Here’s How To Protect Your Baby’s Ears Like a True Parenting Pro

Baby Hearing Protection
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Keeping baby safe can feel overwhelming. Before they even begin to crawl and walk, parents still need to invest in several safety items, including car seats, baby-safe tubs, and appropriate mattresses for bassinets and cribs. While some safety scenarios are more obvious, like keeping dangerous items out of arms reach during tummy time and making sure there are no small objects around a baby that could become a choking hazard, other events may easily be forgotten. New parents are likely excited to show off their bouncing bundle to friends and family at a social gathering, but the noise from a booming sound system or a neighbor cutting their lawn nearby could result in a very unhappy baby. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution — baby earmuffs.

Past studies have shown that babies, specifically premature infants, have benefited significantly from wearing noise-reducing headphones featuring a noise reduction rate of just 12dB while in the NICU. Earmuffs that offer hearing protection not only make loud events outside the home safer and more pleasant for babies, they can also help inside the home. If your little one screams every time they hear the vacuum or the dog bark, or if they’re highly sensitive to other noises, headphones can help dull the noise. Earmuffs are also great for traveling, with loud announcements on trains and airplanes wreaking havoc on a napping baby.

Whether you’re ready to take your little one to their first Monster Truck rally or simply want them to feel calm while you’re hosting a dinner party, these protective earmuffs are designed to protect your child’s hearing.


1. Baby Banz Noise-Cancelling Baby Headphones


Banz baby headphones are available in over 20 styles to suit the personality of just about any baby. They’re super comfortable thanks to the quality padding, but what makes these infant headphones stand out over the rest is the noise reduction rate of 31dB. Banz has mastered the balance of creating a pair of headphones that are gentle enough to rest on baby’s delicate head, yet durable enough to really block out noise and offer protection. Consider slipping a pair over baby’s head (from birth to 24 months) next time you’re scheduled for a loud event, like a football game or a concert.

Baby Banz Noise-Cancelling Baby Headphones Image courtesy of Target


2. Snug Noise-Cancelling Baby Earmuffs


This super cushy pair of noise-canceling baby earmuffs are available in four colors, including mint, baby blue, yellow, and light pink. This pair of earmuffs is pretty chunky, so it’s not the best pair to take on the road or to pack in your diaper bag. They’re super comfortable and effective for the baby though, so this is a great at-home pair to use when you know there will be loud noises around the house, such as a loud gathering. You can snag a pair during the newborn stage and adjust the band through the toddler years. 

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3. KidCo WhispEars


For an affordable and basic pair of baby earmuffs that will keep your little one’s hearing intact, there’s the KidCo WhispEars. The over the ear protection has foam cushioning for added comfort and are easily adjusted to grow with kids. The lightweight ear muffs are available in three colors and can be wiped clean in the case of accidental spills.

KidCo WhispEars Image courtesy of Target


4. Lucid Audio HearMuffs Baby Hearing Protection


Not all loud situations require the same protection, which is why we like the Lucid Audio HearMuffs Baby Hearing Protection. The baby headphones feature a Soothe Mode, which keeps out loud noises to preserve a child’s hearing while letting softer noises in. The Passive Mode keeps out just about every noise, making it an ideal option for loud events. There’s also a Sounds Mode, which includes four soothing sounds to help keep kids calm and relaxed, including a lullaby and white noise. We also like that the headphones have an Infant GrowBand that fits underneath the headband and makes the earmuffs comfortable even for little listeners.

Lucid Audio HearMuffs Baby Hearing Protection Image courtesy of Walmart


5. Walkers Game Ear Passive Baby & Kids Folding Earmuff


What do we mean when we say the Walkers Game Ear Passive Baby & Kids Folding Earmuffs allow important ambient noise? Well, if you take your child to a loud place, like a professional sporting event, they won’t be able to hear the crowd screaming, but they will be able to hear you next to them asking if they need the bathroom (aka important ambient noise). The earmuffs dull noise down to 23dB and can be adjusted to fit toddlers and small children. Kids will also like that they look like professional ear protection earmuffs — just like the grownups!

Walkers Game Ear Passive Baby & Kids Folding Earmuff Image courtesy of Walmart


6. BBTKCARE Baby Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones


For babies and small children who are sensitive to headphones that put pressure on their ears and head, try the BBTKCARE Baby Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones. The zero-pressure headphones are lightweight and adjustable, making them comfortable for babies as young as three months all the way up to 24 months. The headphones are designed with an ergonomic headband that features a wide arch and ample padding, which helps to keep the headphones close to your little one’s head without adding pressure or weight.

BBTKCARE Baby Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection Earmuffs


If your little one isn’t comfortable with the traditional wide headband on earmuffs, don’t give up. Try the Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection Earmuffs, which swap a molded headband for a comfortable elastic fabric that goes around the baby’s head. The band can be adjusted using the earmuffs’ two-click system, helping the Alpine Muffy work for babies starting at age three months all the way up to 36 months. The padded ear covers bring noises down to 23 dB, making loud events safe for little ears. We also like that the earmuffs come with a convenient carrying case and are made with hypoallergenic material that is gentle on sensitive skin.

Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection Earmuffs Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Fridaybaby Baby Ear Protection


While many of the earmuffs on our list are safe for babies ages three months and older, the Fridaybaby Baby Ear Protection can be worn by newborns. Like, new-newborns, not just those geriatric three-month-olders. Made from non-toxic materials, the low-pressure headphones weigh only 4.2 ounces and still boast three layers of sound absorption. The adjustable headphones help to reduce noise up to six times its outside level and come in a colorful box that makes them a great baby shower gift.

Fridaybaby Baby Ear Protection Image courtesy of Amazon


9. My Happy Tot Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones


Do you or your child have a tendency to lose, well, everything? Then you need an affordable set of noise-canceling headphones. Ideally, you’ll want to hang onto the My Happy Tot Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones, but the noise-canceling headphones are inexpensive to replace and a great price to buy in multiples. Keep one in your diaper bag, nursery, and car, and be ready with a comfortable headset that is made without any BPAs or phthalates. The padded headband and sliding pins make these a great option for growing with your little one and the impact-resistant headphones, which are designed for newborns up to toddlers, can take a fall and keep on working.

My Happy Tot Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones Image courtesy of Amazon


10. 3M Kids Hearing Protection


For older kids who have gotten used to wearing hearing protection as babies and need something to carry them into the next chapter of childhood, there’s the 3M Kids Hearing Protection. A leader in safety equipment, the 3M headset boasts a 22dB level of protection, slightly better than the 23dB protection offered by most headsets on this list. Designed for ages three to 12, the padded ear cushions and flexible, adjustable headband create a comfortable fit that will take kids from the airplane to the soccer game.

3M Kids Hearing Protection Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Mumba Noise-Cancelling Baby Headphones


Perfect for little ones from three months to three years old, this pair of noise-canceling headphones features special noise-dampening sponges that offer up a noise reduction rate of 31dB. Similar to our “Best Overall” pair, this is one of the most ideal options on the market for drowning sound out safely. Bonus: These headphones feature a large internal space to ensure zero added pressure to the baby’s ears, and it’s our first choice for airplane rides.

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12. EMS for Kids The Original Baby Earmuffs


 These baby earmuffs dial down to a super compact size so you can toss them right in your diaper bag and take them on any adventure away from the house. Designed in Australia and made in the USA, these earmuffs feature a noise reduction rate of 27dB thanks to the double-layer foam core. Our favorite part? The fabric band is easy to remove, so you can just toss it in the wash to keep it clean. 

baby ems for kids, original baby earmuffs Image courtesy of Amazon


13. The Good Ears Baby Water Headband


Does your baby need some extra ear protection around the water? Whether for the swimming pool, beach days or fussy bathing sessions, this baby water headband by The Good Ears will keep your infant’s cute little ears dry. It’s particularly helpful for babies who had to get ear tubes. Go with the small size to snag a band that will fit a newborn baby, up to 18 months. This option feels more laid back than the traditional water-protection visors most babes use, especially when the water isn’t falling from above. 

baby ear protection, water headband Image courtesy of Amazon