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The 10 Best Kids’ Sunglasses Are Tough Yet Flexible and Always Stylish

As adults, buying sunglasses to protect ourselves from the sun is a no-brainer. When it comes to protecting your little one’s eyes, why should it be any different? Kids’ glasses aren’t all born equal — even the best cheap sunglasses and most attractive pairs might not be cutting it in terms of health and safety.

Most importantly, the shades should block at least 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Kids have more delicate eyes than adults since they’re not fully developed, which lets more UV radiation enter. Exposure at a young age can increase the long-term risk of cataracts or macular degeneration, so building that habit in your child is essential.

While UV protection is critical, there are other things to keep an eye out for when looking for a pair of kids sunglasses. Durability is key, so keep an eye out for flexible materials and polycarbonate lenses. Many kids’ sunglasses’ frames are rubberized, which provides a softer feel and can take a beating. Coverage is another factor to pay attention to, as you’ll want lenses that are close-fitting and large enough to provide coverage to the sensitive skin around the eyes. Protect your kiddo’s eyes with these cool kid sunglasses.

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1. Babiators Sunglasses


One of the best kids’ sunglasses on the market in 2022, Babiators offers top-of-the-line protection and quality. Available for two age groups up to five years old, these simple shades are stylish and ideal for younger children. Their soft rubber frame offers flexibility and comfort while making these sunglasses unbreakable, while UV400 lenses protect your tot’s eyes from sun damage. You can also check out their Blue Series polarized shades for a slightly higher price tag providing crisper vision and reduced glare.

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2. Knockaround Premium Polarized Sunglasses


These formfitting shades by Knockaround will stay on kids aged one to five years old, even through the most rigorous playground or beach adventures. Sold in several color schemes, your child is sure to find a pair that matches their style, and they have UV protection. The lenses are also polarized, which is rare for such a low price tag. This can help with glare from snow, water, sand and more. Although the frame isn’t polarized, the clip-on sides make them a favorite amongst parents.

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Courtesy of REI


3. Roshambo Baby Polarized Toddler Shades


These sunglasses are intended for toddlers and come with a head strap and ear adjuster kit for great comfort and security. Available in regular and mirrored versions, these cool kids’ sunglasses come in 14 colors and offer full UV protection with the bonus of polarized lenses. These sunglasses are manufactured in Italy and made from super durable yet bendable material that’s ultralight, making them perfect for tiny hands. According to reviewers, they can be folded or twisted any which way, making them truly indestructible.

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4. Art Class Kids’ Checkered Wayfair Sunglasses


These UV-protected sunglasses are the ultimate blend of affordability and style, with a black and white frame complete with a checkered design. Although they come complete with UV protection, the frame is plastic, meaning they’re not as flexible as more expensive alternatives. That said, it’s a great starter buy or backup pair that’ll shield your child’s eyes from the sun. Suitable for ages five and under.

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5. WeeFarer’s Children’s Sunglasses


WeeFarers is one of the best kids’ sunglasses when it comes to design and durability. They also sell shades for a variety of age groups, starting from newborns up to 12-year-olds. Although the shades are non-polarized, they have a UV coating and a bendy, rubberized frame with a grown-up look. Think Ray-Bans for kids with a lower price tag and a sturdier build. An adjustable strap is included for babies and younger children.

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6. Zenni Optical Kids’ Rectangular Glasses


Unfortunately, not all kids can wear regular sunglasses. If your child normally requires glasses, Zenni optical sells plenty of frames you can buy with prescription lenses. These high-quality rectangular ones are even compatible with high Rx prescriptions and are flatting for all face shapes. With a modern look and a glossy, translucent finish, these shades are customizable and may be a more affordable alternative to local prescription sunglasses in your area.

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Courtesy of Zenni Optical


7. Banz Adventure Wrap-Around Sunglasses


If your little one always finds a way to lose their shades, consider these wrap-around sunglasses by Banz, which are as secure as you can get with its silicone hook and loop closure. They feature a thick band made from neoprene elastic with adjustable Velcro closure for growing bodies. The frame on these sporty sunglasses is shatter-proof, and the lenses can be replaced with prescription lenses if desired.

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8. Real Shades Sunglasses


According to parents, these budget-friendly unisex sunglasses by Real Shades for ages four and up are practically invincible. If you’re in the market for some unbreakable kid sunglasses, check out these pairs, which are available in a range of colors. Although they have the look of regular shades, Real Shades’ cool kid sunglasses have that classic flexible frame that can prove useful with rambunctious kids. A refreshing round silhouette that stands out in a sea of square and rectangular sunglasses.

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9. Pair Eyewear Larkin Glasses


A suitable choice for kids ages nine and up, Pair sunglasses are made to withstand wear and tear. While they might be considered a splurge, their uniquely customizable choices are worth the investment, according to some. With standout frames made from flexible cellulose acetate, this fashionable pair known as The Larkin is a consistent bestseller.

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Courtesy of Pair Eyewear


10. Toucca Kids Polarized Dylan Sunglasses


Although many children’s sunglasses are designed for toddlers and younger kids, these polarized glasses by Toucca Kids are best for ages six to 12. If your child is at that age where they’re starting to develop their own personal style, consider the Dylan frames. These cool kid sunglasses are a contemporary take on a classic square shape and are available in grown-up colors like Tortoise, Arctic Gray and Classic Black. If your child manages to break a pair, Toucca will send them a brand new one for a processing fee of $8.95.

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Courtesy of Toucca Kids


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