The Top 10 CoComelon Toys for Fans of YouTube’s Hit Kids Series

CoComelon Tractor Toy
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Move over, Baby Shark, there’s a new YouTube sensation dominating the charts — one that toddlers, preschoolers, and parents can’t get enough of.

If your little one isn’t hooked on CoComelon videos yet, they will be. The channel is chock full of 3D animations centered around the daily lives of the CoComelon family. Each episode is full of adorable, educational nursery rhymes and kids songs covering topics like shapes, colors, manners, and more. The channel actually launched a whopping 14 years ago, but has recently gained momentum, becoming the platform’s most-watched show, not to mention a Netflix sensation. And, not unlike the Baby Shark phenomena, the animated series has also materialized into a collection of CoComelon toys that includes plushies, bath accessories, and figurines.

In December 2020, Cocomelon toys were listed on Google’s 100 Top Trending Gifts of the year. More recently, the show’s collectibles also secured the number three spot on the search engine’s list of top Valentine’s Day gifts for kids in 2021. Luckily, though high in demand, you can easily find the best CoComelon toys available for purchase online, and we’ve scouted out the best below.

Keep reading to find the best CoComelon toys for fans of the hit Youtube channel. For birthdays, holidays and just-because, these Youtube-inspired gifts are some of the best toys to give young kids.


1. CoComelon Official Musical Bedtime JJ Doll

JJ CoComelon dolls are a hot commodity. The youngest of the CoComelon clan, toddlers feel a kinship to this curious kiddo, so if bedtime is a trying time, maybe this musical plushie can help soothe your little one to sleep. Clad in whale printed PJs and a teddy bear tucked under his arm, prompt your child to give their CoComelon toy a snuggle and squeeze. With seven sounds and phrases, including the show’s hit “Yesyes Bedtime!” programmed into JJ’s tummy, each hug will elicit a calming tune to lull them to sleep.

Cocomelon JJ Bedtime Doll Courtesy of Amazon

2. CoComelon JJ and Melon Plush Stuffed Toys

This two-for-one CoComelon toy pack gives your toddler more to love! JJ doll, Melon plush (accompanied by a blue-eyed ladybug), and your little one will become the best of friends as they play together and snuggle up to watch their favorite musical show. Amazon buyers note that the toys are smaller than pictured, but still perfect for little hands to hold onto (and, trust us, they’ll never want to let them go).

Cocomelon JJ Doll and Melon Plush Courtesy of Amazon

3. CoComelon Official Musical Tractor with Sounds & Exclusive 3-inch Farm JJ Toy

If your little one gets a kick out of your hand-me-down Little People figures, they’ll love this CoComelon toy. With this set, farmer JJ invites your preschooler (and any other 3-inch Cocomelon family and friends in the collection) on a musical tractor ride. Prompt them to press on the vehicle’s grill for a sing-along to clips of Old Macdonald, and to teach them a variety of animal noises from a cow’s “moo” to the “bahs” of sheep.

Cocomelon Musical Tractor Toy Courtesy of Amazon

4. Cocomelon Toys Official Friends & Family, 6 Figure Pack

For parents who are comfortable letting their preschoolers play with hard action figures, this CoComelon friends and family character pack will make a great addition to their toy collection. With JJ (in not one but two adorable outfits), TomTom, YoYo, Cody, and Nina, there’s plenty of fun to be had. And while the toys themselves don’t sing or play music, rest assured the set will still inspire fans of the show to use their imagination and bring the gang to life in their own way.

Cocomelon Friends and Family Character Toys Courtesy of Amazon

5. Cocomelon Official Musical Checkup Case

Do you have a future doctor in the family? Little ones love to give their dolls (and parents) pretend doctor checkup, and this kid-friendly medical kit comes with everything they need to perform a thorough examination. The playset includes a stethoscope, otoscope, thermometer, and syringe, but these hands-on tools aren’t even the best part. The melon-shaped carrying case to keep all their belongings doubles as a sound machine, and plays nine sounds and phrases, like a heartbeat, to really set the scene for your child. All that’s missing is a lollipop for good behavior (but we’ll leave that up to you, Dad).

Cocomelon Musical Checkup Case Courtesy of Amazon

6. CoComelon First Act Musical Keyboard

Ready for a jam sesh? Your little musician will definitely be feeling the rhythm when their little hands fly across this CoComelon keyboard. Inspired by the Youtube series’ popular hits, the 23-key instrument has been programmed with two pre-recorded songs (CoComelon ABC and CoCoMelon Music) to keep your child engaged. It also serves as an excellent developmental tool for their fine motor and auditory skills, as well as brain memory and independent thinking.

cocomelon keyboard toy Courtesy of Amazon

7. Cocomelon WT80113 Musical Yellow School Bus

If musical tractors aren’t their style, how about a musical school bus? With JJ sitting comfortably in the passenger seat, the CoComelon toy can seat 6 of your child’s favorite CoComelon family members and friends. And for your passenger’s musical entertainment, pressing the vehicle’s front will make the big yellow bus play CoComelon’s version of “Wheels on the Bus.”

CoComelon Musical Bus Courtesy of Target

8. CoComelon Nursery Rhyme Singing Time Plush Book

Young readers-in-training can’t get enough of picture books, and it’s a bonus when said picture books also sing songs. CoComelon’s plus booklet features classic nursery rhymes beloved by fans of the show, including “Old MacDonald”, “Yes Yes Bedtime”, “Yes Yes Vegetables”, the “Thank You” song, and the “Bath Song.” We apologize in advance for any earworms that may ensue, as this vibrantly illustrated story is sure to be on repeat in your household.

CoComelon Musical Plush Book Courtesy of Amazon

9. CoComelon Mini Vehicle Ice Cream Truck

Does your little one have a sweet tooth? If so, this CoComelon mini ice cream truck will have your child delivering sweet treats around the house in no time. But this bright pink automotive isn’t the only miniature on the road (err — rug); there are three additional minis in the collection, too, including a Trash Truck, School Bus, and Fire Truck. Collect them all and watch your child maneuver this adorable traffic pile up around the house.

CoComelon Toy Ice Cream Truck Courtesy of Kohls

10. CoComelon First Act Musical Xylophone

Baby’s first xylophone is always an exciting purchase, and it doesn’t get much better than CoComelon’s kid-friendly instrument. Young kids love musical toys, and this noise-maker is perfect for preschoolers and musically-inclined toddlers. The 8-key xylophone comes with two plastic mallets and is pre-tuned your little musician can play as soon as this CoComelon toy comes out of the box. What’s more, not only will the xylophone teach your child music, it’s great for fine-tuning their fine motor skills, color identification, and more.

CoComelon First Act Xylophone Courtesy of Amazon

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