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Eco-Friendly Shoes Are Now For Kids As Well, Thanks To Stride Rite

Stride Rite has just released some incredibly cool new kids’ shoes that don’t just look good, but are also eco-friendly as well. The Stride Rite Fern Sneaker and Sprout Sneaker both come in blue and pink and an array of different sizes, but we’re just stoked to see them made from materials that don’t harm the planet.

Eco-friendly clothing is seeing a huge surge of interest, largely because more of us are trying to do whatever we can to help the planet stay in balance. It’s why shoes like these exist, but also why you can grab incredible eco-conscious jackets now too. We’re happy to see more options for kids though, because they’re often left out of these movements.

Stride Rite Releases New Eco-Friendly Kid Shoes

Both of these new shoes are made with a twill upper of 30% seaweed fiber and 70% organic cotton. These resources are recycled and renewable materials, and the shoes themselves are created using energy-saving methods too, but none of this means you’re not getting a sturdy and comfortable fit for your little ones.

The Sprout Sneaker is made for younger children, ones who might have only just started walking. They’re easy to get on and off thanks to a larger-than-normal opening, and are APMA approved for first-time walkers. It just means there’s no worrying about your kids feet, even if they’re only just toddling.

The Fern Sneaker is for kids who are a little older, and are still made with loads of great materials and are sturdy, but have a slightly cooler design. They’re also APMA-approved, but aside from being good for the planet, we like the design of these ones a lot. In fact, we’re confident that they’d go really well with some of the best kids’ sunglasses, just in case you’re looking forward to the warmer months.