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My Little Zamboni: NHL and Zamboni Just Released the Ultimate Ride-On Toy for Little Hockey Fans

The Zamboni Company and the National Hockey League have partnered with Kool Karz Playground to launch a new toy for children: the ride-on Zamboni, giving kids their own miniature ice groomer to play with this winter.

It’s available for $350 on the Kool Karz Playground and Zamboni websites, and is recommended for children ages 3-8 years old. Featuring a preloaded soundtrack to replicate real Zamboni sounds and a safe foot driving mode, kids can now practice resurfacing anywhere whether they’re at home, outside, or on the playground.

NHL Zamboni Ride-On Toy

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Courtesy of Kool Karz Playground

Kids have long been captivated by machines, trucks and other things that move. They love garbage trucks, dump trucks, cement trucks, mail trucks, cranes, fire trucks, semi trucks, ice cream trucks, skateboards and excavators. Seriously, anyone with children knows the excitement of standing in the window and waving to the garbage truck as it collects its morning waste, or the stop-in-your-tracks thrill of a fire truck’s honk in the distance.

Not to mention all the books about trucks, machines and construction (Little Blue Truck and his animal friends are always close by). For hockey-loving kids, the Zamboni is a perfect toy for exploration.

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The Kool Karz NHL Zamboni toy comes with a decal sheet featuring the logos of all 32 NHL teams. Children can customize their toy to enhance their playing experience to make it feel like they’re resurfacing the ice for all their favorite players.

And it’s extremely realistic. In addition to the preloaded soundtrack replicating the sounds of the real Zamboni machine, this toy comes with a front trunk storage compartment, a real horn, rubber tires and LED headlights. This might become one of your child’s top toys in 2022. It includes all the hallmarks of the beloved Zamboni to captivate children for hours on end. With the holiday season quickly approaching, this toy would make a great gift for kids.


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