The Best Baby Monitors for Helping Parents Keep an Eye on Their Little One

Best Baby Monitor
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Parents have a lot of things to worry about but being able to keep an eye on their baby while they sleep shouldn’t be one of them. In the past, a good baby monitor meant parents straining to hear if their little one was crying in another room. Thankfully, advancements in technology mean that parents can now watch and hear their little, check the temperature in their baby’s room and in some cases use a two-way radio to talk to their baby and help calm them down with some soothing words.

A baby’s sleep time is crucial for parents to get work done, relax, or get some much-needed sleep themselves. Fighting with a baby monitor that gets poor reception, has a low-quality video feed or constantly cuts out is not time well spent. When you need to keep an eye and ear on your little one, only the best baby monitors will do. Check out our top picks below and remember parents, you’re doing great.


1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor


The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor has been one of the most popular baby monitors for years and for good reasons. Affordable and reliable, the monitor comes with three lenses that allow users to choose a normal, wide or zoomed-in view. The monitor has a large screen and user-friendly design that allows parents to tilt and pan, adjust the volume, zoom in, and speak to the baby using the talk function. Users can set the screen to time out after a few minutes to help save the battery life, but the volume will remain on so that parents can still hear their little one. The rechargeable monitor has an impressive 10-hour battery life and is approximately the size of a smartphone, making it easy for users to carry around the house in their pocket. The Infant Optics has an impressive range that will work throughout even the largest homes and, in some cases, reach outdoor spaces as well. Users don’t have to rely on a WiFi connection to use the monitor and we also like that up to four Infant Optics cameras can be used with a single monitor, making this a great option for homes with multiple children or play areas.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor Amazon

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

$135.00 $229.99 41% OFF

2. Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor


Monitoring your baby’s food intake and diaper changes is relatively straightforward, but how do parents know whether their baby is getting a good night’s sleep? With the Nanit, the smart baby monitor tracks how long your baby is asleep, when they wake up and makes suggestions on how to improve their sleep patterns. The smart monitor features an easy to wear tracker for the baby that tells parents everything they need to know about their little one’s sleep habits, including real-time updates on their baby’s temperature. The Nanit app allows parents to see and hear their baby and users can invite up to four members to view the app, meaning even if mom or dad or at work, they can still check in on their little one’s nap schedule. The wall-mounted monitor includes tubing to keep dangerous wires away from little hands. Parents can speak to their baby on the two-way system, play white noise to help block out distracting sounds and record memories through the app’s photo and video function.

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor Amazon

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

$249.99 $279.99 11% OFF

3. VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor


Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option or only need a monitor with audio, we recommend the VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor. The sound-only baby monitor has an impressive 1000-foot range and provides parents with a clear audio stream of their baby’s room (an out of range indicator will let parents know when they’ve gone too far away from the baby’s room). Users can choose one or two parent units for monitoring the noise level. We like that the parent units can be set to silent with a five-level sound indicator graphic, making this a great option for parents who are working from home and want to know when their little one is awake without cries or babbles interrupting a video call. The parent units also come with a belt clip, making it easy to take the monitor on the go while moving through the home.

VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor Amazon

VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor

$18.99 $24.95 24% OFF

4. Motorola Video Baby Monitor


See your baby or babies in full-color clarity with the 5-inch LCD screen on the Motorola Video Baby Monitor. Thanks to Motorola’s large screen and multi-camera pairing, parents can see two feeds at once on the monitor’s split-screen, making this a great option for twins or families that have two young children. Parents can easily tilt, zoom, and pan to get the best view of their little one. The two-way talk function also makes it convenient for parents to speak to their baby from another room. Motorola’s large screen also displays the temperature in the baby’s room and gives parents the option of playing one of the five preset lullabies to help get their little one to sleep. Infrared night vision means that parents can still clearly see their baby even in a dark room.

Motorola Video Baby Monitor Amazon

Motorola Video Baby Monitor


5. Miku Smart Baby Monitor


One of the most splurge-worthy baby monitors on the market is the Miku Smart Baby Monitor. Approved by the HSA and FSA, the Miku has every feature parents could want to monitor and analyze their little one’s sleep partners and more. Breathing, movement, and nursery conditions like room humidity level and temperature are tracked and recorded in the monitor’s companion app. Parents can get a real-time view of their baby’s RPM and breathing, set their child’s playlist using the monitor’s custom lullabies and dual Ole Wolff speakers, use a two-way microphone and record HD videos and photos. The app allows for multiple users to get a live view of their baby’s nursery from anywhere in the world, with high-grade optics providing a clear view in any light. Health metrics are recorded without the need for baby to keep a wearable item on and the Miku doesn’t require any subscription fees. The Miku pairs with any smartphone or tablet and includes all the necessary hardware for a safe wall-mount installation.

Miku Smart Baby Monitor Amazon

Miku Smart Baby Monitor


6. Conico 1080P HD Wireless Camera


Buying on a budget doesn’t mean you have to give up convenient features when searching for a baby monitor. Thanks to the Conico 1080P HD Wireless Camera, new parents can get a reliable camera at an affordable price by using their smartphone as the monitor. The high definition camera can pan up 150 degrees and has an 8x optical zoom that provides a close-up and detailed look at your little one. Night vision will automatically switch over in low light settings and works up to 32 feet away from the target. Parents can get instant alerts sent to their phones whenever noise or motion is detected on the camera. The Conico companion app also allows for video storage using a microSD card (not included) or through the Cloud. Multiple Conico cameras can be paired to the same app account, making this a great option for parents of multiples or anyone who wants to have a camera set up in the nursery, playroom, living room, etc.

Conico 1080P HD Wireless Camera Amazon


7. Eufy Video Baby Monitor


With the Eufy Video Baby Monitor, parents can finally stop squinting to figure out whether their baby has finally closed their eyes and gone to sleep. The monitors’ impressive 5-inch LCD screen and sharp picture provide 10 times more detail than the average baby monitor, making it easy for parents to get a detailed and clear look at their little one. A wide-angle lens means parents can pan 330 degrees and tilt 110 degrees, making this a great option for nurseries or playrooms once your little one is mobile. A private FHSS connection means parents can feel secure that only they can see what’s on their baby’s monitor. Convenient features like a wall mount, two-way talk function, temperature display, and clear night vision come standard with the Eufy. We also like that the Eufy has an impressive 15-hour rechargeable battery mode and 1000-foot range, making this a great option for homes with multiple levels or outdoor living spaces.

Eufy Video Baby Monitor Amazon

Eufy Video Baby Monitor


8. Baby Monitor by Hello Baby


For a monitor that can grow with baby to their first steps and beyond, we like the Baby Monitor by Hello Baby. A great option for newborns, the 3.2-inch display on the Hello Baby monitor provides a clear picture for parents on a monitor that is safe from encryption. A room temperature monitor, infrared night vision, two-way voice talk, eight preset lullabies, and a sound-only option all come together to create a user-friendly baby monitor. As little ones get older and become more mobile, the Hello Baby monitor makes a great addition to any nursery or playroom thanks to its impressive 355-degree pan and 120-degree tilt, making it easy for parents to watch their baby on the move. The Hello Baby monitor also has an impressive 1000-foot range that allows parents to move freely throughout the home without losing sight of their little one.

Baby Monitor by Hello Baby Amazon

9. Google Nest Cam


For a non-traditional baby monitor option, the Google Nest Cam that makes a great watchdog for babies, pets, elderly parents and overall home safety. Users can live stream the feed from their Google Nest Cam anytime in full 1080p HD over WiFi, making it easy for parents who aren’t at home to check in on their baby. Record precious moments or scrub through recorded videos to figure out how your baby’s blankie got thrown halfway across the room during a nap in clear 1920 x 1080 resolution. Eight infrared cameras provide a clear view even in dark settings. Parents will get alerts anytime the camera detects motion or noise and up to three cameras can be paired on one app, making this a great option for homes with multiple children. When parents no longer need to use the Google Nest Cam as a baby monitor, it can easily be repurposed into a home security camera.

Google Nest Cam Amazon

10. Owlet Smart Sock


For a different type of monitor that is designed to give parents peace of mind, there is the Owlet Smart Sock. The Owlet can be used on its own or in conjunction with a traditional video monitor. The Owlet works by using a small sock with a monitor inside. The monitor relays information to the Owlet app and alerts parents with information on their baby’s oxygen level and heart rate. Made with three sock size options to fit babies up to 18 months, the Owlet provides real-time information through the companion app, which can be accessed by multiple users at once. A base station will light up in different colors to alert parents when there are noticeable changes to their child’s oxygen levels and heart rate. The Owlet app tracks the baby’s statistics to provide parents with important health information.

Owlet Amazon

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