Show off Your Fatherhood Pride With Matching Daddy and Me Shirts

daddy and me matching outfits
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Becoming a dad is one of the greatest joys in life. It’s also straight-up terrifying. There are plenty of great parenting books to help dads get started on their journey of fatherhood and no shortage of cool dad shoes, dad socks (because dads can never have enough socks) and parenting gadgets to give dads on Father’s Day and beyond. But as all dads quickly learn, the best gift is something that can be shared between the parent and their child. To be honest, there are way fewer tears that way, as young children may struggle to comprehend the fact that all the presents in the world aren’t actually for them. That’s why matching daddy and me shirts are a popular gift for dads.

Sure, Daddy and me matching outfits may seem a little cringe, but cringe is very in right now. And there’s never a bad time to post a cute photo on Facebook or Instagram. The best Daddy and me shirts have several benefits. First, it’s a new clean shirt and clean onesie that will help stretch out the time between laundry loads (how do tiny people make so much extra laundry?). Second, daddy and me shirts are a thoughtful gift that works for the holidays, Father’s Day, birthdays and any other day worthy of celebration. Daddy and me shirts are also great for family photos, wearing to family events and throwing on anytime your little one wants to look as cool as dad. Matching outfits are also great for large events in case your little one gets lost. The shirt will make it easier for people to spot your mini-me when, not if, they wander off. At some point, all kids get lost. Please see the above point about parenthood being terrifying.

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Want to make dad and their little dude or dudette feel special? Check out our collection of the cutest, funniest and most awwww-worthy daddy and me shirts below.


1. Maverick and Goose Set


For babies who feel the need, the need to pee, this Top Gun shirt and onesie set will be a hit with dads and their little wingman or woman. Dads will appreciate the cool design of the Maverick font, which will hopefully lessen the blow when their baby writes a poo that their diaper can’t cash. Soak the Goose onesie in soap and then leave it out in the sun — works every time. With a new Top Gun set to be released in the near future (we hope), it’s the perfect time to buy these daddy and me matching shirts and onesies.

Maverick and Goose Set matching shirt and onesie Image courtesy of Amazon

Maverick and Goose Set


2. Growler and Half Pint Daddy and Me Shirts


Cheers a new dad with a shirt set that can be enjoyed while pouring back a bottle (of milk). Great for the whole family, this Growler, Pint and Half Pint set can be worn by both parents and baby, or dad and his future hops fans (but not until they’re 21). The beer-themed shirts are great for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations or anytime dad needs a drink, which hopefully isn’t too often.

Growler and Half Pint Dad Shirts Image courtesy of Amazon

Growler and Half Pint Dad Shirts


3. Mini Me Shirts


There are lots of super cute and funny daddy and me shirts that make for great gifts for a proud papa and their little one, but what about dads with a growing brood? We like the Mini Me shirt set from KaAns Designs, which can grow with a family. Starting with dad (The Original), families can add the Encore, Remix, Mic Drop and Fresh New Beat. We’d say turn up the volume for this t-shirt set, but a house with four kids is probably loud enough.

Mini Me matching shirts Set Image courtesy of Etsy

Mini Me Shirts


4. Matching Train Shirt


Parents are human jungle gyms, so make a dad’s job of entertaining their little one 24/7 easier with a shirt that doubles as a train track. This fun design by BKY Kid turns dad and their kiddo into human maps. Kids can have fun following the track with their hand or one of the 27 tiny plastic toys they HAVE TO have with them at all times. While you’re buying this t-shirt set for a dad, maybe pick him up a backpack as well. We like this design because it can serve as a perfectly hip graphic tee in its own right, which makes it perfect for you Brooklyn and Silverlake dads.

Matching Train Shirt , matching father and son shirts Image courtesy of Etsy

Matching Train Shirts


5. Regional Manager (and Assistant to the Regional Manager) Daddy & Me Shirts


One day, your kids may think of The Office the same way millennials thought of Cheers. For now, The Office is as popular as ever thanks to Netflix and binge-watching. This adorable matching outfit is a perfect present for new dads who could use a good laugh, which is all of them.

Courtesy of Amazon

Regional Manager Daddy & Me Shirts


6. Dada and Baby Set


There’s no shortage of super cute dad and kid shirts, but for a dad who wants a more minimalist, subdued matchy-matchy outfit, we like the Dada and Baby set. Available in onesies and youth shirts, the simple and clean design of the artwork will make this an outfit dad and baby can proudly wear everywhere from family photos to the grocery store.

minimalist Dada and Baby matching shirts Image courtesy of Etsy

Dada and Baby Set


7. Papa-Saur T-Rex Shirt and Onesie


If we’re being honest, moms probably appreciate matching shirts for dads and sons more than anyone. However, if your little one is going through a dinosaur phase, then they’re sure to love this matching T-rex shirt and onesie as much as you do.

papa-saur matching shirts and onesies Courtesy of Amazon

Papa-Saur T-Rex Shirts and Onesies


8. SANGTREE Men and Boy Matching Flannel Shirts


Most matching father and son shirts feature a graphic or slogan, which is why this flannel shirt set is such a great idea. Both dad and his little guy can stay warm and buttoned up in their matching red flannel shirts, which feature a classic red-and-black check pattern. These 100% cotton shirts also come in a variety of other colors and are available in sizes ranging from 3-6 months for kids to 5x for adults.

matching flannel shirts for father and son Courtesy of Amazon

Men and Boy Matching Flannel Shirts


9. Sunday Funday Set


Sure, screen time for babies isn’t exactly the best way to help your little one hit their developmental milestones, but understanding facial expressions from a happy/stressed/nervous/ecstatic dad, adding up scores for different plays, and identifying colors through team jerseys are all important lessons. Keep your little football-sized human snuggled next to you on game day with this matching Sunday Funday set, which is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Just keep the touchdown celebration to a minimum if baby is napping or risk getting a red card.

Sunday Funday Set matching outfits Image courtesy of Etsy

Sunday Funday Set


10. Sports Tee Set


For your future baller, baseball player, hockey enthusiast, golfer or (insert your favorite sport here) fan, there’s the super cute and personalized t-shirt and onesie set from MM of Philly. Customers can choose from onesies, toddler, and youth t-shirts to match the adult t-shirt, customizing both items with a name and number. A great gift for Father’s Day, birthdays and family trips, this set makes an excellent option for sports fans young and old(er).

Sports Tee matching jersey Set for daddy and me Image courtesy of Etsy

Sports Tee Set


11. Biggie Smalls Shirts


If you love it when you’re little one calls you big poppa, this Biggie Smalls matching shirt set will quickly become a notorious outfit for you and your protégé. Available in onesies and toddler t-shirts, dads whose motto is ‘mo babies, mo love’ will love to pick from the wide array of colors available in this music-centric set.

Daddy and Me biggie and smalls t-Shirts Image courtesy of Etsy

Biggie Smalls Shirts


12. First Father’s Day Shirt


Few Father’s Day are more special than the first. There’s a good chance new dads could be too tired to actually remember their first father’s day, so gift them a keepsake that will commemorate the milestone with a custom shirt that includes personalized details, including the year and name of dad’s new little bundle of joy. Just make sure to wake dad up long enough to take a picture in his matching shirt and then let him finish his nap. It is Father’s Day, after all.

First father's day shirts, Matching father and son shirts Image courtesy of Etsy

First Father’s Day Shirt


13. Bark Rangers Shirt and Banada Set


Dog dads like to show off their proud papahood just as much as human dads (sometimes more – dogs are much easier to train than tiny humans). Give the dog dad in your life a shirt that features a patterned pocket and a matching bandana for their good boy or girl. A great outfit to wear when strolling through the Farmer’s Market or taking family photos, Fido will be proud to match dad in his new accessory.

Bark Rangers matching outfits for dad and dog Image courtesy of Etsy

Bark Rangers Set