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The Best Baby Onesies to Buy Online — Because You Can Never Have Too Many

It’s tough to find a piece of clothing that is cuter than a baby onesie. Sure, it helps that the person wearing it is also a tiny ball of cuteness, but onesies themselves also bring the ‘awwww’ factor. Finding a onesie for a baby that is fun to look at is easy, but what about finding one that won’t aggravate the baby’s sensitive skin, is easy to put on and take off pre and post poop explosions, and will still look good after approximately 57 trips through the washing machine? That’s a bit tougher, which is why we’re here to help you with finding one of the most-used baby items.

A baby onesie is an all-encompassing term that can include bodysuits that are sleeveless, short-sleeved or long-sleeved. Onesies can also have legs and foot coverings, a style that is often referred to as pajamas. But let’s be real — when you sleep 18 hours a day, aren’t all your clothes technically pajamas?

When searching for the best baby onesie all the way up to a onesie for toddlers, these are some key features to keep in mind:

  • Tags can aggravate a baby’s sensitive skin. Avoid them whenever possible.
  • Look for multiple exit points. Can the onesies be pulled down over the baby’s body if there is a poop explosion? If the onesie has legs, does it have a two-way zipper to ensure the baby stays warm during diaper changes?
  • Have a mix of affordable and splurge-worthy onesies. Having inexpensive onesies on hand to keep stashed in the diaper bag, the car, at grandma’s house, etc. helps to ensure you’re never caught with a soiled onesie and nothing clean for your now naked baby. Higher-quality onesies with super soft material are great for long stretches of sleep at night.
  • Decide if you’re a button or zipper person. Some parents like a mix, others will immediately regift a onesie that is not their preferred style. After a few bleary-eyed outfit changes at 3 a.m., you’ll likely pick a side.

Whether you’re shopping for a newborn onesie or need something for your growing 9-month-old, these baby onesies are the best. And for everything else outside of the wonderful world of onesies, be sure to check out our roundup of the best places to buy baby clothes online.

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1. A-Bee-C Organic Baby Onesie by Burt’s Bees


For an ultra-soft onesie that won’t fade even after several washes, we recommend the A-Bee-C Organic Baby Long Sleeve Bodysuits 3 Pack by Burt’s Bees. Made from 100% organic cotton, Burt’s Bees has some of the softest and best baby onesies on the market and no shortage of cute gender-specific and unisex designs. The lap shoulder construction makes it easy to dress and undress baby thanks to ample stretching capabilities. A three-snap button provides easy access for diaper changes and ring-spun, no-pill fabric means these onesies can be passed down to future siblings.

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Courtesy of Amazon

2. Hanes Ultimate Long Sleeve Onesies


Cute, cozy and affordable, the Hanes Bodysuits hit the trifecta of baby onesies. The five-pack is available in a variety of colors and patterns, including all-white onesies and this unisex option included below. Made from cotton, polyester and spandex for the best baby onesie that is comfortable and has four-way stretch, this is not a onesie you’ll want to overlook. We especially like the expandable shoulders and three-snap closure at the bottom that make it possible to put the onesie on from the top-down or bottom-up.

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Courtesy of Amazon

3. Organic Wrap Sleep & Play by Carter’s


Whether you are snap-adverse or snap-specific, the best baby onesies with snaps are kimono style. Easy to get on and off, the kimono style is becoming increasingly popular and offered by most baby retailers. One of our favorites is the Organic Wrap Sleep & Play by Carter’s. Made from 100% certified organic cotton rib that is certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard, the super-soft onesie can be crossed over baby’s chest on either side and has open feet to help fit baby longer. We also like that Carter’s limited the number of snaps on the legs so parents and caregivers don’t feel like they’re solving a Rubix cube every time they have to dress baby.

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Courtesy of Carter's

4. Modern Moments Onesies by Gerber


Searching for long and short-sleeved onesies? The Modern Moments line by Gerber makes it easy to purchase both in a convenient, matching set. With an affordable price point and excellent quality, the Modern Moments set comes in a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to match bottoms with the onesies, which feature two snap buttons and an expandable lap shoulder for easy changing. The OEKO-TEX onesies are made without the use of harmful substances and are 97% cotton with 3% spandex to help keep baby comfortable while on the go.

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Courtesy of Walmart

5. Grow-With-Me White Short Sleeve Onesies Set


Whether you’re looking for solid colors, bright prints, subdued hues or holiday-themed pieces, Gerber has the best baby onesie that will fit your needs. If those needs are bulk, Gerber has those as well. Great for baby showers and birthday parties, the 15-Pack Grow-With-Me White Short Sleeve Onesies Bodysuit Assorted Size Set is ready for fabric paint, tie-dye events, iron-on decals or simply acting as a great basic to keep on hand. The onesies are made from 100% cotton rib fabric, have an expandable lap shoulder and a snap bottom closure that is positioned higher in the front for easy changing. We also like that the set includes three sizes to grow with baby.

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Courtesy of Gerber

6. Baby GapFit Tech Cozy Onesie


It’s not safe for babies or kids to wear jackets while strapped into car seats and blankets in cribs are a major no-no until little ones are at least 12 months old. So, how do you keep babies warm when sleeping or on the go during colder months? Opt for a warmer onesie, like the Baby GapFit Tech Cozy One-Piece. The soft knit onesie has cozy sherpa lining, a zipper-front closure and a soft crewneck. The cotton, poly, spandex blend is made from 37% recycled materials and is a great option for keeping baby warm with any added bulk.

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Courtesy of The Gap

7. Adjustable Fit Set by H&M


Picture this — you have finally found your favorite onesie for your little one. It’s comfortable, looks great after multiple washes and is easy to get on and off. Then … bam! Baby has grown out of the onesie. Keep your fave around a little long with the Adjustable Fit Set from H&M. The company offers several onesies in the adjustable fit style, which has two rows of snap fasteners at the gusset and extra-long cuffs that can be unfolded as baby grows. The set also comes with a super cute hat and pants with a wide, fold-over panel at the waist and extra-long cuffs that can be unfolded. All items in the set are made from soft 100% organic cotton.

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Courtesy of H&M

8. Baby Boys’ Adaptive Bodysuit by Cat & Jack


Target has recently begun carrying a line of adaptive baby and kids clothing and we love to see it. The company’s Cat & Jack line offers several onesies under the adaptive line, which all include sensory-friendly flat seams and zero tags. Hidden abdominal access, crotch snaps, and shoulder snaps all create a onesie that is easy to get on and off. We also like that the onesies are made with comfortable and stretchy recycled polyester.

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Courtesy of Target

9. Unisex Sleep & Play Footed One-Piece for Baby by Old Navy


As we mentioned earlier, blankets are a no-no for babies. There are plenty of wearable blankets that help keep little ones warm while they sleep, but these still leave hands uncovered. Keep your little one warm while they snooze with the Unisex Sleep & Play Footed One-Piece 3-Pack for Baby, which includes long sleeves with fold-over mittens. Not only does baby wake up with warm hands, but this also reduces the chance of them scratching themselves. The baby onesies, which are available in various sizes and patterns, are finished with a one-way down zipper that makes it easy to change baby without getting them completely undressed.

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Courtesy of Old Navy

10. Blue Breakfast Buddies Bamboo Viscose Zippy


It doesn’t take much to irritate a baby’s sensitive skin, which is why we like the baby onesies from Little Sleepies. The company uses custom-milled bamboo viscose that is buttery soft, stretchy and most importantly, gentle on sensitive skin that is prone to eczema. The onesies are made without snaps, buttons or tags that could aggravate a baby and have a double zipper for easy diaper changes. The Little Sleepers are on the pricier side, but fold-over mittens and fold-over foot cuffs that convert the onesie from a footless romper to footed sleeper help to extend the life of the onesie three times longer than other onesies.

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Courtesy of Little Sleepies

11. HonestBaby Short Sleeve Onesies


You don’t have to sacrifice price for high-quality fabric when it comes to HonestBaby. The company makes an affordable 10-pack of 100% organic cotton baby onesies in a variety of colors, including one pack of 10 white onesies. An envelope neck, lap shoulder construction, and nickel-free snaps all make changing easy. A premium, raw-edge jersey binding helps to cut down on the fabric rubbing on baby’s sensitive skin. We also like that the machine washable onesies maintain their size and color vibrance even after frequent washings.

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Courtesy of Amazon

12. Cousin Crew Long-Sleeve Bodysuit


Have an event coming up and need to help your non-verbal baby to convey a message? Say everything with a onesie from Carter’s. The company has a huge assortment of 100% cotton onesies in long and short-sleeved styles with lap shoulder construction and strong snaps. Show every family member some love, celebrate the holidays including birthdays, mother’s day, and father’s day, get ready for the next big game, honor your culture, and more with Carter’s massive lineup of affordable and comfortable onesies.

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Courtesy of Carter's

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