone who’s seen The Incredibles has instantly fallen in love with baby Jack Jack’s master disguise as Edna Mode, the tiny German-Japanese fashion designer who says “dahling” a lot. Available in sizes from six months to a year and a half, this baby Halloween costume comes with a dress, wig headpiece, and glasses made out of fabric, so your little one doesn’t accidentally poke an eye out. If the whole family dresses up as the rest of the cast, you’ll have an amazing family group costume.

The Incredibles Edna Infant Costume, best baby halloween costumes Courtesy of Target

14. Child Chompin’ Baby Shark Costume With Sound Chip

Most parents have had the viral Baby Shark song stuck in their head at one point, and this unisex baby Halloween costume celebrates the undeniably catchy track with a shark costume for kids that comes complete with a sound chip to play clips of the actual song! Sizes are available for infants, toddlers, and young children. This outfit is already pretty cute, but that audio clip is sure to make your kiddo giggle all night long.

Child Chompin’ Baby Shark Costume With Sound Chip, best baby halloween costumes Courtesy of Walmart

15. TES Beams and Particles Hot Coffee Cup Costume for Baby

It’s time to downsize that Venti latte to something a little more compact. This creative hot coffee cup baby Halloween costume (complete with a cardboard sleeve) will go great with an adult wearing a barista costume — all you need is a Starbucks apron. What will your baby be this Halloween? A pumpkin spice latte is kind of obvious for October, but the beverage options for your lil’ cup of Joe are endless, from caramel macchiatos to chai lattes.

TES Beams and Particles Hot Coffee Cup Costume for Baby, best baby halloween costumes Courtesy of Etsy

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