The Best Baby Monitors of 2022, Tested and Reviewed by Parents

parent installing video baby monitor
Courtesy of Nanit

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So you’re a parent searching for the best baby monitors. Should be easy, right? Not quite.

When you become a parent, you really have to tool up. It can feel overwhelming to buy everything your little one needs, including car seats, cribs, strollers, bottle steamers, noise machines and onesies galore. Terms like ‘front versus rear facing’ and ‘convertible cribs’ will eventually become secondhand nature for new parents, but only after an extensive amount of research and trial and error. That process is often time-consuming, expensive and frustrating. Why must we watch five YouTube videos before successfully collapsing a stroller?

At SPY, we do the research and test products so that you don’t have to. Let’s work smarter, not harder, right? That’s why we have put the most popular video baby monitors through a rigorous testing process to see which one will work best for your family. Previously, we’ve covered the best gadgets for parents, but this product is one of the most important purchases parents will make, and we want to help you pick the absolute best baby monitor available in 2022.

Contrary to its name, parents will likely use their baby monitor long past the infant stage. Video baby monitors help parents keep an eye on their little ones as they sleep, but they can also be used to watch over toddlers playing independently in a nursery or playroom. Once little ones have graduated from a crib to a big kid bed, baby monitors often make a return so that parents can monitor their newly independent child. Was the thud you just heard while watching TV a sound effect or did your toddler fall out of their bed? Check the video baby monitor… then check the kid.

Keep reading to find SPY’s baby monitor reviews, complete with photos of each of the monitors we tested. Remember, SPY before you buy.

baby monitors tested by spy The baby monitors tested by for this review. Allison Bowsher |


The Best Baby Monitors At A Glance

1. Best Overall: Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Floor Stand – $296.99 at Amazon

2. Runner Up: Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor – $399.00 at MikuCare

3. Best Non-WiFi Monitor: Infant Optics DXR-8 – $165.99 at Amazon

4. Best Health Stats: Owlet Dream Duo – $399.00 at Owlet Care

5. Best For Travel: Hubble Connected Nursery Pal Deluxe – $199.99 at Target

6. Best Parent Monitor: Papalook BM1 Baby Monitor – $139.99 at Amazon

7. Removable Storage Option: ChillaxBaby Daily Baby DM640 Baby Monitor – $179.99 at Amazon

8. Most Child-Friendly Design: Motorola Nursery PIP – $189.99 at Nordstrom

9. Best Bargain: Lollipop Baby Monitor – $149.00 at Amazon


Baby Monitor Reviews: About Our Testing Process

When testing the best baby monitors, we wanted to include a wide range of options, as this product category has evolved along with mobile and video technology. Your parents likely relied on a simple audio-only baby monitor that was more like a cheap walkie-talkie, but modern baby monitors typically offer live video and audio. The best baby monitors also come with special features such as two-way audio, color night vision, apps and health monitoring.

Modern baby monitors fall into three categories, and these are the categories we included in our guide below.

WiFi Baby Monitors

These cameras require a smartphone to be used as a monitor. The popular Nanit, Miku, Owlet and Lollipop baby monitors are all popular WiFi baby monitors that made our list. They allow parents to keep an eye on their child from anywhere, include video recordings triggered by sound or movement, and eliminate the need for a separate video display These monitors have the highest quality cameras on our list. Their biggest drawbacks are price (with the exception of the Lollipop), the lack of panning or tilting features, and the need for a reliable WiFi connection to work.

WiFi Crossover Baby Monitors

WiFi Crossover Baby Monitors are the most versatile video monitors. They include a parent monitor, which is an external handheld baby monitor display, and they also offer live streaming with a companion app. These video monitors are typically less expensive than WiFi-only baby monitors. Parents can share the stream, making it easy for multiple caregivers to have access to the video feed. Having a parent monitor is also useful for parents who don’t want to drain the battery on their phone, don’t want to rely on WiFi all the time, or want to be able to hand the parent monitor to a nanny, grandparent or another caregiver who would prefer not to download an app.

Plug and Play Video Baby Monitors (Non-WiFi Baby Monitors)

We included two plug-and-play video baby monitors as well — the BM1 Papalook and Infant Optics DXR-8, which have no WiFi capabilities. They are a great option for parents who are concerned about the security issues that come with using a WiFi connection or want to be able to use their video baby monitor in areas that don’t get reception. They keep parents’ phones free and are convenient for handing off to nannies or grandparents.

the baby monitor video displays tested by The baby monitor video displays tested by Allison Bowsher |

For this review, we tested each of the baby monitors for at least two weeks, and the top options were tested for much longer. All three styles of baby monitors have pros and cons, and we evaluated each monitor using the following criteria:

Records Movement: WiFi-enabled video baby monitors typically record videos when sound or movement is detected and store the footage, which is how most home security cameras operate (that’s why some of the best indoor security cameras are now used as baby monitors). Some parent monitors include space for memory cards.

Sound Features: All the monitors on our list include two-way talk, which allows parents to soothe their baby or chat with another adult. Some of the monitors also included lullabies and soundscapes, which eliminates the need for a white noise machine.

Mounting System: All the cameras on our list can be wall-mounted. We indicated whether the camera comes with mounting hardware and a cord cover (a long piece of plastic that secures the wiring to the wall and adds an extra safety element).

Camera Quality: We rated camera quality as Fair, Good and Excellent, and we’ve included screenshots from the video feed so you can judge for yourself.

Can Additional Cameras Be Added: We indicated whether additional cameras could be added and viewed with the same app or parent monitor. Having additional cameras is useful for parents of multiples or parents who want to set up a camera in the nursery, playroom, living room, etc.

Unique Features: Does a particular baby monitor have any unique features that set it apart from the competition?

For this guide, we spent weeks using each of these video baby monitors with a newborn and a toddler to ensure the products we recommend will work for multiple ages. All of the testing was conducted by real parents. We know that moms and dads want an easy-to-use and reliable baby monitor that will give them a clear view of their little one at 3 p.m. and 3 a.m.

If you’re in the market for a video baby monitor, check out SPY’s in-depth review of the best baby monitors on the market today.



1. Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Floor Stand


Best For: High tech parents who like to track their child’s breathing and growth and want multiple mounting options.

Why We Chose It: The Nanit Pro is a smart baby monitor that tracks health and growth, has a user-friendly application, a high-quality camera, provides snapshots of sleep patterns, and is the most affordable option of the three baby monitors on our list that track health information.

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Floor Stand Courtesy of Amazon

The Nanit Pro is our top pick for its quality video feed, recording capabilities and price point. Out of all the monitors on our list that have in-app monitoring, the Nanit connected to its live stream the fastest. It was also easy to adjust the sound and motion sensitivity on the app, which reduced the number of false alerts. We also liked that the sound from the Nanit could continue running in the background on our phone.

The Nanit app includes several features that parents will appreciate. Sleep summaries make it easy for parents to check when their baby fell asleep and how long they slept, with audio and video recordings included. The Nanit app also has a Memories section that automatically creates videos of baby sleeping and celebrates milestones, such as ‘Longest Nighttime Sleep.’ These clips can be saved or shared with others.

Tracking breathing and growth is also easy with Nanit. The company sells Smart Sheets, a set of crib sheets that feature a pattern the Nanit camera can recognize and use to measure a baby’s growth, including height, weight and head circumference. Tracking a baby’s breathing as they sleep is also possible with Nanit’s Breathing Wear, which includes a band, swaddle, sleep sack and pajamas. All of these accessories feature a black and white pattern that the Nanit camera can use to monitor breathing in real-time. Unlike with the Owlet sock, Breathing Wear does not need to be recharged and there are no electronics touching the baby.

Finally, the Nanit is also the most affordable option of all three baby monitors with health tracking, coming in at $100 less than the Miku and Owlet.

Nanit baby monitor video footage Screenshot from the Nanit Pro app captured during our test. Allison Bowsher |

Nanit baby monitor night vision screenshot Screenshot showing the Nanit’s night vision capabilities. Allison Bowsher |


  • App connection is extremely fast
  • Camera quality is highest on our list, tied with Miku
  • Automatically records and stores sound and movement videos for up to two days (longer with premium app upgrade)
  • Breathing Wear is available in several styles and does not need to be charged, unlike the Owlet sock
  • Three mounting options are available, including the Multi-Stand, which is ideal for travel


  • The floor stand on the Nanit has a massive footprint, much larger than the Miku
  • Only four sound options are included (White Noise, Waves, Wind, Birds).
  • Users cannot pan or tilt the camera view using the app
  • If using multiple cameras, parents must switch between live views on the app and cannot do split-screen

2. Miku Pro


Best For: Parents who want a high-quality camera, a detailed record of their baby’s sleep progression, and breath tracking.

Why We Chose It: The Miku has a high-quality camera, records and stores sound and videos for more than seven days, has a compact floor mount and was the only monitor with in-app viewing that kept an icon on our home screen while the app was running in the background, making it easy to quickly open the camera when we heard a sound. Miku also prides itself on being the only baby monitor that tracks a baby’s breathing pattern without the use of a wearable (i.e. the Nanit Breathing Wear or the Owlet sock).

Miku baby monitor Courtesy of Miku

The Miku was a close second behind the Nanit. Although it’s priced at $100 more, we liked that the Miku didn’t require any wearables to track health stats. Both the Nanit and Miku had high-quality video streams and their apps opened quickly, making it easy for parents to use their phones and easily check in on baby. Price played the biggest role in Miku earning the second spot on our list, but make no mistake, this is a stellar product. Although the Nanit’s tripod-style floor mount has a much larger footprint than the Miku floor mount, it’s included in the $299 price, while the Miku floor mount is an extra $99.

Miku Nanit Floor mount Comparing the stands of the Miku baby monitor (left) and the Nanit Pro (right). Allison Bowsher |

The Miku app opened slightly slower than the Nanit app, but was still faster than all other apps on our list. The video quality is excellent and we liked the 30-second video clips the Miku recorded when sound or movement was detected. At seven days, the Miku had a longer storage period for its recorded videos than the Nanit, which only stores videos for two days.

In our testing, we found that the Miku baby monitor effectively tracked baby’s sleep patterns while providing detailed analytics, including awake time, sleep time, average breathing rate and more. Inviting other users to the app is simple, making it easy for grandparents and babysitters to take over. We also liked being able to set the sensitivity level for notifications to help cut down on unnecessary pings on our smartphones.

The Miku’s sound library was by far the most extensive of any of the monitors on our list. We also liked that parents could dim the light on the camera without sacrificing video quality.

Miku baby monitor night vision The Miku baby monitor’s night vision. Allison Bowsher |

Miku baby monitor video footage The camera quality on the Miku baby monitor Allison Bowsher |


  • Breath tracking does not require a wearable
  • Excellent camera quality and the app loads quickly for live streaming
  • Stores more than seven days of sound and video recording to help track sleep progress
  • Huge library of lullabies and soundscapes
  • Best floor mount of all the monitors on our list thanks to its small base
  • Includes all the hardware necessary for a safe wall mount with cord covers


  • Cannot pan or tilt the camera view using the app
  • No additional sleep expert features like the Nanit or Owlet
  • Some movements were not recorded, but we found that to be the case with all monitors that record video footage
  • Camera Livestream loads slightly slower than the Nanit, but faster than every other smart monitor on our list
  • Tied with the Owlet as the most expensive option and that does not include the floor mount, which is an additional $99.00 (the Owlet does not offer a floor mount)

3. Infant Optics DXR-8


Best For: Parents who don’t want to use WiFi or a smartphone and need a dependable baby monitor that can help them keep an eye on baby while they sleep and play. Parents who want the best baby monitor under $200.

Why We Chose It: The Infant Optics DXR-8 is one of the most popular baby monitors available because it’s reliable, affordable, durable, has an impressive tilt and pan function, and is compact, making it easy to find a space to set up the camera. Although it doesn’t record video, we know that’s actually a plus for parents concerned about cybersecurity.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Courtesy of Amazon

If you want to banish bulk and need a reliable baby monitor that doesn’t require WiFi, then the Infant Optics DXR-8 is the best baby monitor for you. Easily one of the most popular baby monitors on the market, the affordable Infant Optics has an impressive 355-degree pan that makes this a great option for keeping an eye on kids in playrooms or anywhere else where they are mobile. For parents of multiples or anyone who wants eyes on the nursery and other rooms in the home, Infant Optics allows for up to four cameras to be added and viewed at once with the split-screen.

Infant Optics is a plug-and-play monitor that requires zero setup time and no WiFi, making it a great option for travel and as a backup monitor for grandma’s house. The small parent monitor is compact and durable and features two-way talk and an impressive battery life. We’ve had our DRX-8 for 3.5 years and it continues to work even after daily use and several drops and bumps, with almost no video delay.

Infant Optics has recently begun selling the DRX-8 PRO for $199.99, which has a larger 5-inch display, an improved 6x optical zoom, a patent-pending active noise reduction feature and a louder speaker. The DRX-8 has the smallest field of vision of all the cameras on our list, so upgrading to the PRO may be worth the money.

Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor display Infant Optics DXR-8 video display. Allison Bowsher |


  • The small parent monitor can fit in a pocket and is ideal for travel.
  • Impressive 100-degree tilt and 355-degree pan.
  • Comes with a replacement lithium-ion battery.
  • Includes night vision, two-way talk, and room temperature sensor.
  • The video feed can be turned off with audio left on to save battery.
  • Durable parent monitor with a long-lasting battery.


  • The video quality is not as sharp as with other monitors.
  • At 3.5”, the Infant Optics has the smallest screen on our list and parents will likely need to pan to get a full view of their child in the crib.
  • A wide-angle lens must be purchased separately.

4. Owlet Dream Duo


Best For: Parents who want the most in-depth health tracking for their baby.

Why We Chose It: The Owlet’s inventive Dream Sock makes it easy for parents to monitor their child’s heart rate in real-time and collect data on their little one’s sleep patterns. Owlet also offers several assessment tools and educational videos to help parents create the best sleep routine and environment for their baby.

Owlet Dream Duo Courtesy of Amazon

Today, the best baby monitors do a lot more than transmit video and sound, and Owlet has developed a reputation for its innovative smart parenting gadgets. Owlet recently revamped its best-selling monitor and Dream Sock after a warning from the FDA — which did not include any safety concerns — and the company launched the Owlet Dream Duo in January 2022, which includes the Owlet Dream Sock and Owlet Cam. The Dream Sock is designed to fit over a baby’s foot and monitor their heart rate, while the Owlet Cam also helps to monitor room temperature, humidity, movement, and more. Parents will receive alerts on the Owlet app when sound or movement is detected, when baby is awake, asleep, or uncomfortable, and the app compiles this information to form a sleep schedule to help parents find the best routine for their baby.

The Owlet app includes an assessment for parents to fill out, which further helps cater Owlet’s sleep program to the individual. The app features the Dream Lab, which includes several videos by sleep experts with advice on improving baby’s sleep and creates an ongoing sleep schedule that adjusts to baby as they grow.

In terms of setup, the Owlet requires the most legwork of all the monitors on our list. Fitting the sock on the baby during every sleep session and ensuring the sock is charged and the sock base is plugged in does add extra steps to a sleep routine, but this is a small addition for parents who are looking for personalized help to get their baby to sleep longer. The Dream Sock can be used until babies are 18 months old and the Owlet Cam can continue being used as a baby monitor for as long as necessary.* [Update: Owlet is now making the Dream Sock Plus which can be used from ages 0 to 5].

Screenshot showing Owlet baby monitor video footage Screenshot showing Owlet baby monitor video footage. Allison Bowsher |


  • The Dream Sock provides real-time information on a baby’s heart rate
  • The Owlet comes with multiple sizes of Dream Socks and additional socks can be ordered
  • Wall mount includes cord cover for added safety
  • Excellent camera quality
  • Owlet’s app provides an assessment and several videos by experts to help parents identify what is keeping their child from sleeping and how to improve their child’s sleep health


  • Cannot pan or tilt the camera view using the app
  • The base for the Dream Sock must be plugged in for the sock to collect data and the sock must be charged daily
  • No video recordings
  • The live stream was the slowest to load of all monitors on our list
  • High price point and no option for floor mount

5. Hubble Connected Nursery Pal Deluxe


Best For: Parents who want the versatility of a live streaming app and a parent monitor, as well additional content, such as pre-loaded educational videos for kids.

Why We Chose It: The Hubble is the only rechargeable camera on our list and therefore does not need to be placed near an outlet. We also like that the parent monitor can be used as a tablet and that the app features space for tracking pertinent information, including feeding and diapering. In addition, this smart baby monitor stores video for 24 hours, features two-way talk and can accommodate up to four cameras.

Hubble Connected Nursery Pal Deluxe Courtesy of Target

The Hubble was the only camera on our list that was rechargeable and therefore able to work without being plugged in, making it a great option for travel. We also liked that the parent monitor included added features, like preloaded entertainment content to keep kids busy.

Our biggest issue with the Hubble was the app. We made several failed attempts to connect the camera to the Hubble app, something we did not have to do with any other monitor on our list. Once inside the app, there are several useful features, including a tracking section for diapering, feeding, and other parenting duties.

The Hubble parent monitor is the only monitor on our list that comes with a rubberized protective case, which we liked. Even with the case on, the Hubble still has one of the thinnest and most lightweight parent monitors on our list. The parent monitor has a touchscreen interface that cuts down on the physical size of the unit, but unfortunately, it was slow to respond at times during our test. Still, despite these drawbacks, it packs a ton of features into an affordable product (relatively speaking), which made it a worthy inclusion in our guide to the best baby monitors of 2022.


  • Includes protective bumper on parent monitor
  • Parent monitor comes with pre-programmed educational content that turns the monitor into a tablet
  • Large 5” LCD screen on the parent monitor
  • Privacy cover on the camera
  • Hubble Grip can be used as wall mount, tripod or can wrap around objects, like the edge of a crib or the handle of a car seat
  • A rechargeable camera does not need to be plugged in at all times to work


  • Issues with pairing camera and app. It took us several tries to connect the camera to the Hubble app
  • The Hubble includes free educations entertainment content on parent monitor for kids, but this is limited
  • Could not pan and tilt using parent monitor
  • Video quality is not as good as more expensive options, including the Nanit, Miku and Owlet
  • Camera is somewhat bulky

6. Papalook BM1 Baby Monitor


Best For: Parents who want excellent camera quality at an affordable price. Parents who don’t want a WiFi or app-connected baby monitor.

Why We Chose It: The Papalook BM1 is an affordable monitor with an excellent camera that delivers a crisp and clear 1080P view on its 5-inch LCD screen. Although the Papalook BM1 isn’t a smart monitor, it still has useful features, including eight songs, an alert that lets parents know when crying is detected, and a slot for a memory card to enable video recording.

Papalook BM1 Baby Monitor Courtesy of Amazon

Among the best baby monitors, the Papalook is the most affordable option on our list because it does not include any smart features, such as breath tracking or recording (without the use of a memory card) and does not have a corresponding app.

However, it’s actually an ideal baby monitor for parents who want a monitor that doesn’t require WiFi or a smartphone. The Papalook has a large 5-inch LCD screen that provides one of the best live video feeds we’ve seen on any baby monitor. We also like that the parent monitor is thin and lightweight, making it much easier to slip into a pocket or use while traveling, especially when compared to the bulky parent monitor that comes with the Motorola PIP.

After a few weeks of use, we did find that the parent monitor did not hold its charge as long and had to be plugged in more frequently. We also found that the camera began having some ghosting and blurring issues, but it had been placed directly under the path of a humidifier on full blast, so this was likely due to water damage.


  • Cute design on camera is child friendly
  • Large 5-inch LCD screen provides an impressive amount of detail even in low lighting
  • Parent monitor is thin and lightweight
  • Includes eight lullabies and soundscapes, plus two-way talk
  • Several alarm settings to notify parents if noise is detected
  • No WiFi or smartphones are required
  • A memory card can be added for video recording


  • Monitor resets each time it’s turned off, so the date and time are continually wrong
  • Battery life on the parent monitor began to deteriorate after a few weeks and eventually only lasted a few hours before needing a charge
  • Does not come with mounting hardware
  • The camera makes an activation noise every time it’s plugged in, which could wake a sleeping baby

7. ChillaxBaby Daily Baby DM640 Baby Monitor


Best For: Parents who want an affordable crossover option that includes both live streaming via an app and a parent monitor.

Why We Chose It: The ChillaxBaby is the least expensive crossover monitor on our list, provides versatility in its viewing options, and includes useful parent tools both in the app and on the parent monitor. Parents can also view a split-screen view with up to four cameras, a feature that’s lacking in even the best baby monitors on our list.

ChillaxBaby Daily Baby DM640 Baby Monitor Courtesy of Amazon

The ChillaxBaby sets itself apart from the other crossover monitors on our list by its low price and in-app features. The ChillaxBaby app includes an extensive Journal section that has room for parents to record pertinent information, including daily schedules, appointments, health information, and more. The ChillaxBaby also includes a feeding and diaper button on the parent monitor that adds convenience by allowing parents to send tracking information directly to the app with the push of a button. Additional users, such as nannies and grandparents, can easily be added or removed from the live stream on the ChillaxBaby app.

Like the Hubble and Motorola PIP, the ChillaxBaby records and stores video footage for up to 24 hours. Also like the Hubble and Motorola PIP, where the ChillaxBaby falters is video quality. It does have a slim parent monitor that is much smaller than the bulky Motorola PIP and is only slightly larger than the Hubble.

Additional cameras can be added and viewed in a split-screen. Lullabies and personal audio recordings are available and two-way talk is included. We also liked that the ChillaxBaby camera includes a physical switch that allows parents to turn off WiFi for privacy.

Chillax Baby Monitor display. Chillax Baby Monitor display. Allison Bowsher |


  • Features extended 1200-foot range, which is longer than most monitors on our list
  • The camera has a physical button that easily allows parents to switch WiFi off for privacy
  • Parent monitor has physical buttons that allow parents to easily send feeding and diapering information directly to the app for tracking
  • The app includes a detailed Journal section that provides space for parents to track feeding, diapering, sleeping, growth, teething, appointments, and more
  • LED light automatically dims in dark light so as not to distract baby
  • The parent monitor is one of the sleekest and most lightweight on our list
  • The app includes a gallery for storing pictures taken via the app


  • The ChillaxBaby’s parent monitor has a higher quality video than the Motorola PIP but live streaming via the app is not as high quality as the Motorola PIP
  • Small viewing range
  • Cannot pan or tilt using the app or parent monitor

8. Motorola Nursery PIP


Best For: Parents who want smartphone live streaming and a parent monitor that can be used for backup.

Why We Chose It: The new Motorola Nursery Pip has several features built into its app, including a journal that is useful for tracking feeding and diaper changes and a music library that also allows for personal audio recordings. This video baby monitor records movement and features two-way talk, but it’s coolest feature is the ability to take picture via the Motorola Nursery app.

Motorola Nursery PIP Courtesy of Nordstrom

The Motorola Nursery PIP was released in February 2022, but it’s already earned its spot among the best baby monitors. This new product gives parents the versatility of using the monitor’s in-app live streaming to keep an eye on their child, as well as the physical parent monitor. We like the fun design of the PIP camera, which is reminiscent of Wall-E, and being able to tilt and pan the camera from both the app and parent monitor is useful.

The Motorola’s closest competitors on our list are the ChillaxBaby and Hubble. At $10 more, the Hubble includes some educational content that turns the parent monitor into a tablet. For $10 less, the ChillaxBaby has almost the exact same features as the Motorola, but the Motorola has a wider viewing angle that makes it easier to see the entire crib in the frame.

Motorola PIP baby monitor display. Motorola PIP baby monitor display. Allison Bowsher |


  • Features live streaming via the Motorola app and includes a parent monitor
  • Keeps a video record of movement for up to 24 hours
  • Allows for panning and tilting when using the app or the parent monitor
  • Includes two-way talk, lullabies and allows for personal audio recordings
  • Journal feature has space for feeding, diapering, and sleep tracking information
  • Additional cameras can be added with a split-screen view


  • The parent monitor is extremely bulky and the video quality is very low
  • The video feed, as well as panning and tilting using the parent monitor, is delayed
  • The PIP camera has a child-friendly design, but is on the larger side of cameras
  • A wall mount is included, but no cord cover

Also Consider: Lollipop Baby Monitor



Best For: Parents who want to save money and are comfortable with a baby monitor that uses an app for live streaming. Parents looking for an easy-to-use monitor that attaches to the crib.

Why We Chose It: The Lollipop Baby Monitor doesn’t use a parent monitor and it doesn’t have any health stats, which is why it’s one of the most affordable options on our list. It’s a hugely popular model and one of the most affordable video baby monitors available.

Lollipop Baby Monitor Courtesy of Amazon

SPY’s product testers haven’t been able to review this baby monitor yet, but it’s one of the top-rated options in the product category, and Lollipop has a good reputation with parents. We appreciate the straightforward and attractive product design, which doesn’t require a separate stand or wall mounting. Simply attach the bendable arm to the crib and start recording right away. The best baby monitors also come with additional features beyond recording sound or video, and the Lollipop does offer 2-way talk.

If there’s one drawback, it’s the app-based viewing. For privacy-minded folks who want the best possible security, this is definitely a downside.

The Lollipop is the only baby monitor on our list that we did not review personally, but we included it because of its popularity and high ratings. Like the Owlet, Miku and Nanit, the Lollipop does not include a parent monitor and utilities the users’ phone as the monitor. Unlike the other three brands, the Lollipop is significantly less expensive at $149.00. It doesn’t have the same camera quality, health tracking abilities, or in-app features the other three brands boasts, but for parents who are willing to skip those features and want a WiFi baby monitor, the Lollipop is a great option.


  • Audio will play in the background even when the video isn’t streaming, which helps to save battery life.
  • The bendable camera holder helps to provide an unobstructed view without the need of a floor mount, wall mount, or nearby surface to place the camera.
  • Includes wall mounting hardware and cord cover.
  • The bendable holder provides several position options, which makes this a great choice for travel.
  • Excellent price point.
  • Multiple cameras can be added.
  • Records and saves 30-second videos when movement is detected for up to seven days.


  • Cannot pant or tilt.
  • Understanding how to navigate the app’s interface takes some time.
  • Slight lag when watching livestream and using two-way talk.
  • Sleep tracking and additional milestone videos are available, but this feature only has a 30-day free trial before an in-app purchase is required.

What About the Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO Baby Monitor?

Infant Optics has released an updated version of its popular DXR-8 Baby Monitor, which we featured above as our “Best Non-WiFi Monitor” pick. The Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO Baby Monitor is another option worth considering. As we noted in our review of the DXR-8, this is an excellent option for parents who don’t want to spend $400 on a baby monitor. SPY is still in the process of thoroughly testing the DXR-8 PRO, which is why it isn’t featured here. However, this non WiFi baby monitor has stellar reviews from parents, and we do think it’s a great option for SPY readers as well.

The DXR-8 PRO does offer some new advanced features such as a technology Infant Optics calls “Active Noise Reduction”. It also features an upgraded speaker system for overall louder and clearer audio. The DXR-8 PRO is available via the Infant Optics online store and retailers such as Amazon.


Why Trust SPY When Shopping for a Video Baby Monitor

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The SPY team has tested and reviewed several types of video cameras over the last two years, from indoor and outdoor security cameras to adventure video cameras, and, of course, video baby monitors. We have also reviewed several categories of baby products and are constantly searching for new items that help make life better for babies and parents. As new products become available, we’ll be sure to update this guide with the best new baby monitors.


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