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The Best Books For Kids For Random Acts Of Kindness Week

It’s Random Acts of Kindness week, which always happens around Valentine’s Day, which you can still get some good last-minute gifts for if you’re lucky. To celebrate the wonders of being kind to one another, we’ve decided to grab some of the best kids’ books for kindness around.

Naturally, we’ve gone ahead and included a Bluey book, because we love it. If you need more from the best dogs in the business, you can grab some of the best Bluey toys around, because why wouldn’t you?

Anyway, good dogs aside, here are our picks for the best books for kids for Random Acts of Kindness Week. Go ahead and grab some and share them with your kids, cousins, or niblings, and enjoy the best things in life.

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Sesame Steet is wholesome. It’s the kind of wholesome that everything else aspires to hit. This collection of books distils some of the lessons into 12 books ideal for younger readers, and it’ll help them learn to love books too.

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If you want a book about kindness, then this one is basically it. Kindness is my Superpower is one of a series espousing the importance of good qualities. It has loads of cool things you can do together, conversation starters, and examples of how to be kind and what it means.

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A Boy Like You focuses on why it’s important to be kind, and how good qualities can help change the world and improve everyone’s lives. Kids can be told to toughen up a lot, especially from a lot of grandparents, but kindness is its own strength, and that’s what sits at the core of this book.

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You can’t have one without the other. A Girl Like You has the same wonderful heart-filling eye-wateringly-sweet messages, but for girls. These two books are genuinely some of the nicest out there, and we’d challenge any parent to get through them without welling up a little bit.

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Bluey is the ultimate children’s show. It has lessons for the kiddos, lessons for adults, plenty of entertainment, and a heart of the purest gold. There’s no show out there that does it better, and the books capture a lot of that same magic. So, here’s a collection of multiple stories.