The Best Car Window Shades To Keep Your Baby Nice And Cool

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Infants are much more sensitive to light and temperature than adults, so it’s essential to have one of the best car window shades for your baby on those hot and sunny days. There are tons of options out there to properly fit your car windows and filter out those harmful rays.

Whether you want something simple or a little more fun yet still functional, there’s a sunshade out there that’ll be perfect for you. Many are adjustable, secure in a variety of ways or are designed to fit a certain sized car. You can get them individually if you only have one window that needs to be covered or in sets of two and four to protect your baby from all angles. Not only do car window shades block dangerous UV rays, they also keep babies cool and comfortable so they don’t overheat or have to squint into bright light.

If you have a baby on the way or you’re preparing for a long car ride with an infant in tow, you’ll want to get one of the best car window shades for babies. Here are some highly rated selections that are sure to meet the needs of your car and child.


1. Disney Baby Pull-Down Car Sun Shade


If your child is old enough to be aware of the window shade protecting them, it can be fun to have a cute design for them to look at. These pull-down sun shades have a Mickey Mouse pattern, protect from direct sunlight, heat and harmful rays, and are universally compatible with most interior car windows. There are multiple attachment options and a one-push, quick-release button to easily retract the shade.

Disney Baby Pull-Down Car Sun Shade Courtesy of Target

2. Munchkin Brica Mega White Hot Rollershade


If you want a sunshade that can stay attached and roll up and down as needed, this is a great option. It has a one-push retract button for easy rollup, and you can choose to attach it with adjustable clips or suction cups. It’s extra-large, so it’s perfect for larger vehicles like SUVs and minivans. It also has a handy White Hot head alert system that indicates when the car is too hot for you or your baby.

munchkin brica rollershade Courtesy of Target

3. kinder Fluff Car Window Sunshades


These car window shades are the only brand certified to block over 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays from passengers. They have an SPF of 100 and come in packs of four— either two transparent and two semi-transparent or all four semi-transparent. They install and fold easily without any suction or adhesive, and are also super affordable.

kinder Fluff Car Window Sunshades Courtesy of Amazon

4. Enovoe Car Window Shade for Baby


Similar to the shades featured above, these Enovoe car window shades for babies block over 97 percent of harmful UV rays. They have a unique dual-layer design to protect passengers while allowing the driver to maintain full visibility. The static cling back allows for easy application and removal, and they fit most cars up to mid-size.

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Enovoe Car Window Shade for Baby Courtesy of Amazon

5. ggomaART Car Side Window Sun Shade


One of the easiest ways to install and remove a window sun shade for kids is through magnets. This one has five strong magnets that can be mounted on the steel car side window frame, and slide to the left or right without removing if you want to see outside or open the window. It blocks most sunlight to keep the backseat cool, and comes in a variety of cute, kid-friendly designs.

ggomaART car sun shade Courtesy of Amazon

6. Diono Sun Stoppers Car Window Shades


These pop-open car window shades are ideal for smaller cars due to their size and ability to fold up flat to store. The mesh panels protect your little travelers from direct sunlight, heat and glare without completely obstructing the view of outside. They come in a two pack that are easy to remove and re-use as often as you need.

diono sun stoppers car window shades Courtesy of Target

7. Munchkin Brica Magnetic Stretch to Fit Sun Shade


You can get these Munchkin Brica stretch to fit sun shade as a single or in a two-pack. The magnets easily attach to a metal car frame, and the windows can still roll down with the shade installed. The secure hoops-to-hooks design allows for a custom-fit on windows of various shapes and sizes, so you can use it in almost any car. It also helps protect against harmful UV rays and the safe-view mesh blocks glare from the sun.

munchkin brica stretch to fit sunshade Courtesy of Amazon

8. Magnetic Car Sun Shade Curtain


These car window shades for babies are proven to keep your car cool by blocking 95 percent of UV rays and sun glare, and they also come in a wide variety of cute patterns for your youngers to enjoy. Tailor your sun shade to your child’s interests with dinosaurs, polar bears and more, or help them learn while you drive with alphabet patterns. They’re simple to use and have tons of 5-star reviews.

magnetic car sun shade Courtesy of Amazon

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